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  1. I've already saw petitions like this and the devs are willing to maintain their word at any cost. So, no matter what you or any others try to do, you will never have Savini Jason. And this includes myself. With that said, @JPops, @DamonD7, @Kodiak and @NthnButAGoodTime lock this. Also, @kitcat do you have Savini Jason?
  2. Part 4 Jason

    @tyrant666 I like your suggestion, but I think +Shift would be too much. I prefer him having neutral Shift to make things more balanced. What about: +Can Run +Weapon Strength +Destruction -Traps -Morph -Less HP I did this so this Jason still has that "Savini" vibe, but also making him unique with terrible objective control.
  3. My biography

    Hello guys! My name is Yan and I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My parents are journalists, I still live here with them and I'm in the Freshman year of the High School. There is not much to talk about besides my family being poor and the fact that I have depression. I have hopes of living in Mexico or Japan soon. I also hate living here because: 1. The income inequality is extremely high. This makes Rio a place for tourists. 2. There is a lot of violence due to the drug dealers. 3. The taxes on electronic equipment are also high. So, I cannot play new videogames. Unfortunately, I don't like to take selfies. And that's it! If you want to reveal who you are, put down here in the comments!
  4. Part 4 Jason

    They've already buffed Jason's running speed. So, I don't see it happening again anytime soon. Also, this is why I keep saying: remove his -Shift!
  5. Part 4 Jason

    I watch a lot of Jason gameplay (I'm a Jason guy) and Part 4 is stressful and even boring to see sometimes. I stay under pressure that they* will not catch counselors until they* reach Rage (when +Destruction becomes obsolete). And even when they* reach Rage, Shift is still trash except for its cooldown. I would agree with everyone, if Part 3 didn't had neutral Shift. He has almost everything Part 4 has except for +Destruction. Breaking doors faster is nothing if you can not only kill counselors faster, but easier too. It's not about catching the car or not, it's about how much time you use when trying to catch counselors. Maybe we shouldn't tweak Jason 4 himself, but the -Shift weakness. It's way too crippling. Waiting 40 long seconds to use something as slow as -Shift makes everything worse for every Jason that has it (except Part 2, who has +Morph).
  6. Your favourite forum member?

    I like everyone here. Seriously, there's no reason to hate anyone in this forum!
  7. Part 4 Jason

    This is what I keep saying. Trade Part 4 bad Shift for something less crippling (like Less HP) and he will be a lot more enjoyable and fun to play. @WashingtonJones I suggest things based on the gameplays I watch. There's a problem with this? Oh wait! Do you want me to play the game on a decent PC? Ok, give me the money, then!
  8. Part 4 Jason

    @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow Another person that thinks Part 3 is better overall. What do you have to say to him?
  9. Part 4 Jason

    @JennyMyers1984 You meant Part 3 is "balanced", not that he protects "objectives" better, right?
  10. I use a notebook. So, even if I follow what you have taught me, I still cannot see my processor and graphics card.
  11. If you want so much for me to play this game, why won't you give me the money to buy a decent PC? I would be so happy!
  12. @ShiftySamurai Here is a topic to think about.
  13. @Dr. Lecter, @AldermachXI, @Loading, @CPLhicks31 and @BenWallace.3.Pistons Are you guys serious? Do you really know what you're talking about? In this game, leveling up takes time. Like, a lot of time. Normal people have other things to do besides playing videogames all the time. And lots of them do not have enough free time to use and enjoy this game. @Ralph Wiggum777 for example, is playing this game since launch and is still at level 27 due to his busy life. It's unfair that such a cool feature like this needs even to be unlocked in the first place. I prefer it to be available for everyone from the start. Waiting for level 101 to use the iconic machete on all Jasons is bullshit.
  14. Agree. At least, we should be able to use the farming pitchfork for the other Jasons. As for the spear, I honestly don't know if the cemetery post fence skin will be exclusive to Part 6.