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  1. Jason is fine to be honest, especially after the rage buff
  2. That could be the case, wish we can get one of the guys to explain this great effect
  3. but wouldn't we at least see a little of the explosion itself?, also no matter how small it is, its impossible we cant see that and that they can go through at the exact same time as it falls apart
  4. Its not explosives since they immediately walk out the door, also we would notice the tape
  5. No seriously, I want to know how they actually made the effect. not about a joke on hollywood
  6. I notice in many horror movies a whole door is smashed apart by the killer charging through (very common in friday the 13th) but how did they do this effect, the doors dont have cracks when we see them, and they always massively fly apart in all directions, so Im curious how since theres no CGI
  7. will this fan film also be released on youtube like never hike alone?
  8. It looks great, maybe it will do just as good as never hike alone or better. I hope you have great reviews
  9. I thought the 7th one was good I heard, and was horror
  10. from my experience on roblox, you can copy other games, just not roblox games
  11. Only things his mother approves, so no rock or metal if she doesn't like it, he is a momma's boy
  12. I find that this is actually true, specially the part 5 arm slit kill, it just blood splatters instead of visible slashmarks Another Think i hope they do, make the kill animations more like single player, or at least like the kill pack kills, more cinematic to them, feeling more like a movie instead of being one angel it cuts to different parts of the kill
  13. wait I cant find what happened to Adam, Maybe im just blind but can you tell me
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