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  1. Yes, but given that C++ and Java are both object-oriented languages, the fix is relatively similar.
  2. I'm not sure why you are carrying this mentality that everything needs to be made from scratch. Allow me to attempt to show you how they would do it: public void StartGame(String player) { if (player.equals("Jason")) { spawnLocation = "shack"; playSound("mother.mp3"); canSurviveGun = true; updatePlayer(spawnLocation, canSurviveGun); } else if (player.equals("Roy")) { spawnLocation = "randomForest"; playSound("son.mp3"); canSurviveGun = false; updatePlayer(spawnLocation, canSurviveGun); } else if (player.equals("Counselor")) { spawnLocation = "randomCabin"; canSurviveGun = false; updatePlayer(spawnLocation, canSurviveGun); } } It's essentially a copy and paste situation. Now I am 100% positive that their code is more complex than mine. However, there are workarounds that can be used and should not be hard. Programming is not difficult, it is just time consuming. Mind you, this is Java that I coded in.
  3. They are able. Programming is so diverse that there is no one way to do it. But finding the way around isn't always as easy as we want it to be. Regardless, you may be right in the fact that they don't want to. But there is nothing you can say or do that will change the fact that they can.
  4. I have my doubts that it will be KM and for two reasons. First being that her death cinematics wouldn't be interesting. Given that she is a robot, she does not bleed. Second, she has certain abilities which wouldn't fall under the typical Counselor or Jason ability template. She would have to have her own GUI, animations, and moveset done completely different from that of the previous assets. While that doesn't make this impossible, it doesn't seem likely. But who knows, Gun Media never fails to surprise me.
  5. I wouldn't be too sure about that. It is important to be realistic, but not pessimistic. While Roy is indeed in need of a rework, I think the developers were simply more interested in giving us something that worked which could be built upon. I'm not an advanced programmer, but I'm fairly positive that a few "if" statements in the right places and a couple of kicks in the right place from the community would make Roy more canon friendly. There is ALWAYS room to improve and Gun Media is simply doing what they can while following deadlines (albeit hidden from the public).
  6. I love all the Jason movies. However, I am against Jason X simply because it has the possibility to restrict Jason from being in a more current time. I guess the easier way to say it is: Jason X fucked the timeline.
  7. Well, it wouldn't work so well if I was in a party with my friends and I was the only one who played as Chad, and let's say Jason kills me and becomes Chad, then there is no point. It takes away from the whole point of body swapping. Unless they enforce game chat. But that wouldn't work on PC and people would still find ways around it. Also, in the movie, Jason only body swapped because he didn't have his.
  8. I'd be down for that. So far the main issues with features like these is seeing how it can affect gameplay. Whether it somehow makes it unplayable or if one role is too OP. But, I really hope this makes it.
  9. Not really from the Friday franchise, but sorta. From Freddy vs. Jason "How Can I Live" by Ill NiƱo.
  10. Imagine if you could do what you could with Tommy and become Uber Jason if you do something specific (whether it be you die after killing 4/7 players or something like that). I know this is off topic but the ideas could be badass.
  11. A bunch of tryhard assholes in a community that sucks ass? Yes... yes we do.
  12. Yea, I stand with bewareofbears on this one. The more the merrier. I would have suggested a Create-A-Jason, but I would cringe at all the noncanon Jason's that people would make. But it does lead me on to possible ways of getting around copyright.
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