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  1. Too many pocket knives

    What? Who said this? There are lots of people who actually made much more than me for this game. Like for example, @Alkavian. Like I said, the forum members are the ones who helped this game with their feedback. I just watched and tried to help.
  2. Too many pocket knives

    The "free kill" thing existed in previous patches in the format of the 10f grab Jason had (Shift-grabs too). Jason is supposed to be feared and dangerous. This new idea of weapon damage just helps the "do not fight Jason" playstyle. If you're experienced enough, you can avoid this and improve your abilities. The difference between us, forum members and them, casual gamers as that they aren't as devoted as we are to acknowledge this game's weak points and send our feedback to the devs to make it a better experience for everyone. Unfortunately, they're the majority of not only this game, but almost every game in gaming communities. Thanks to us, lots of bug and gameplay problems had been fixed. Without the forums members, the devs would have a much harder time helping this game to become what it is today. First, not yet. I'll get it for Christmas. Second, it is good for groups, sure. But since the combat in this game is clunky, is a bit hard to hit counselors. I rarely see Jason players using their weapon to undo groups of counselors. But thanks for @dandop1984, I was able to actually see it being used in some matches. You're right, man. To an extent... Against counselors alone, crippling them still takes some time. If it was 2 hits = death, it would've been an even more important Strength for Jason.
  3. What I've heard is that he loves Part III too. Almost as much as Part VI.
  4. Part III is @Randygbk's favourite movie. No wonder why Part 3 Jason was chosen over Part 4 to represent the game. Mitch, Fox and Shelly are just coincidences. Mitch because he is the Stoner (drugs represent well the youth from that time). Fox because of Gloria's death last year. And Shelly because his actor Larry Zerner wanted badly to appear in this game just like Fox.
  5. Too many pocket knives

    Sorry, but that would make (+)Weapon Strength stat useful for once. No one cares about weapon strength Jasons because counselors use weapons just for Stuns. This, together with hit detection, can be fixed/buffed. And med sprays would be used more carefully and make people FEAR Jason. Isn't this what the majority of the forum members here want?
  6. What is your favorite Friday the 13th?

    Part IV is my personal favourite. But Part VI is the best.
  7. *After waking up* Awesome! My favourite character from Part 3 will come into the game!
  8. Part IV Shift

    What is tunnel vision?
  9. Part IV Shift

    Good to see this thread getting so much attention. I always liked to talk about Part 4 Jason, especially after seeing people switch from him to Part 3. @dandop1984 I sent you a PM.
  10. Part IV Shift

    I thought that removing his (-)Water Speed would help, but after seeing so many people changing from him to Part 3 because he has more mobility, I changed my mind. His bad Shift needs to go!
  11. @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow This is an old thread.
  12. Part IV Shift

    His Shift is so damn bad! I hate it! Not only it has double the cooldown (approx. 40 seconds) of a normal Shift, but it also has a slower speed! Part 4 Jason is supposed to be better than this. I hope the F13th team replace this weakness in a near future.
  13. This makes me remember the original Virtual Cabin. When SJ was available...
  14. This! Don't forget the Jarvis House item spawn fix and environmental kills now available at the JH and Vacation House.