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  1. I've been playing since day one, have 183 hours logged and I'm not even level 80 yet. 113 is in "literally never going to happen" territory for me.
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    Making Strength a Worthwhile Stat

    I disagree, because he would only have 100 percent chance to stun with a bat. Currently, basically *everyone* has a very high chance to stun with bats and wrenches. Something approaching 90 percent. This way, only a couple of counselors could reliably stun Jason with any kind of regularity. Everyone else would be taking a big risk, which is fine, because they are good at other things. This also doesn't take into account Stun Resistance on Jasons, so the numbers would fudge one way or the other depending.
  3. Currently, Strength for counselors is basically a dump stat because the benefits are very fringe/only useful in very specific circumstances: - Slightly increase stun time (This is pretty useless truth be told because stunning is ridiculously easy at present, but more on that in a minute) - More damage per strike (the only thing this is good for is getting the mask off faster and since, again, stunning Jason is pretty easy, it doesn't really matter) - Slightly easier to break out of holds (this is also pretty much worthless. Composure has the same effect and most counselors have no real prayer of breaking free anyway) - Slight reduction in stamina cost to attack (again, meh, there just isn't much real use for this because the difference is so small) Because of this, Bugsy is pretty much the worst counselor choice in the game. Everyone else can do what he can, better. Vanessa is a better runner, *everyone* is a better repairer, and his composure makes him not a great choice for stealth. My suggestion is to kill 2 birds with 1 stone by tying Strength into Stun Chance as follows: Chance to Stun (100) = Weapon Stun Chance (50) + Counselor Strength (50) Each point in Strength gives the counselor a baseline 5 percent chance to stun Jason. So Bugsy with his 10 in strength gets 50 percent, and Debbie with her 1 gets 5 percent, etc. You take that number, and then add the stun chance of weapons: Baseball bat gets 50 Wrench gets 40 Pipe gets 30 etc. You combine the two numbers to get your chance to stun Jason. Bugsy with a bat stuns 100 percent of the time, but Debbie with a bat only 55 percent, basically a coin flip. Bugsy with wrench 90 percent, Debbie 45. And so on. This instantly solves the Jason stun-lock issue and also makes Strength a stat worth considering when making counselor selections, and Bugsy becomes a real option because he never has less than a 60 percent chance to stun with any weapon, while a low strength counselor could be as low as a 15 percent chance.