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  1. 100% standstill

    I swore I wouldn’t post about this anymore but who cares. @Unwillingerk is right. Interacting with anything causes the game to freeze as Jason or Counselor. And it has nothing to do with The Final Chapter Achievement. It has to do with having 100% of the achievements. My last one was A PH.D in murder and I also have the freezing issue. I know that message you quoted was over a month old but I really hope their not trying to say that it’s not caused by having all the achievements.
  2. 100% standstill

    We appreciate all you guys hard work. But you also have to look at it from our point. We purchased a game that we can no longer play because we have achieved all the trophies or achievements in the game( assuming this is affecting PlayStation 4 also). So now we have to just sit and stare at the main menu and that’s literally all we can do. I know it’s a priority and your working on it but what about Now? What are we supposed to do while we wait? You don’t feel you owe us anything because as you put it to me, it’s a bug. Well when I buy a product and then can’t use it because of some glitch or malfunction from your end, I think you guys need to do something to make it right. And waiting patiently ain’t going to cut it. This is the last message I will post about this but the way this has been handled and your lack of communication from other things, is what is leading people to spam the forums and constantly message you guys. At least you have acknowledged it but there’s other problems you have acknowledged that are still present since launch. Again we patiently wait.
  3. They just lock threads when people are trying to figure out what’s going on. Good Luck @Kal Alexander Myself and a few others are in the same boat as you. They locked the other thread that we were posting in. Saying something about spamming. It’s a joke. I’m done with them and I’m going to contact Microsoft. I suggest you do the same if your on Xbox.
  4. I’m in no rush though. I get the frustration and I’m upset that I can’t play on my main account. But I’m enjoying playing on PlayStation a lot more than Xbox. I’ve played around 200 matches as a counselor so far but I feel the game runs smoother on PlayStation. I only play Quick Play. And I also feel the General Quick play community is far more helpful and play better on PlayStation.
  5. I understand and I feel the same. No real reasoning for my 2 accounts but sometimes I like try games out before I commit to them. I just wanted to get all the achievements twice. And to make it worse, now I’m playing on PlayStation also. I’ve been very patient with this game and company, but this is kind of unforgivable. I dont want to be a drag or keep feeding negativity but I really hope they do something to make this right for ALL the people affected. But I wouldn’t get my hopes up.
  6. I’m pretty sure this is affecting PlayStation and Xbox only. I haven’t seen any PC reports mentioned anywhere. It’s unfortunate but nothing with this game really surprises me anymore. I’m very glad I have more than one account because if I didn’t and I couldn’t play at all. After paying for Xbox Live or Playstation Plus, i think saying someone would be PISSED off would be an understatement.
  7. I just had an illfonic courier respond to me last week. But another forum member has also reported this a month or so ago. Not really much we can do I guess but frustrating nonetheless. But it seems to trigger once you get your final achievement. Not necessarily The Final Chapter Achievement but I believe once you get that last achievement or trophy, it does this freezing or locking up. It happens for me as Jason or Counselor. And it happens if I try to do a kill, break a door or generator. As a counselor, it happens upon being killed or trying to escape.
  8. As far as I know, it happened after the September update. My last achievement I got was the PH.D in murder. And I got it once they fixed whatever issue the achievement was having. Once I got my last achievement, I stopped using that account and I have been playing on another. Otherwise, I would have noticed sooner. It’s pretty unfortunate to not be able to play on the account that has so much work, time, and effort put into it. All they tell me is they are working it.
  9. I can confirm this happened to one of my accounts. But it didn’t happen upon getting the final chapter achievement. That was not my last achievement and I have the problem of not being able to play at ALL. Very frustrating but there will probably be a fix coming “SOON”. There is also another thread on this labeled “100 % Standstill”
  10. 100% standstill

    I’m late to the party. Just confirming what you have already posted. They have responded back to me and I’ve sent in a video. Which I’m sure many of you have done also. Hopefully this issue gets resolved in the next patch. Also to add one more point. It freezes immediately upon initating a kill, breaking a door or generator.
  11. 100% standstill

    Just wanted to confirm again. I made a 3rd account last night and sure enough, it works perfect. So just to sum this all up. My account with all the achievements ALWAYS freezes when the end of match screen should display. But my other 2 accounts, both not having all the achievements. They both work perfect. So Rabid Anteater, I’m exactly where you are. I think the problem is most achievement/trophy hunters tend to move on to other games after 100% completion. That’s why there’s not more people posting about this. Edit: I submitted a ticked to Jason kills bugs, so I’ll report back what is said.
  12. 100% standstill

    I can confirm this also happened to one of my accounts on Xbox One. On one account I have all the achievements and the game freezes anytime the match ends. It doesn’t matter if it’s an escape to the cops, car or boat. Game always freezes when the end screen should display. On my other account, also on Xbox one that has all but the 1K Jason matches. The game plays just fine. I have 2 different Xbox’s and it doesn’t matter which one I use. The one account with all the achievements always freezes at the end of match screen. Also, I have both the digital and physical version and both freeze with the account with all the achieves.
  13. Been awhile for me but Happy Friday the 13th everyone.
  14. I'm pretty sure this was already addressed in another thread by Ben. They said they will be leaving friendly fire on for the car and bear traps. I replied with "I thought they nailed it". But I will say I disagree with you although it's a moot point. No one would ever get banned for standing in front of the car. It would take more than that. And I'm no way saying I would do that because I wouldn't but I don't believe they would ever ban anyone for just standing in front of the car.
  15. Yea but they could do that now. And I'm not killing someone to take parts. Not that serious. I don't mind dying. If someone wants to troll or whatever, go for it. When I get to be Jason is where the real fun begins anyway. Run rabbit run.