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  1. I'm 29 now! Only four more months and I can unlock that last Jason...
  2. Packanack Small all the time

    See, I've found the opposite, but maybe that's because I played a stealth heavy character in Deb. Every time I play a large map, I almost always get at least 2 things repaired, and survive for a large portion of a match. When the small maps get chosen though, all the survival skills Deb has are tossed out the window since Jason is always only 70-100 feet away.
  3. By that same logic, why can't a Friday Telltale game be the first...?
  4. Throwing knives.

    Ha, I never even thought about tagging them with a knife while they're doing the minigame instead of shifting right on top of them. That's pretty clever.
  5. Throwing knives.

    Interesting. Almost like a stamina drain potion in an RPG. That would be a solid idea. In that same lane of thought, I've often thought it was kinda funny that counselors recover stamina while in Jason's grasp, cause I know I've never personally regained stamina and caught my breath while someone's literally holding up my by my throat... Side note, from my experience, the difficulty of landing the knives comes from the choppy framerate making it hard to accurately lead a target. It's a lot easier to hit someone on a PC running 60 FPS, but when I play on my Xbox X I all the sudden have the accuracy of Michael J Fox. Hopefully they get a patch out to eventually take advantage of the PS4 Pro and Xbox X system power...
  6. Throwing knives.

    So then they fix the glitches.... I don't think bugs are a great defense against adjusting something cause ideally Gun/Illfonic will fix the bugs rather than just work around them. And I agree with you, if it really imbalanced Jason that bad then the better option would be to slightly raise the damage ratios for knives to equal the same as a weapon strike. That way accuracy is more important than hording and throwing them like some circus performer throwing knives at a woman on a spinning wheel.
  7. Throwing knives.

    Would a reasonable solution be to keep the knives as is but limit Jason's carrying capacity to 5-6 at a time? That seems more reasonable since it's kinda silly to imagine a dude running around with 10+ knives.
  8. Too many double XP events

    I don't consider it bullshit that people have other aspirations than to log into a video game night in and night out. That sort of banality would make me tire of the game pretty damn quick honestly. These sorts of double xp weekends are there to try and woo old players back into the fold just as much as they exist to help level up those with social lives beyond a screen. Not really sure why you're so against it honestly. There's no harm in it whatsoever. If anything, it helps draw more players in so matches fill up quicker and there's less waiting around.
  9. I dig the idea, but some of the follow up suggestions are just not plausible in a 20 minute match. The cave would almost assuredly have to be replaced with Jason's shack rather than having a mini-world inside the already existing map. Also, getting lost in the woods only worked because it was a 2D level design. It's not really possible design-wise to get lost in a 3D open map and if it was, then everyone would just avoid going into it... The Pamela head attacking to defend herself would also be kinda tough to implement for a couple of reasons: 1) if she kills them, does Jason get the EXP even though he didn't do anything? and if not, then counselors are just going to troll Jason by running to the cabin to die when Jason has dead to rights. 2) the fighting system is already kinda janky to handle, let alone trying to hit a floating head... I also think it would make the cabin a hotbed of Jason planting traps to weaken players before they even take the mother head on so no one ever gets the sweater. I'm all for the map though, I just think the context of how the map plays has to be kept within reason. That said, if they redo the NES Jason to go along with it, they have to make him a +morph considering how the old one could pop up anywhere on the map at any time. This would be a pretty large map too, and I find that bigger maps assist in the counselors surviving a little longer than normal since Jason can't squat on a busy area as easily. So if kept the way it looks in the NES game it would be a pretty popular map as it will help with matches having a little more length and less of a chance of the dreaded "first morph chase" that happens pretty frequently in Higgens and Packanack.
  10. Too many double XP events

    It's definitely not, but even if it was, that's only once a month since it released in Oct. That's still not all that bad. Games like CoD do them just as often, and only have 1/3 of the level growth maximum that this game has...
  11. Too many double XP events

    The level cap is 150 and the final character unlock isn't until 44. The only way the average working adult gamer is ever gonna get to 44 and beyond is through these sorts of events. I've been playing since day 1 and I'm still only in the 30's. I just hate that they always put these on weekends, when I'm usually busy with other things (this weekend is my anniversary and the beginning of tilling my backyard... ) It would be nice if they did a double XP week for once so that those who game mostly in the middle of the week could jump in on the action as well... All that said, 4 times in seven months isn't really that bad, especially since it's only for 3 days each time. Most of those times were apologies for issues with the game that caused a bunch of lost XP from disconnects and what not, so it's hard to even really count that against them.
  12. The solution is pretty obvious... Stop responding. Just like most situations in life, it's usually the person retaliating that gets in far more trouble than the person instigating. That said, by far the worst community in gaming is Rocket League. People quit just for going down by 1 goal all the time, talk trash non-stop, and will actively sabotage matches if they think you're not good.
  13. What's the point of levels 45-102?

    First off, don't throw that weak argument that since I don't play as much as others, I shouldn't care. My interest in the product isn't exclusively dictated by the amount of time I spend with it. I love playing guitar, but that doesn't mean I'm a bad guitar player because I don't spend an hour every single day playing it. If I didn't care, I wouldn't have bought in on the Kickstarter, I wouldn't mod the boards, and I wouldn't spend my free nights logging in every week. Secondly, It's 2 or 3 kills as of now, but that's why I'm saying something now rather than waiting until there's even more stuff I'm never going to access. If I wait till there's even more exclusive items for 100+ lvl players, then people like you will just turn that around on guys like me and say "why didn't you speak up when the first items for 100+ players launched?" Not everyone has the time to invest an hour or more to play a few rounds of a video game every day. I've put more time into this game than any other game in the last seven months, outside of maybe Rocket League, and I'm still not even into the 40's. The fact that time has equated to only 28 levels says a lot about how imbalanced the leveling system is, especially for a game that goes to 100 level up. I've hit level 100 in most Japanese RPG's faster than I ever will in this game.... The point I'm making isn't that things should be given away for free, or not unlocked. It's that the leveling system is spread insanely thin and goes on for way too long, especially for those that actually do other things besides gaming. They could just as easily cut the levels in half and have everything unlock by level 75. It's arbitrary overkill, and also originally just a Band-Aid fix for the problem that showed up where people couldn't launch the game after earning every achievement. I was fine with them adding levels 101-150 as a temp fix to a legit bug in the game, but I'm definitely not fine with them then putting unlocks into those levels that almost no one is ever going to earn.
  14. What's the point of levels 45-102?

