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  1. Yeah, this has been happening to me too. I had a game as Chad where I kept Jason stunned for 19 minutes with a baseball bat. 30 seconds before a flawless victory courtesy of chad? Disconnect. I just can't seem to actually stay in game, I thought it was just me.
  2. Oh, that's the pizza guy. He heard the tips are to die for.
  3. Oh yeah, one of the first things I intend to do with Jason is see just how many "nice try" situations they can be used to create.
  4. Welcome to the forums! MKX eh? Hey devs, think we could get an old lady kill?
  5. Little known fact, the like cap is what motivated Savini Jason to escape from hell.
  6. Thanks! It just hit me that "Chad seems like he's wealthy" and the rest of his story unfolded from there. It suddenly all made sense.
  7. It would certainly give Jason another option just in case his shift or morph are in cooldown. It would be a last resort, but hey, the devs love them some last resort situations.
  8. Oh lord you've just given me the mental image of Jason as a father "Now what do we do when we see teens kids?" "Kill them in deviously creative ways!" "And what do we do if our fast walking can't catch up to them?" "Use our witchcraft to teleport in front of them!" "That's my boys."
  9. Nice to see somebody else who was around during the Funny Moments time! ......9 years? Holy hell...... Hey, it's no wonder he's so fast, he has a lot of practice running to daddy.
  10. So we all know Jason has throwing knives to injure and even kill the counselors, we also know that the windows on the cars are down, which allows Jason to grab. I think it would be really cool if Jason could hit a counselor in the car with a well placed throwing knife (likely the driver). Needless to say, this would be a hard shot to make if they aren't staying completely still, but would be oh so rewarding if it made them temporarily lose control of the car, or even kill a wounded driver. I'm not sure if this would throw off the new balance for the full game (since it has changed since beta) or if this is already a part of the full game, but I think this kind of situation would be great. "Wait, why are we stopping? What's wrong?" *looks over* "Oh god she's dead!"
  11. Lol, I would probably respond with "She was giving me....head" badum tsh. Things like that are what I think will keep this game alive. You can see blood until the cows come home, but the kinds of things real people come up with, that's forever.
  12. Come on guys! Don't be background characters the audiance doesn't care about! Don't you know they always die off screen? Or at least with almost no dedicated attention! Become a main character so you can at least get some screen time for your inevitable demise!
  13. I. Love. Criken. So. Much. He's doing God's work, the only proper way to play as Chad. That is exactly what would happen if "the preppy guy" ended up being the "final girl". It's amazing.
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