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  1. This.
  2. I did a private match with just 2 people on friday
  3. The good news is you're on a forum full of people that don't do stuff like that. Hit up one of the LFG threads.
  4. So this is all happening because they expected to get around 30,000 concurrent players across all platforms. They got 75,000 in the 1st 20 minutes. Completely overloaded the servers. Here's a more detailed explanation.
  5. I got some time in Friday, but between work and a cookout I went to yesterday had no time to play. Will be getting in tonight after work. When you can actually get in game is hella fun tho
  6. That's actually pretty funny. Here ya go
  7. Jeez man you are killing it with these descriptions. Almost feels like I'm there lol. Have one of these for your troubles
  8. This specific company has given no indication they'll just cut and run tho. And big companies don't always get around to patches. WB refused to patch the bugginess that was Arkham Origins yet still released DLC for it.
  9. Were you a backer? If not any refund would come from Sony. Gun will respond, but remember they are a 4 man team that's focused on fixing the server issues and responding to thousands of similar messages.
  10. 1) I understand this was something special for the backers. Like I said, if it stays exclusive then it stays exclusive. I'm not sweating it. 2) I don't really follow horror sites, but this game was nowhere near my social media til a few weeks ago. And I've seen this on gaming sites 4 times, initial announcement, alpha footage, longer alpha footage & the beta. Didn't know Savini Jason was a thing til after the release date trailer.
  11. Maybe money wasn't the problem? Maybe like me they had no idea this thing existed. I didn't hear about it til sales were closed. If it stays exclusive then it stays exclusive, just realize that not everyone interested in this game followed every update. Especially since there is NO advertising for it.
  12. I would like this but...
  13. Rewatched 1-7 so far. I'll probably watch 8 tonight if I can't get in the game.
  14. Jeez, was actually thinking bout picking a code up on eBay but not for those prices lol
  15. And when walkin in the woods staying on the path will lower fear. But it makes more noise than walking off the path so it's a trade off.