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  1. You misunderstand. You would /queue/ for Jason or Counselor before a match. I hate to bring the game up but like DBD or how Evolve let you pick.
  2. I think giving people the option between Jason or counselor would bring people back
  3. So this is something that community member Laphin brought up and got me to think about. I always thought Jason needs something still that makes him more sneaky or scary in a way that he isn't yet and while stalk was a great addon, I agree with Laphin who suggested that Stalk should be with Jason from the start of the game. Whether it's kept as an ability or somehow reworked as a passive, I would be fine with either and that's up to you and the devs. So what do you think? Feel free to comment no matter what option you choose.
  4. I don't think you understand what I mean here XD People would /queue/ for Jason or counselor before a lobby and would get put into a game for what they chose
  5. I'm a backer of the game and played it since beta lol I'm not understanding the logic behind people leaving though? Obviously the people who leave want to be Jason. That results in a disadvantage for other counselors and less people to kill for Jason. Those leavers, instead of leaving, can queue to be Jason and when they want to be counselor, queue for counselor. I'm not taking offense don't worry lol I asked for people to comment
  6. I really think this idea that lobbies would take too long isn't a fair assumption though. I haven't seen enough evidence in other games to prove it. I believe there would be a fairly even number of people wanting to be Jason just as much as counselor. Though like I said, we don't know, which is why I think it should come to other factors. What if you are wrong and matches are made fairly quickly? What if this brings many more people back to the game and keeps them playing? Do you think if the change worked out well that it would be worth it? I believe choice is very important in a game like this and it's coming up to nearly a year now, people know what they want and for people that like Jason most or only ever want to play Jason, it would significantly lower people who leave, troll as counselor, slack as counselor, and I believe it would bring people back. There is the possible negative outcome of slower times being long but I think that choice in an asymmetrical game is something that has been not only done but proven to work given time and this game as more than enough time already.
  7. I just think saying the times would be really long isn't based on much other than "the worst outcome". Based on other games, evidence seems to show that queue times aren't as drastic as you think they would be. I could be underestimating it or you could be overestimating it and I don't think it should be based on queue time for that reason. I think it should be based on what brings more enjoyment, brings players back, and what /keeps people playing/. We wouldn't know times until it would be implemented.
  8. Sweet thank you for taking part in the poll Thank you, I'm not really used to the forum tools anymore and getting used to it I'll make sure to avoid it
  9. I just don't think this should be limited to public matches. I think it would be much more beneficial to implement into public matches. Also this isn't about DBD vs F13. Like I said, choosing a side isn't DBD exclusive, it's in many other games. Nothing against your opinion though, if you don't want it for that reason, that's your choice.
  10. Perhaps giving people a choice would bring more people back to F13? I think it would personally. I think it's hard to argue what queue times would actually be if this was implemented. I understand your concern though
  11. Right but private matches requite pre set up. They require you to gather people and most private matches I have played, people get Jason by who wants it first or in order. I also believe XP is not a thing in private? Or limited I would think? Thanks for your comment
  12. Thanks for your opinion. I don't think to say that matchmaking for Jason would be long is a fair statement however. Based on other games as said in the OP, I don't see enough evidence for that to be the case. Though even if queue times were long, lets say, 5 minutes max right? An average counselor match is 10-20 minutes about, minimum of 5? I would rather wait 5 minutes in a queue to play Jason, then sit through possibly 5-10 counselor games which could easily be 30 min - 1 hour, when I don't even feel like playing counselor. Then you get counselors who just slack off and mess around or leave.
  13. Thanks for commenting man. I don't see being similar to another game a bad thing, it's also not exclusive to DBD. Other asymetrical games, a bunch, give you a choice and I think that speaks for the topic. Choice in a game like this, I think is best. Even more so when the game has been around for nearly a year now. People know what they want and they sometimes just want to sit down quick or for a few matches and play what they feel like. Also no, I don't think that will have any sway, if it does, it will be minor. A lot of people like playing Jason but a lot of people like playing counselor. I know many people who only really enjoy counselor, it comes down to what people want. I think giving people a choice would actually help the game. I have been playing the game a good amount of hours recently and if this idea was to get implemented, I would be playing it wayyyy more myself.
  14. Should we have the ability to pick to play Jason or Counselor exclusively in public matches? I personally think we should. I like to play counselor but I love playing Jason because I focus on giving people a genuine Jason experience by playing stealthy. For me, that's where I find the most fun in the game. I'm not against playing counselor and I gladly will but I really dislike having to sit through 2, 5, 10 or more counselor games when it might not be what I want to do. Sure, I can play bots but I think all of us who are reasonable can agree bots is not the same as MP. Nothing beats real people and reactions. I know an argument is that queue times may be longer or whatever but based on evidence, I would disagree. If you look at other games that let you choose which side, one side is usually a bit longer but not enough to be hurtful to the experience. I would gladly wait an extra 30 seconds or less, to a minute. I'm here to see what you guys think. I think randomness should be an option in private matches though. The 3rd option is for people who are neutral or have an idea here that isn't presented. If you pick option 1 or 2, please feel free to comment still.
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