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  1. host always leaves the game

    I've been having this happen so often lately that I now just repeatedly search in quick play until it assigns me my own room to host... Best way to work around the issue honestly.
  2. F13 App Beta testing!

    Eh, that's still copyright infringement cause you're using their work on your product. You don't have to make money off something for it to be considered infringement. Plus there's the possibility that they might be working on their own app and don't want people mixing up their work with yours. I'd check with @GunMedia_Ben or @ShiftySamurai about this if I were you...
  3. I mean, player count is nice but not terribly important. As long as 70-100 players in each region exist, there's always going to be a room to play in. That number is pretty easily achievable considering the popularity of the IP. I've played late nights of Rocket League with less than 500 active players in my region and still never had any issues jumping into matches. I'm sure Friday is fine for the foreseeable future. As for the PS4 owners thing, I'm willing to bet that's like the amount of people with the game currently installed into their system.
  4. F13 App Beta testing!

    Have you made sure this app is legit and the Gun or Illfonic guys aren't gonna just yank the plug mid-beta? Cause I'm sure certain items you're using are protected IP's, like the photo on the background, for instance.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if this is planned sometime in the future. It's too obvious of a feature not to add.
  6. What is your favorite game in 2017?

    Rocket League dominated the majority of my playtime this year, but I also enjoyed Horizon: Zero Dawn, South Park: Fractured but Whole, and Battlefront 2. Friday was up there on the enjoyment list as well, when the game is working properly and a match flows the way it's meant to.
  7. Jason is a freaking joke.

    They could even make a green health bar wrap around the top side of the mini-map like the stamina does with the bottom half. As the health bar gets lower, the first aid spray takes longer to fill the health meter back up. Basically like how healing in Horizon: Zero Dawn works.
  8. Just started up Horizon: Zero Dawn now that I finished up the new South Park game, and regularly log into Rocket League as well.
  9. Yeah, and if you see it that means someone else wanted it cause they liked it. You don't get to decide what others like or get to have.
  10. I don't think they were ever quoted as saying the extra $10 was going to be used EXCLUSELY for the single player aspects of the game. Software development is impossible to peg down specific costs for the entire product. Sometimes bugs and delays cause some areas to cost more than expected and other times things progress smoothly and cost less than expected. The $10 added price was probably just an estimate of what they felt they needed to accomplish everything they wanted to do when they announced the delay.
  11. They only charged the $10 after it was announced, everyone that jumped in during the Kickstarter got it comped. Also, this isn't the single player, it's the offline with bots mode. They're still having to build the single player challenge mode and that's where the $10 has gone. Well, that along with paying for the licensing for Jason X, coding new maps, adding new playable characters and other things. It's not like they released the game and just ran away with everyone's money. I get what you mean, but at least I can kinda see where the $10 is being spent.
  12. Hiring a team of AI coders would eat away a huge amount of money (and significant time) for a secondary game mode that might not even get used by the majority of players. Lets say they hire three skilled guys. After spending 2-4 weeks interviewing people to choose who to hire, those three guys are going to $90,000 or more depending on skill level. Now the team just lost time fixing the game cause they had to spend that time doing interviews. Then, to code the AI in a way that would be really competent and have multiple levels of difficulty would take months of coding and testing, so you wouldn't even have the mode until like next year sometime when you might not even be playing anymore. A real, solid bot AI is incredible hard to code, especially for a game as open ended objective-wise as this one, not to mention the bugs potentially causing AI problems. It took me over a week in college just to get a random AI running that would smartly play tic tac toe... I'm sure they'll do what you're suggesting if a sequel gets made, but considering this was just an added mode they didn't plan to make in the first place, I think expectations were set just a little too high. None of these guys are AI coders. They worked with what they had.
  13. Shelly's stats

    There's only so many combinations of "good" stats that can be done though. Eventually they have to make character you consider weak just by sheer nature of stat balancing. Again, it's a free added character that will make it so that every now and then a match you're in isn't just Vanessa, Kenny, and AJ clones running around constantly. Even if he's not a great character, he is still free and adds depth; that's not a bad thing. Celebrate the gift rather than looking the gift horse in the mouth.
  14. Shelly's stats

    Got it, you're not gonna use him. You're still missing my point, but I got yours. Good talk.
  15. Shelly's stats

    Again, you're looking at it in the raw, "what does he excel at" way. if you get 7 people together, they're not all going to necessarily excel at something. There might be one or two that are weaker links with less education, strength, and stamina than everyone else in the group. He's just another option to play with. An normal awkward "everyman" if you will. There's no guarantees that every new character is going to be a champion of some skill.