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  1. I hope the team gets back on track with frequent updates.
  2. Way better than the last one. I don't care about a trailer. I just wanted the date.
  3. Well, I'd sure as fuck hope all the features don't fit into 140 characters.
  4. Just a quick update for ya lovely peoples. Something big is coming.. expect news, or a surprise drop within the next week. Guns twitter is on fire with gifs (with zero context) and that only means one thing.
  5. No word on that. But, it is a big fucking deal and I hope it gets addressed in this update.
  6. F13: the game UTLIMATE COMBO - 7 friends - blunt/bowl/joint (personal preference) - 6 pack Good times are sure to follow.
  7. I agree. I'd rather wait for something that will work. But with the given track record it's as likely as a snowball in hell. This post is mainly so that people are aware ahead of time and not let down when the 26th rolls around. We'll still see plenty of that though.
  8. Looks like the update won't be out on the 26th. I assume they'll do something for the one year, but expect double xp and tapes. Better luck In June, I guess. Edit: SP challenges and update confirmed release date of 5/24
  9. I've seen your posts and I'd say you speak English fairly well. Happy to have ya here.
  10. Well, here we are again. It's been a long year. I'd like to take the time to welcome lurkers and new members yet again. For anyone "on the fence" about registering because of the current state of the game and forums, I understand why. This is a long dry period we're currently going through and every fan of the game is on edge, grasping for what little information they can gather. It's crazy. The forums isn't usually like this. Hopefully once this update releases we'll stop talking about bugs, and focus on future content. But I said the same thing six months ago. The forums can be a shit show. No arguments about that. But I'd like to personally invite you to front row seats. Welcome to the forums.
  11. Was wondering when you were gonna show back up. Mind toning it down a bit? I heard "Savini" Jason is on ebay if you really want him that bad. He was also available for purchase on PS4 and free on xbox one. Did you miss it? That sucks. Suck it up.
  12. Without proper engagement and little to to speculate on, most topics have been discussed before or are just general fluff and are uninteresting.
  13. I'll be sitting here patiently expecting a delay. Get well soon. TM
  14. Same. Savini with free kick is a sight to behold. I usually do it on the last alive so those who stuck around get to see something that doesn't happen every game. Host is always the last one too. It's my goal to kick them back.
  15. I'm sure it's a deadline they're trying to nail. And I'm sure that they know it's gonna be a breaking point for a lot of people if they don't make it.
  16. For the love of christ. People, he said "nah". We don't have to over analyze everything.
  17. Basement + Chainsaw = clean sweep. Plus the mori is brutal. Michael is my favorite killer to play against, but not play as.
  18. Agreed. DbD is fun for what it is and is addicting if you let it's progression system dig it's claws into you. But the killers are a joke, every game devolves into tea bagging at the exit, and fuck the hooks. Leatherface is fun to play though.
  19. I thought about this same thing. But thinking on it more, it would be hell to have the phone house marked on the map. I wasn't too happy about item parts showing up on the map, but it's something that needed to happen. Plus, when playing with a good group, you'll be happy that the phone house isn't marked. Cooperation is huge part of the game. But I do see where you're coming from.
  20. No, he's right. Everything's backwards with this team.
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