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  1. People must have never played multiplayer games the first days they came out before. Huge games with much larger teams and more money can be down for days or on off and on...hell even today servers crash for old games that take a long time to fix.
  2. The people who have potatoes and try to run at max settings. On that note though, I am guessing there also will be people who have legit issues with frames and performance. The Betas were kinda' short and not many people were playing them at least when ever I got to play, so not sure how effective it was. Then the normal people who are not used to the game and freaking out, most issues will be invalid while a couple here and there may be. I think the servers will also be very bad, and a lot of lag.
  3. Don't think this is new. This has happened since the 40-50s(even earlier for many things). It's mainly people that a certain book is not violent and messed up but this is. Or people whom just don't have their own brain to make their own thoughts. Also instead of letting them win like they used to in many senses we need to fight against that, more and more people are actually on our side. Just the whiners are louder, and have hissyfits, well then let us have the same hissyfit. But I doubt anything will happen because this is an old series, it's always had the same mob saying crap. while liking horror,gore,metal etc still gives some people the "oh they like this so much be that" thing it at least has become better because people don't believe it nearly as much.
  4. Just calling it goretech was a flag it was a joke. O-o But yay gore, that's always welcome around me .
  5. I am thinking it will be like L4D, where you can pick the available one if you take forever you may not get your character. To me that would make sense, and work very well.
  6. Good to know this glass isn't sugar! I am so hyped looks great, I wish I could play test nao. We all must be strong, and wait!
  7. I love the lighting in these scenes. The trees and stuff are great too for where they are in the development, also the textures for the most part are good. Nothing is final though, it will only get better from here.
  8. I think AO should just be gone...I mean it's one year, and ratings are useless anyway anymore no-one listens to them. Close to no parents even know or care, and it won't stop kids who have no parenting and get the game from an uncle or something anyway. It's just a common sense rating, I don't think anyone should be censored or anything for stuff like this. I mean there is exceptions for every rule but for the most part just stop making it a thing for the devs to worry, and not sell their stuff if it happens to be AO. Stop letting parent's that don't watch their kids control adults, and able minded people who won't see this and say "Oh, yeah I feel like doing this in real life today" kind of stuff. It shouldn't be devs responsibility to watch out for kids, if they make games for adults. But, that's just my opinion from what I seen and read on how this crappy rating system works for movies and games. If I were there I would just be like ehh that was cool? XD
  9. rating is always kind of stupid , I know it's needed but I mean how it's done from what I seen/understand. It's not always the same people, they can pick and choose what is and isn't bad. IE blood here is okay, sex here is okay, but when it's here it's bad. Etc. It's all just kind of luck when it comes to AO/M games that well...hard Ms'. We knew it would always be M the movies are all today R which is simular. But the thing is the movies are probably going to be much much worse then M game depending on the people in the chairs that day. I think there just just be straight up guidlines for stuff like E can have this this and this etc. AO is pretty much games version of X. Which is very much harder to get in movies...I have seen M games that should be T , seen E games that should be T or vice versa, lets just hope they can get them to keep an M...I want this game to be as real as it can be to the movies, I hope the people understand this and be on their side.
  10. I love you all, you all are fantastic and I hope you feel fantastic too. There is nothing better than having a community of people who discuss and trade ideas, while also having simular interests. We all love games, we all love F13, we all love Jason. At the same time we all have ideas of which one is better, which way is best for this game. I also hope you're having a wonderful day, and hope you enjoy being murdered in the most amazing ways possible, causing as much mayhem as you can. This will be it, it's coming.
  11. I would say fairly soon, I mean it's about half way through fall. I would think sometime this month or very early December. I am so hyped though, I just look everyday hoping the beta started XD
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