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  1. Yeah, I was one of those people until Friday the 13th came out... Now I close every app when I use it just cause Friday got me into the habit.
  2. I haven't had any dashboard crashes in quite a while. Only time I experience it is if I leave the game logged in when I turn off the console and it will crash when I re-launch the game after the next boot up. Must just stem from some sort of time out issue, but it hasn't happened for me during a match in 2-3 months now. I guess I've been lucky in that sense.
  3. PC,PS4 or Xbox ine

    Xbox is the worst preforming of the three unless you're on an Xbox One X. PC is definitely the best performing, but that really goes without saying since the quality of each component is individually controlled by the owner. I'm guessing this is partly cause of the lack of higher end titles to play compared to PS4, but I never seem to have much of an issue finding rooms on Xbox... PS4 just has too many good games to play, so that probably causes a much smaller split of player base for each game.
  4. Why I stopped playing Friday the 13th The Game

    You can't really compare both of those games though cause one is a scripted single player game and the other is a multiplayer title. Yeah, it's easy to make the Alien difficult to kill cause the devs just write his AI like that, and if an area is too difficult they code in some items to assist the player. In a multiplayer game, the skill of the player controlling the killer creates a variable effect that can't really be accounted for. I've surprised plenty of players using smart stalk and rage ability to get the drop on someone hiding. I've also cabin kited Jason players as Tommy and Deborah for 5+ minutes while others fixed vital equipment because they kept going for the grab kill instead of just trying to take me out with melee attacks. It just comes with the territory of multiplayer matches. Not trying to change your mind, just pointing out that your expectations are unrealistic for a multiplayer game. If Jason was so powerful that a counselor had no chance of survival once they're found, everyone would just quit the moment Jason's music started up rather than waste their time delaying the inevitable.
  5. Why I stopped playing Friday the 13th The Game

    You have to keep in mind it's a video game. There has to be a legit ability to have the counselors survive otherwise there's no real game being played. Jason being weaker than you imagine he should be is the same reason all Superman games aren't very good. Just like a legit Superman game would just be players flying around using laser vison on every bad guy from 2000 ft up in the air, if they gave him all the power and ability that he has in the movies, there'd be no real game. Every match would just be a 5-10 massacre and then back to the lobby we all go. The balancing act for asymmetrical games like this is very difficult to maintain. It has to be challenging for both new players and old vets. I get your disappointment with some of the design decisions, but there's really no way to make it be a legit multiplayer game without having some sort of "nerfing" of Jason's power so counselor players actually have a reason to try. As issues like the stun lock arise, they'll get patched but everything takes time to ensure that making changes doesn't drastically affect the balance of other aspects of the game.
  6. I can’t be the only one

    It sounds like you just reached the end of your interest in the game... Happens to almost every game eventually. I played Halo 3 almost daily. Then a few months later, I didn't play it every day but nearly every day. And then it started to become that I only played it a couple times a week. Then I eventually started playing something else and lost interest in it. Off it went onto the game shelf and barely got played again. Same with CoD: Modern Warfare 2, GTA5, Diablo 3, Skyrim, and a dozen other games I played obsessively when they first released. That's just a part of the video game lifecycle. I don't think the game has hit that point for me, but I definitely do find myself deciding to play other games more often than this one lately. I think it's been like five days since I last booted it up and played a match.
  7. It might not be against the rules, but it's still not very ethical. It's like driving backwards in a racing game just to run into the 1st place guy. Yeah, the game lets you do it, but that doesn't mean it's not a douchey thing to do. Hopefully they start punishing players that do that again, cause it's just as damaging to the game experience as rage quitters.
  8. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    That's all the current Luck stat is. Dice rolls are just percentages. Luck increases the percentage that your weapon won't break, therefore it just improves the odds you'll hit your dice roll. It's just different terminology for the same result. That said, yeah you're gonna run into a cabin occasionally that is empty, but you have to admit that's the very, very, very large minority of cabins you enter. Even after playing a whole 20 minute match, it's pretty rare to enter a cabin that's been picked clean of all items including weapons. The idea of lowering the durability of weapons though is more rooted into the idea that players will have to conserve the good weapons like baseball bats that we do happen to find, rather than just using them to stun lock Jason over and over because they take 4-6 hits to break.
  9. Stun locking HAS to be removed.

