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  1. Dead by daylight is a better game, came out after Friday the 13th, and has had way more updates. Also its just a fun game. Friday the 13th was fun but this company seems to break the game every patch, plus not enough content
  2. Yea hobbs said " Fyi, legally I cant read your ideas, i appriciate it but sorry :("
  3. I dont have a way to pull the message from my ps4 but i could screen shot it and show you on the ps4
  4. Whats the point of that section? Seems useless, i have been told by Hobbs in a message on ps4 that he could not legally read my ideas. So if thats the case, the devs just add what they think the game needs and not what we the community feel the game needs?
  5. This holds no water here. Everyone has been patient since may 26th and the games stability has not gotten better, at some point you have to call the company out on being definitely the worst developer in gaming.
  6. Probally nothing u can do. If it was illegal, twitch and youtube wouldnt allow streaming content. U are not physically on camera.
  7. Lanseril_Storm is my psn, feel free to add me and troll me. IDGAF
  8. Yea im gonna keep quitting. I kill everyone with jason without using the op combat stance. I know jason is supposed to be op but watch the movies, he gets his ass beat. He gets kicked in the nuts in part 2 lol
  9. Yep, i gladly quit. Im sick being trolled around a map, literally trolled. I grab a weapon he blocks rinse and repeat. I gladly quit when im host to if he goes into combat stance
  10. I quit whe Jason goes into combat stance nuff said. Melee weapos are useless at that point
  11. It has that date and says welcome to Friday the 13th at the menu screen of game. Whats the date mean?
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