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  1. The -Shift weakness

    What's that supposed to mean?
  2. The -Shift weakness

    According to Alk, the weak Shift is 21,6 kph while the normal one is 32 kph. That's a huge difference! And do not forget to vote!
  3. Don't you guys think the -Shift weakness is way too crippling for the Jasons that have it? I mean, Shift is a vital tool for Jason to catch counselors. Without Shift-Grabs, catching counselors is much harder (especially for walking Jasons). But it's weak counterpart is horrible! It has both a longer cooldown and a slower speed. It's also both the reason Jason 7 sucks and why I keep bitching for a Jason 4 rework. I find it unfair because other weaknesses have just a longer cooldown. So, I'll give a poll for you to choose what it should be done.
  4. I recently did a post where I said a possibility of Pamela appearing in Singleplayer challenges. Here:
  5. Really? Most players I've saw equip Part 4 with only Pig Splitter kills. Hence why I've said they think it's boring to use Choke or Head Punch. And he'll also have bad HP, which can encourage players to fight him. Also, do not forget to vote!
  6. They've already acknowledged the issues with J7. Now, why they didn't fixed him yet, I will never know. Leaving that aside, it's always good to dream that they can get fixed. And I prefer suggestion 1 because: 1st. His -Grip Strength will allow counselors to have more of a chance to survive. After all, he'll be very powerful with these stats. And even though people don't think it's impactful due to you being able to spam Choke or Head Punch, this weakness actually is because people do not use these kills often (they're boring). 2nd. He will share similar stats with Savini Jason, who already have the same Strengths of Part 4.
  7. New grab looks sweet!

    @NthnButAGoodTime, @Kodiak close this.
  8. Anyone else? Oh, I know! How about you @Kodiak? Which one do you prefer?
  9. It looks awesome! But I didn't understand the "sound" thing.
  10. I like Sense on him too, but I prefer -Grip Strength because he shares the same strengths with Savini Jason (who has -Grip Strength). I strongly disagree. There's nothing fun in trying to kill counselors as soon as possible, especially if there are drawbacks as the match progresses. It's stressful and in his matches, there is almost no room for error. And don't come with the "this Jason is a hard mode" because he isn't. If you want a "hard mode Jason", play Part 7. This is why I suggested these changes. To make him more viable and fun to play both against counselors and as a Jason.
  11. [Video] Combat Adjustments and Ideas

    @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow I have 2 additional ways of improving Jason's combat and attacks. 1st. Less cooldown between each time you slash. 2nd. And individual button for block. In PS4 for example, there's no use for the R1 button outside of CS. If we put the "block" here, the Jason players will defend themselves more easily against armed counselors.
  12. This is explained in my note at the end of my post. Also, will you vote?
  13. Ok, I'll add this to the poll. I don't like it, but every decision is important. Taking that aside, if you were to choose only 3 strengths and weaknesses for every Jason, what would they be? (I was thinking in asking this for some time)
  14. Ever since the game's release, I always thought Part 4 Jason was underpowered, especially in open spaces. Not only he cannot defend objectives well, but he also can't catch counselors fast enough. Persons like VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow and Alien_Number_Six can think he is fine and does not need tweaks, but I don't like the fact that the most brutal Jason from the movies has such crippling weaknesses, especially when compared to Part 3. Breaking down doors faster is nothing if not only you Shift-grab more often, but stop cars too. Part 4 current playstyle involves placing a trap at an objective and going for the hunt as soon as possible. If he doesn't do this, he will get punished later in the match because of his bad Shift and Water Speed. For me, Part 4 is supposed to be an agressive Part 3 with weaker objective control. So, I'll give you some stats suggestions of how he should have been and you can vote which one is better. Original stats: Suggestion 1: +Can Run +Weapon Strength +Destruction -Traps -Grip Strength -Less Hit Points Suggestion 2: +Can Run +Weapon Strength +Destruction -Traps -Sense -Water Speed Suggestion 3: +Can Run +Weapon Strength +Destruction -Traps -Morph -Less Hit Points Note: Yes, I know about Part 7. But he already has enough attention by the community and I have ideas for him too. So, I can do this in another thread.
  15. Nope. Not only I cannot play this game at all, as also I discovered today that a PS4 is cheaper than a decent PC!