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  1. I'm of the mindset that it'll go right back to not being able to finish a match due to hosts quitting mid-game. Sure, you can hop in and out of lobbies until you're host and do the decent thing of staying 'til it's done. But even that takes a while oftentimes, wasted time just to start a match. So yes, I'd rather have had the bugs but avoid this disaster, than have this mess back at all.
  2. Although I like playing as Jason and am pretty good at it (I don't get bullied or at risk of dying often) I would call myself a counselor main. From that perspective, my opinion is that Jason, even after the Rage buff, is too weak. I came back to the game just yesterday after roughly a couple months of break, and was immediately trolling most Jasons, escaping, killing them, the works. Jason is supposed to be a nightmarish, supernaturally powered force that you're lucky to get away from. Not something you laugh at and embarrass more often than not. If you're complaining about this buff or the Rage buff, I suggest that you either learn how to play, or try another game. I welcome this update.
  3. Can't wait to see what gets broken next with the updates!
  4. Guess that backs up the theory it's no longer random. Suppose I'm glad that means I'm not being singled out/going crazy
  5. You're right that it's been like that for Savini since launch, was hoping it could be changed when they fix the RNG as since the update I can't get any form of random Jason for Offline Bots. I haven't used random for multiplayer at all so you could be correct there, though since the update I have still had everyone's selections made random despite everyone specifying certain Counselors and Jason on a couple of occasions. Since it still needs work I thought I'd make my request XD
  6. Has anyone noticed that if you press the button for a random Jason when setting up an offline bots game, you keep getting the same Jason? Hardly fair to call it random when 95% of the time it is part 5, the other 5% is part 3. Could this be fixed to make it truly random please? And if possible, include Savini Jason in the random selection for those of us who have him.
  7. Well my video shows the Vanessa being in easy reach of Jason even after I'm dead, with her teabagging me and Jason turning in quick circles right next to her before teleporting away...
  8. Thank you, I'll hedge my bets and drop them an e-mail with the link in it too. Better safe than irritated by losers who can't get kills alone
  9. Oh, given the name I thought that was for bug reports rather than this kind of thing, cool. Thank you
  10. Guess the jerks are out in force on PS4 tonight :/ Thank you, anyone got any ideas how I can get the video to be able to send to f13game@fearthegun.com?
  11. I was in a game where a Vanessa player brought Jason right over to where I was, tried to stop me from going out of a window, then they both followed me to another house where the Vanessa let him in, then proceeded to block my escape out of the back door. Before I go through the hassle of trying to work out how to get the video off my PS4 or Facebook accounts to e-mail it, I'd just like to be sure it is still something that's being punished. Can anyone do this please?
  12. Sadly I can agree with everything brought up Thank you for the confirmation, hopefully it's an oversight that'll be fixed soon, but I've stopped using Disarm while I level up. Might put it on a Jason later, but I have plenty of other options so not the end of the world.
  13. I've been using the Disarm kill on bots, and it seems to never give out Versatile points the way it does for other grab kills. Anyone else found this happening to them?
  14. So far you're the only one who seems to have been moderate and rational. Thank you. The problem is that I believe neither myself or the person disputing me is going to be playing the Beta. Hopefully I can find out somehow once it's open though, so may still be of some use. Thanks for pointing that out. Problem is that this guy started out giving me a ton of abuse just for pointing out that the proposed system before (and I believed was still on the table) was not "choose Jason = get Jason". Anything vague such as this won't stop his imbecilic bleating XD No problem JPops, sorry if I overreacted. Just really hate going through a load of hassle only to get what amounts to "no comment". I get that Ben works for Gun, there's nothing being announced and all that, but all I needed was something like "currently we've been working with this system *list off a few key points*, though that is subject to change any time". I didn't even get that, so... Anyways, I'll be leaving you to it, sorry again. Way to also miss the point. I had already asked the question. As stated, asking it here would invite people such as yourself, who I cannot use as a credible source, to join in and give me an endless stream of notifications for no gain. I'm leaving because to me, a forum is a source of information. This one, however, does not provide any. Even when asked in plain English, the result is a Nothing answer. If you have a saw and it's too blunt to use, you stop using it. Oh, and really mature, targeting a nickname that others gave me years ago for RL actions, to judge how I react in a forum after getting the run around and deciding it's not worth it. I guess picking at things and calling someone petty is far more savage than dropping it and leaving? You're an infantile disgrace, frankly.
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