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  1. NoOneK9503

    Favorite Challenge?

    Without a doubt, Vacation Party. I love "The Final Chapter" and the hidden objective is what made this challenge the best one for me.
  2. NoOneK9503

    After a year

    The original multiplayer game mode and SP challenges were backed on Kickstarter. The rest wasn't.
  3. NoOneK9503

    After a year

    The only thing I'm allowed to say is that they did their best. The results may not be what we expected, but we still got free content! Entire maps and characters and even a game mode were given away for free! I never saw a game company doing this for their fans!
  4. First, I'm back! Together with the man behind the mask. So, before we start, I used the search function and didn't found anything directly related to a "Worst Jason" thread or even a poll (even though I swear I saw one somewhere). People said the worst Jason was J7 due to his -Shift and -Traps. But, after this patch, he's now a decent Jason. And others said it were Part 6 and Savini due to their weapons getting stuck all the time. However, this patch also brought Weapon Swapping, which completely destroyed this argument for high-level players. So, the real question is: Which Jason is currently the weakest one AFTER the May update?
  5. NoOneK9503

    Thank you, from NoOneK9503.

    For those who didn't know, I got banned and now, I'm free again. During my ban time, my life changed a lot. I got friends, started dedicating myself to studies and positive energy has come for me. I don't know if the forums were holding me back or anything, but now I won't be as active as I was before because now, I have something way more precious than this forum. Maybe this will be my last post made in this forum. So, thank you @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow, @Kodiak, @NthnButAGoodTime, @TheHansonGoons, @Alkavian, @Tommy86, @bewareofbears, @The Gloved One, @Qcici, @WashingtonJones, @Brigadius, @Tattooey, @WerewolfNightmare, @Truth, @Barbara Ann, @tyrant666 and thanks for the ban @GunMedia_Ben. I won't hold a grudge against any of you. So, goodbye for now.
  6. I think Victoria will be a great counselor for those who use a "hit n' run" playstyle, especially with that amount of Luck and Stamina. Plus, she has been asked for a long time! A solid addition indeed! However, she's not suitable for my playstyle. I may not play the game, but if I played, my playstyle would be focused on unmasking Jason or helping the others to escape.
  7. @Hell ToupeeI see you're having problems with Jason getting stunned all the time. I have a tip: Block in combat stance. When you block, you won't get stunned and take little damage from even the most damaging weapons.
  8. Good news... I think. But not as great as Victoria!
  9. Why every single mechanic in this game is getting a complaint now? Geez...
  10. This was already discussed in the forums. @NthnButAGoodTime, @Kodiak and @JPops here.
  11. NoOneK9503

    All kill references

    As far as I remember, it's in their Kickstarter page too.
  12. NoOneK9503

    All kill references

    Part 4. It says it was based on Part 4 in their Kickstarter page. Wrong. This is a reference to Sheriff Garris' death in part 6. "Pamala"?
  13. NoOneK9503

    New Friday the 13th fan film

    Already saw this. Loved the Jason Lives costume!
  14. NoOneK9503

    Savini Jason theories

    I'm creating this topic to discuss theories which involves Savini Jason's story. Since he came back from hell, why are his skin, mask and clothes black? Why does his eyes are on fire? Is he now a supernatural being instead of a human or rotting corpse? Tell me your theories here!