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  1. I assume the Offline Bots is the last one since I know that's confirmed to be updated in at a later time!?
  2. Awesome! Just wondering! Thanks! So Do we know what Goal we stopped at? I'd just like to see what's being added so far!
  3. So, I've been following the game here and there and sadly did not get to back it but I have pre-ordered it on Steam! I am super Excited! I went back to the Kickstarter to see what Goals they had set out and what was achieved and it made me think: I know the Kickstarter was successful and we got the Goals on Kickstarter but do the Backers and things Purchased from Backerkit attribute to the Goals as well? What I'm asking I guess is, will we be getting more goals unlocked past what we have unlocked on Kickstarter? Possibly added into the game at later times? OR Are the goals we Unlocked just counting Kickstarter Totals and not Backerkit? Excited to play!
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