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  1. Part IV Shift

    Good to see this thread getting so much attention. I always liked to talk about Part 4 Jason, especially after seeing people switch from him to Part 3. @dandop1984 I sent you a PM.
  2. Part IV Shift

    I thought that removing his (-)Water Speed would help, but after seeing so many people changing from him to Part 3 because he has more mobility, I changed my mind. His bad Shift needs to go!
  3. @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow This is an old thread.
  4. Part IV Shift

    His Shift is so damn bad! I hate it! Not only it has double the cooldown (approx. 40 seconds) of a normal Shift, but it also has a slower speed! Part 4 Jason is supposed to be better than this. I hope the F13th team replace this weakness in a near future.
  5. This makes me remember the original Virtual Cabin. When SJ was available...
  6. This! Don't forget the Jarvis House item spawn fix and environmental kills now available at the JH and Vacation House.
  7. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Still waiting for for the mean girl...
  8. Too many pocket knives

    Alright, I'll stop. But don't make this kind of comment ever again
  9. Too many pocket knives

    First, the survivor chance needs to be slow when next to Jason, but the amount of tools counselors have makes this situation the complete opposite. As you said, there are 7-8 counselors total in a match. And you cannot expect them to survive too. I've saw a lot of matches where Jason got stabbed with pocket knives 4-5 times! In public matches, where you can encounter mostly inexperienced players, I generally see 3 or 4 counselors escaping because of PKs. This is a very bad situation for Jason. He either needs to be heavily buffed or the item spawn needs to drop. I know you encounter a little amount of them, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong. They're probably in the hands of other players. Your luck is just against your favour Also, you forgot it wasn't just the grab that got nerfed. Trap Stacking got removed too. I think both of them helped make the game what it is now. Trap Stacking was to defend against stepping on Jason traps and healing. Pre-patch grab helped people to use their pocket knives quickier. It was cheap, but it helped. A lot. Now that Jason needs to work before grabbing someone, the knives destroy the game's balance too. You can share your ideas with us and hope the devs listen. With your help, this thread got GunMedia_Ben's attention. And we could see him actually answering us! Also, I PMed ShiftySamurai with examples of Jason's poor hit detection and he passed to the F13th team. I have the triple amount of posts you have, I'm here before you, I alerted you to make an introduction post an I did this thread. I could've bought the game before you if I had the money to. You can express your opinion like everyone can, but you cannot use the argument that you have the game and I not to make me look inferior.
  10. Too many pocket knives

    @kitcat Sorry if I will sound rude, but don't you remember this is an horror game? People are suppposed to be afraid of Jason. There needs to be tension when playing as a counselor. By reducing the amount of pocket knives, we are also making decisions harder to make and thus, adding more tension to the game. Since knives are your second life, you need to feel lucky when encountering one. But you also don't know if you use on Jason to escape or you use on a trap to not alert him. Sprays helps to make the game less challenging too. Removing these 2 items would make the counselor game unplayable, similar to what's happening now, but the opposite. But too many of them makes the game unplayable for Jason. There needs to have a game balance and your last comment didn't help with this at all.
  11. Too many pocket knives

    Sorry, but I have to disagree with this one. Pocket Knives need be the infamous "Second Life" in a match (not counting Tommy). Thus, PKs being rare needs to be a rule. I agree that Jason has to work for his kills but seeing how all your effort chasing a counselor has gone to waste after grabbing them is extremely frustrating. I'm not saying to remove them. I'm saying to limit them. Pocket Knives are easy to find right now since they appear quite oftten in cabins. This not only takes tension from the game, but also makes the game easy for the counselors to escape by both time limit and by police and terribly hard for Jason. People are not scared of Jason anymore since they have a Medic perk and 2 pocket knives found inside the last cabins. Jason cannot counter this with his short weapon range, especially if the police is already on the scene.
  12. Too many pocket knives

    @GunMedia_Ben Any words on this?
  13. @Alkavian Where's Swift Attacker? Chad does good with it too.
  14. He is famous. Play with Jason was active since 1 month after the game's release. Also, he's a very skilled Jason player. He even know how to block before getting hit!