    How do you determine who the host is?! I would already be doing that if I had known a way to differentiate them from the pack.
  15. What's the point of levels 45-102?

    You completely missed what I said. A $2 DLC costume pack doesn't add variety to the gameplay. Kills and Jason characters do. Those that aren't able to play every day shouldn't be locked out of those sorts of things forever just because they have other things going on. A reasonable and achievable reward system should be expected, especially considering how many times I've missed out on 500 xp from host quits and other issues. I, like many others, have been on board since the Kickstarter days, and it sucks that there's a reasonable chance we'll never get access to some actual gameplay items just because I have a job, house, and/or interests beyond gaming. I've put easily twice as many hours into this game than it ever took to prestige in a CoD. That's a pretty wonky imbalance of time requirement for the average game user. Like I said, I'm all for rewarding the most hardcore dedicated players with some stuff, just don't make it gameplay items that no one else will ever get to experience unless it's getting used against them...
  16. What's the point of levels 45-102?

    Right, but you do need a hell of a lot of time, and that's something most grown adults don't have. I love this game and am still only level 27 cause I just don't have the time to invest in more than one or two nights of gameplay. At an average of 10 minutes per match, that's not a lot of rounds per week to get my level increased. It's just way to much of a slog to get through. Yeah, there should be rewards for the most dedicated, but the meat of the game, like new kills and Jason models should be reasonably obtainable by everyone. Give the 100+ guys something special like a different Jason skin or a special counselor perk or something, but making real gameplay unlocks so unobtainable is just cruel to those that love the game but have more going on than just playing games every day.
  17. A game doesn't require balance to still be fun. Hell, Marvel vs Capcom 2 is one of my favorite games ever and there's drastic imbalance in that game. Imbalance is the whole point of an asymmetrical multiplayer game. 7 players vs 1 super strong player. No differently than playing Juggernaut in Halo or Evolve. The 7 other players can try to mount a defensive or offensive strategy against the 1 stronger player, but they'll likely lose a few times before they win. Sometimes playing the stealthy lone wolf is the better options and hoping the others distract Jason long enough to let you accomplish an escape method. There's still plenty of fun in this game, despite it's flaws. There's a real raw thrill that comes with trying to escape from Jason while he's hunting you, or successfully stunning him to give you some time to run. One of my favorite gaming memories is a match where I was one of the last players left and Jason was chasing me. I jumped into a locked cabin, ran into the bedroom area, opened a single window and then hid under a bed. I watched the Jason come in, see the window and then run out to try and chase me. I successfully slipped out and ran the other way to get enough distance so he couldn't sense me and ended up surviving that match via time expiring. Those sorts of organic survival moments aren't guaranteed in every match, but thrilling when they happen.
  18. Nothing is being actually discussed here since the very beginning so I'm shutting this whole thing down. Sogreth, if you're not willing to prove your statements they're gonna be taken with a grain of salt.
  19. Well, for starters, I wasn't talking about that, I was talking about the whole taking peoples performance into consideration and then auto-generating maps based on that. Also, It isn't difficult to make a difficulty setting, it's just a bad idea. The user base is too low to then split them up into two smaller chunks of easy and hard mode. If the game had a user base like CoD or Madden, then I could see it, but splitting them now would probably be a really bad move.
  20. Dude, you don't just "find a programmer capable of understanding how to do it and then does it." It would take MONTHS of time to interview, hire and then have the person (likely persons, in all honesty) program what you're talking about. I doubt they could have that out before October of this year, even if they started interviewing tomorrow. Even if they could, by the time they've paid the dude to make the service, the game population might be so thin that it ends up being a wasted effort and money. What you're suggesting is a cool idea, but it's way too late into the lifecycle of the game to spend money on something like that vs fixing bugs or creating new content.
  21. Rate the Update

    That would be incredibly difficult to balance out a further grab radius for certain Jason's over others without making one section OP. The walking Jason's already have certain elements to balance them against the running Jasons like faster morph/shift charging and more traps/knives. Adding a wider grab range would likely make them the way more played option cause their shift/grab mechanic would become a significant advantage, especially with the decrease in pocket knives now.
  22. Rate the Update

    Well for starters, you'd split the player group in to like 10 different subsections that wouldn't be able to play with each other if you did that. That's one massive reason why...
  23. Damn, that's public shaming on a level that hasn't existed since the Salem witch trials... Someone keep an eye on that kid and make sure he applies cooling pressure to the burn areas.
  24. Part V "Jason" stats.

    You just hurt your own argument with the "He's human" comment. Humans can't morph; that's why he runs. One could even make an argument this is the ONLY human Jason in the entire franchise, depending on your stance about whether Jason actually died as a kid or not. The other aspect to consider is that there's only so many different combinations of skill buffs and weaknesses they can do before Jasons start just being reskins of the same model. They probably just wanted to make him feel different than others by making him more of a stalker, long range type of character.
  25. Upcoming Jason Balance Changes - 1/25/18

    @ShiftySamurai So are these changes already live or are they being implemented in a coming patch?