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  1. Don't worry, bears. I think I will move on too. Since the lawsuit problem appeared, I thought on leaving this forum forever. And I think I will do it. Thank you everyone. And goodbye (this time for real).
  2. @HuDawg There's a thread I've made about a new "quick block" mechanic that would help Jason in these situations. If you want, visit here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/19822-option-to-block-when-runningfast-walking/
  3. Like others said in this topic: Try to block in CS. It has a 360° reach and Jason takes very little damage when being hit while doing so. The problem is that activating it in time is a bit hard. It all comes down to practice. When you master it, you will rarely have a problem with groups of counselors again (unless you reflexes are slow).
  4. I know this may not help at all, but there's a thread I've made that focuses on adding a new "quick-block" mechanic for Jason (and no counselor nerfs). More informations, visit here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/19822-option-to-block-when-runningfast-walking/ Edit: I should have followed this thread from the start...
  5. I think the other downsides would make up for its usefulness. And they are: No lock-on into a counselor and no 360° reach. So you would high chances to be stunned from behind while doing so. And @Tommy86. For users like you, who didn't liked my idea in the General Discussion, I did this other topic. I hope you like it.
  6. Like this? (Before you ask, no, the guy who uploaded this didn't do this with the other Jasons.)
  7. He sure looks a bit weird from behind. However, I disagree with the shoulders being too broad because head-on, he looks exactly like the NECA figure. And this is a positive point. His shirt needs to be more gray coloring (it's too green compared to the NECA figure) and his mask needs to be less yellow.
  8. How about everytime Jason blocks outside of Combat Stance, he also stops moving? Edit: @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow I wasn't talking about using combat stance when running. This sure would look awkward like you said. I was talking about blocking without the need of "combat-stancing" first. Did you liked the idea? P.S. I support your CS changes.
  9. Maybe. About the counselors hiding and planning for a surprise attack, I kind of like this strategy. It feels unique for this game and also a smart move from the counselors. If there's one thing about all of this that I love to see, it is when counselors do smart things besides running all the time as Vanessa.
  10. I've saw players activating combat stance and blocking before the hit connected (like Methodicalize). Are you sure you aren't the mistaken one here?
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