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  1. My biography

    Hello guys! My name is Yan and I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My parents are journalists, I still live here with them and I'm in the Freshman year of the High School. There is not much to talk about besides my family being poor and the fact that I have depression. I have hopes of living in Mexico or Japan soon. I also hate living here because: 1. The income inequality is extremely high. This makes Rio a place for tourists. 2. There is a lot of violence due to the drug dealers. 3. The taxes on electronic equipment are also high. So, I cannot play new videogames. Unfortunately, I don't like to take selfies. And that's it! If you want to reveal who you are, put down here in the comments! Edit: Here's a face reveal!
  2. Don't you guys think the -Shift weakness is way too crippling for the Jasons that have it? I mean, Shift is a vital tool for Jason to catch counselors. Without Shift-Grabs, catching counselors is much harder (especially for walking Jasons). But it's weak counterpart is horrible! It has both a longer cooldown and a slower speed. It's also both the reason Jason 7 sucks and why I keep bitching for a Jason 4 rework. I find it unfair because other weaknesses have just a longer cooldown. So, I'll give a poll for you to choose what it should be done.
  3. The -Shift weakness

    Yeah, his -Traps should remain. I propose -Less Hit Points because: 1st. It does not affect his probability to block attacks. So he can fight counselors more often with his +Weapon Strength. 2nd. If abused right by the counselors, this Jason will have his mask knocked off quickly. Thus being at disadvantage. This Jason has more chance of dying when playing with the right players. 3rd. Do you know what can be done with his mask? You can't alert Jason when fixing the car, phone box or boat and can enter his shack without alerting him. Basically, it turns the process of killing him much easier, especially with -Less HP. 4th. To better reflect the film, since he was wounded twice besides having an axe wound in the FOREHEAD! At the end, he would be almost unstoppable, but could also be killed more easily.
  4. Do we have any Jason cosplayers here?

    What about Roy? @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow
  5. After the Jason buffs and grab animation update, my expectations were blow up! Good job, Illfonic team!
  6. My biography

    I also think like this, but I did just this time because I love this forum! Even though I cannot play the game, that does not mean I cannot involve with people that like it. This franchise is awesome!
  7. The -Shift weakness

    @Alkavian If that's the case then Part 4 does not need a weakness that creates such a contradiction in his playstyle too. Remove his -Shift!
  8. My biography

    @deathbat96777, @JF13, @a kamikaze man, @Moe9999633, @Psylocker102 Do you guys want to show your faces? I showed mine now!
  9. Remember the movies? Where Jason was a stalker and followed his victims until the last second? Well, Pamela did it too. I was thinking... Due to the gameplay mechanics centered around Jason, who is an unkillable supernatural monster, we cannot have Pamela, who is a normal human. But, what if Pamela appears in Singleplayer challenges? Based on what we saw in the trailer, Pamela can also Stalk her victims and wait for the last minute to strike (just like the movies).
  10. I've already saw it. But the difference between your thread and mine is that yours is Multiplayer-based. Mine is asking if she can appear in SP challenges. I think her appearance in SP challenges makes much more sense than in multiplayer.
  11. I think I'll revive this topic for a bit.
  12. The -Shift weakness

    @bewareofbears and @Alkavian Think with me. If -Shift only had longer cooldown, Part 7 wouldn't be suffering as much as he is now. He would just be more cautious with Shift management. This is what I like about the first option of the poll. Certain Jasons would be way more viable with this change.
  13. What's that supposed to mean? Tell me this "massive difference". @Loading Unless you answer me, your statement will not be taken seriously.
  14. Ever since the game's release, I always thought Part 4 Jason was underpowered, especially in open spaces. Not only he cannot defend objectives well, but he also can't catch counselors fast enough. Persons like VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow and Alien_Number_Six can think he is fine and does not need tweaks, but I don't like the fact that the most brutal Jason from the movies has such crippling weaknesses, especially when compared to Part 3. Breaking down doors faster is nothing if not only you Shift-grab more often, but stop cars too. Part 4 current playstyle involves placing a trap at an objective and going for the hunt as soon as possible. If he doesn't do this, he will get punished later in the match because of his bad Shift and Water Speed. For me, Part 4 is supposed to be an agressive Part 3 with weaker objective control. So, I'll give you some stats suggestions of how he should have been and you can vote which one is better. Original stats: Suggestion 1: +Can Run +Weapon Strength +Destruction -Traps -Grip Strength -Less Hit Points Suggestion 2: +Can Run +Weapon Strength +Destruction -Traps -Sense -Water Speed Suggestion 3: +Can Run +Weapon Strength +Destruction -Traps -Morph -Less Hit Points Note: Yes, I know about Part 7. But he already has enough attention by the community and I have ideas for him too. So, I can do this in another thread.
  15. I PLAYED the game! And I only did a little, because my PC almost exploded in the process. Also, unless I'm not seeing what you guys play on Twitch, YouTube etc., then I see and experience the same thing you do when playing this game. The only difference is that I cannot control it. Do you think I knew this game yesterday? I'm here since the beta came out. It's funny that, in the absence of arguments, you decided to attack me. Nice try!
  16. The -Shift weakness

    Say this to -Sense and -Stalk and -Morph, who according to @Alkavian and @Tommy86, have no drawbacks except for cooldown (except when Rage kicks in).
  17. The -Shift weakness

    What's that supposed to mean?
  18. The -Shift weakness

    According to Alk, the weak Shift is 21,6 kph while the normal one is 32 kph. That's a huge difference! And do not forget to vote!
  19. I recently did a post where I said a possibility of Pamela appearing in Singleplayer challenges. Here:
  20. Really? Most players I've saw equip Part 4 with only Pig Splitter kills. Hence why I've said they think it's boring to use Choke or Head Punch. And he'll also have bad HP, which can encourage players to fight him. Also, do not forget to vote!
  21. They've already acknowledged the issues with J7. Now, why they didn't fixed him yet, I will never know. Leaving that aside, it's always good to dream that they can get fixed. And I prefer suggestion 1 because: 1st. His -Grip Strength will allow counselors to have more of a chance to survive. After all, he'll be very powerful with these stats. And even though people don't think it's impactful due to you being able to spam Choke or Head Punch, this weakness actually is because people do not use these kills often (they're boring). 2nd. He will share similar stats with Savini Jason, who already have the same Strengths of Part 4.
  22. New grab looks sweet!

    @NthnButAGoodTime, @Kodiak close this.