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  1. Emotes need to go

    If you put as much effort into finding friends who share your viewpoint as you do whining about your immersion bubble being burst, I wouldn't have to read your redundant posts...
  2. specific release dates

    OP: I wish the mods would give a specific lock date. Mods: Soon.
  3. Level 101 club!

    Been at 101 for about 2 months. Found first Pamela tape just yesterday. Lol.
  4. You can quite literally walk right up there as Jason...
  5. What's with chad

    About like how to spell "literally" is over yours?
  6. Serious question - How many hits would you be able to take from an axe before dying? I think 3 is very generous.
  7. The patch is not the DLC. My guess would be the DLC comes out on Tuesday since that's when store updates are generally released.
  8. I believe they simply removed both those kills from the trophy requirements instead of fixing them.
  9. That would be me...
  10. A new glitch on Packanack

    This isn't new nor is it a glitch. Jason can absolutely walk up there and kill them. He was just too stupid to figure it out.
  11. The problem is they have a better strategy than you. They communicate with one another. They work together to survive. You're alone. You have to work to divide them. Here are some tips: Start the game by going to the phone and double trap it. The phone is the most important thing to trap to ensure no one lives. Hopefully, you'll take one person out that way. Now go and cut all the power. The cars or boat shouldn't be assembled in the time it takes you to do this so morph to them and trap the gas tanks. Gas is usually the first thing found. Now you just have to take them down. Know where they congregate. Most people head to the ways of escape or major landmarks first. Always check the large houses at Higgins and Packanac regularly. Regularly use throwing knives. Pick them up every time you see them if you can carry them. Don't rely on grabs too much. Melee until they can't run and then grab. Don't stand in front of a door to chop it. Stand off to the side and melee it. Still chops the door down and you swing faster. Also pay attention to the doorway before you walk into a building. Bear traps can allow people to escape and regroup and you don't want to spend too much time chasing one person. Focus on killing the stealth characters first. They can hide from you and not be found and repair things fast so take them out. Most players rely on just a few people to take care of the repairs for them and then try to escape with them. Take out the smart ones and the rest are just runners and strong guys. Stamina runs out though and weapon strength can't protect you from an axe swing so the rest are useless.
  12. Oh I see. I tried hitting the shift button again to cancel it out, since that's how you can cancel the sense ability. Thank you, I'll have to try that out now.
  13. Probably a stupid question but for the life of me I can't figure out how you're supposed to stop Jason's shift where you want it to end. I see other people playing as Jason shift for literally a second and pop up right next to people. I on the other hand generally overshoot them on the shift and have to make a u-turn to catch back up with them and can only stop when the ability runs out. Any tips or method that can help me out with this? Thanks.