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  1. Simple. Go for only environmental kills as Jason, Record it and post it!
  2. I've escaped many times already. Sometimes you get unlucky and sometimes there is nothing you can do but that's the nature of the game. Skill and knowledge is a large part of this game.

    Sometimes it looks stuck but is really leveling up, just keep playing, see if it fixes itself.
  4. Interesting idea. As for boosting stamina overall, no. It's balanced as is.
  5. That's why there are counselors with better stamina......play one of them lol.
  6. I don't really think there are supposed to be more things in drawers....part of the challenge is /finding/ something.
  7. I played the beta and mouse and keyboard didn't seem bad. This isn't like For Honor, a controller really isn't needed, I think it's mostly preference. The only thing I feel a controller would have been good for in the beta was the Shift ability and maybe changing items.
  8. I mean I'm pretty sure the changes are significant. With a stamina rework, knives, and breakable fences, I doubt it will be the same but hey, I welcome a full Vanessa team as Jason But ye, we'll see
  9. Well I meant the changes that makes Jason kill Vanessa a lot easier. Vanessa is trash at repairs. Odds are, a Vanessa will mess up at least once and if a Jason knows what the sound notification means, he will just tp there. Also a more diverse team will just be better. A 10/10 intelligence person with Buggzy at their side can get shit done. Fast repairs and strength to fend off Jason.
  10. I wouldn't say he's the most OP....I don't think either is really the most OP but if there was one, I don't think it would be him
  11. Nothing too descriptive was told about the stamina change, all I know is that it got changed for the better. Also if everyone plays Vanessa....that's not really good. With the new changes, hardly anything will get repaired and Jason will have a full 20 minutes to kill all of them.
  12. Vanessa won't really be a major issue. Jason has knives and can break fences now. Also stamina was reworked.
  13. Having to pick is really hard mostly because I haven't played yet but I have a general idea. part 9: I will DEFINITELY be playing Part 9 the most /unless/ I find I like someone more while playing. Part 9 has increased stalk for my stealthy Jason playstyle, increased shift to catch up to counselors but more importantly, the stalk/shift combo, and stun resistance is a plus. Stalk/Shift combo will be a really good and effective play to scare and sneak up on counselors, part 9 will be the best at that. I also love this look, he's very creepy. Savini: Savini is a monster for brute strength. I will definitely use Savini for wanting to just rampage and kill quickly. And the third is the hardest part here.... I honestly can't decide, I'll have to play but... It's between part 2, part 6, and part 8. As cool as part 7 looks, he was fun in the beta because he was the creepy one but I feel he just isn't for me with all the other Jason options. I also normally do not like running Jasons, as in playing them, but part 2 is creepy and gets a ton of traps.
  14. Actually I think he was talking about shifting into the windows but either way I know it was against just going into them, at all.
  15. Do I even wanna know why this is 16 pages long?