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  1. The update is coming.. I know it has been for a while, but it's extremely close now. Certain actions from the dev team on here, reddit, steam, and Twitter has lead me to believe so. The patterns are unmistakable. Press "X" to pay respects to our fallen comrades. Their sacrifice was for us. If I vanish next, know that it's been a blast. But I'll be back.
  2. Yeah. The only flaw is that nothings stopping a desperate counselor from swimming out to the boat and getting lucky if my attention is elsewhere.
  3. I've found a way around that. Water speed is borderline useless, even when it's a weakness. If you see the boat leaving, pop on stalk, morph to the exit, and wait. It's satisfying whenever you hear then talking shit as they're about to escape. Only to ruin their excitement and give some massive blue balls.
  4. In b4 lock I haven't come across anyone with Savini who are "dicks about it" but I'm sure they exist. I still main him. I've been called every word you can think of because I use him. But I also don't care
  5. Yeah, the pick axe kills seem odd on part 2. But I love the "my bloody valentine" inspired pick axe to the face.
  6. As much as I complain about high level unlocks, this one I agree with. ain't gonna happen though. Expect a Level 0 unlock like Roy for a desperate plea in player count.
  7. Remember when weapon swapping was supposed to be implemented on release, but was silently back peddled? Good times.
  8. I've said it many times in other threads, but I'll say it again. The best way to implement this feature, that makes everyone happy, is to have weapon swapping unlocked from the get go. Wait! I hear the mobs already. Unlock weapon swapping from the get go but you're only allowed to swap weapons for Jasons you have already unlocked. For example, you can't use part 3 with a pig splitter until you unlock part 4 Jason at level 44.
  9. I bitched about it then, too. My problem isn't the high level, it's only having high level unlocks with no meaningful mid tier rewards.
  10. A reasonable level to unlock weapon swapping isn't too much to ask. Hell, a system where each Jason you unlock also unlocks his weapon would work much better. Keep in mind that I'm a high enough level to use weapon swapping. But it's a QoL issue for everyone in the game.
  11. I agree with some of what you've said, but I also disagree with quite a bit. Either way its good to see you criticizing the game for the right reasons instead of praising it for the wrong reasons.
  12. Funny how we're still asking the same question after a year. They're still a long way off. That's for damn sure.
  13. I'm aware of the all the unlockables. My complaint is that levels 45-102 consist of unlocking different colors of the same clothing and thats it. It's not fun, it's not engaging, and it's not rewarding. Instead of Gun/Illfonic fleshing out the "banana republic" levels they continue to add rewards for levels 100+. For veterans, the high level doesn't matter. But for newcomers or people who've been playing for 2-3 months it's another slap to the face. This has all been explored in the past though. I recommend taking a quick skim through this thread if you have the time.
  14. I agree. We do need more unlockables that are worth the grind. I've just gotten used to the mediocrity.
  15. You mean like the free kick kill, disarmed, mask bash, and bloody skins? We already have enough. More mid tier unlocks, please and thank you.
  16. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to level up, wait for a double xp event and farm offline bots. Packanack small, part 8 on easy, all environmental kills. It's still a hell of a grind though. I don't have the patience for it and I'm level 140 something.
  17. More level 100+ unlocks with no substantial content inbetween. I'm excited for weapon swapping, but this is the wrong way to do it.
  18. Pretty sure you'll be able to swap weapons with whatever jasons you have unlocked. For example, you can't use a pig splitter on part 3 until you're level 44.
  19. Another day, more dissapointments. All fluff and no substance.
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