    I'm definitely on board with you on addressing the problem. In the post that was made announcing the new legendary perks, I brought up how weapon break percentages need to be increased top to bottom. This would help deter this sort of stuff cause then players wouldn't want to risk their high damage axe or baseball bat breaking on a needless 10 seconds gained. As the game currently is, there is a sense of survival horror missing because weapon resources last so long that there's usually 7+ weapons that remain untouched by the end of a match. Once a player has a baseball bat equipped with sucker punch they can usually get 2-3 stuns out of it before it breaks, and sometimes more hits than that even. If weapons broke more easily to where players had to actually think about how they'll survive and defend themselves in the later minutes of the match, they would stop bothering with the stun strategy.
  10. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    That's just cause he used Chad in his response. Same goes for them too. I'm not saying weapons shouldn't last longer for just them, I'm saying weapons shouldn't last that many hits period. At most, a weapon should have a 3 hit life span with a chance at getting a 4th using Man of Arms for the high luck players. And if weapons like the bat last 3 hits for high luck players like Chad, it should be a dice roll chance of breaking any time after the first hit for the lower luck characters and Man of Arms just lowers the percentage chance of it breaking. In other words, Chad still maintains his statistical advantage, it's just adjusted to create a better survival focused gameplay experience. Think of how many weapons you pick up in an average single match. 2, maybe 3 if one is a gun? I've made it through entire matches as low luck characters like Deb with only using a single bat or axe and some smart cabin hoping. Having the weapons break a little faster will barely change the balance since there's plenty of weapons to acquire throughout the map. It will force players to play the game much closer to an actual survival horror game that requires players to gather resources they wouldn't normally use (like the frying pan and tree branch) and strategize to survive rather than having every Chad and Bugz find a bat and wail on Jason as a group for 5-6 minutes after the cops have been called.
  11. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    We're just a few fans hired as mods, friend. We're just giving our opinions no differently than you. the only thing is we also act as the police for a-holes that don't want to play nice. Complaining about things to us is like complaining to a college TA about how the professor teaches class. We're not on the payroll, don't get any real convo's with the devs, and we don't know any more than you regarding what's coming down the pipe. That's why I said IN MY OPINION regarding the man at arms comment. And I stand by it for that matter. Chads shouldn't be able to use weapons for 5+ hits. Coupled with sucker punch, it completely kills the resource management aspect of the survival horror. A Chad or Bugzy can get through an entire match with just 2 weapons if they also throw in enough cabin to cabin kiting to drain the clock. The game should be about trying to find items under duress and trying to cobble together a defense with whatever a person can find. In it's current state, player safety is relatively assured for at least a few minutes if they have both Sucker and Man at Arms perks at a high rank and a baseball bat in their hands, assuming they're decent players and know when to time their swings that is... And regarding the swimmer thing, I've seen a handful of players do it, but none ever survive the whole match with it. It's a pretty potent strategy in the first 3-4 minutes of a match though when Jason's skills aren't charging as quickly. Just gets progressively less viable further into the match.
  12. The chart was an unfortunate casualty of the flame war. It shall be remembered for its service.
  13. Since you're not serious about it Washington, I took the liberty to hide the entire conversation. Both you and Dole just leave it alone now.
  14. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    I'm definitely with you on that. I feel like the situational perks like the car driving and radio boost just need to be tweaked a bit. One option is a significantly increased percentage in order to make them worthwhile. It's just not viable to lose stuff like marathon or sucker punch for a once every 4-5 match opportunity of driving 15% faster. Now if they made the car drive 25% faster and withstand more damage to stall then it might be worthwhile to equip... Or another option is make it so the person with lead foot automatically starts with a set of keys along with having a 15% increase in speed. That way they're already positioned to take over as driver when the car is repaired. There's definitely things they could do to make them more viable with some simple tweaks.
  15. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    Swimmer was nerfed because the two new bigger maps were making it easier for people to swim way out into the corners of the map and try to just run out the clock while Jason hunted everyone else. Man At Arms, I personally feel, needed the nerf because equipping it with sucker punch makes it so counselors can stun with bats and axes like 3-4 times before stuff breaks. Coupled with effective cabin hopping, a counselor could easily survive 2-3 minutes of a match with just a single melee weapon. There needed to be a readjustment to increase the need for actual foraging and survival techniques. It's not fun if everyone is able to find a single bat and hang on to it all match.