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  1. I'm sure we'll see some new SP only kills. I doubt we'll see much of anything else.
  2. Wait, didn't you make a click bait post about the stream time? Google it.
  3. I managed to get an 8/8 in a game with @Risinggrave. I'll cut my losses and take that win. Excited for the buff though
  4. I'm perfectly fine with paying for Jasons after uber (and preuber). We're currently at 8 playable Jasons and that's a good number. Maps must always be free. Thankfully the Gun/Illfonic know this.
  5. Nah. Something tells me that this will be like the NES game. I doubt we'll see Jason get his own game, excluding mobile games, for a long time.
  6. "How's your next gen experience?" Fuckin Nintendo.. God bless.
  7. The main thing DbD holds over F13 is an addicting and rewarding progression system. It brings people back and there's always something to strive to unlock or accomplish. How's everyone enjoying the perk slot machine?
  8. My personal favorite. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/XxDaddyDakxX/video/33636224
  9. Ah, yes, rain in space. A for effort. A sprinker system would be a neat way to implement it. But that didn't bode too well in "the Cloverfield paradox". *spoilers*
  10. The game isn't worth 40$. But the people ya play it with? Priceless. If it wasn't for you and the crew, the game wouldn't even be on my mind today. You can't kick me! I've gotten about 30 field goal worthy kicks on ya myself.
  11. Haven't you heard? Darker = better graphics. Tbh though resident evil 7 looked like shit in its intro because it was daylight. A lot of people are a fan of the franchise rather than the game. Game still sucks imo. Way better than what it was, for sure, but still sucks and not worth the 40$ asking price. Maybe after this update my view on the game will change. A lot of the stuff coming this update I've been praying for before launch, so we'll see.
  12. Good shit. I'm liking what I'm seeing. Weapon swapping and SP challenges are great additions. can't wait to toy around with them. Pretty sure we all knew it wasn't coming in April though.
  13. @wes, ya really didn't have to post this. But at least it'll quiet the masses.
  14. Level 142. Games fine as it is. Just dry and stale at the moment. The new update should breathe life into the game and provide new toys for everyone to play with. Until then I've been taking a long break from the game.
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