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  1. This is from the same country that banned Mortal Kombat X. Granted MKX is violent and gruesome, it still looks timid compared to F13. I hope it's not banned but they don't have a very good track record.
  2. I completely forgot about that part. For good reason too. I think i passed it with like 2% hp? it was a pain in the ass. Once you get passed it though its awesome. I replayed it last year and it surprisingly holds up today. Well, you know. Besides the rail shooter parts.
  3. Hey i found it! Anyways, if you're looking for another person to murder or be murdered by feel free to add me. Gamertag on Xbox one is the same as my username on here.
  4. Besides the eye placement bugging the hell out of me, it is a cool design.
  5. With the recent addition of both DS2 and DS3 on xbox one i'm curious about everyone's thoughts on the series. I personally loved them all. I'm a huge fan of the lore and the series. But if i had to pick, the first one would be my favorite. With the third being my least favorite. Too much action and not enough horror in that one for me. But still a decent game. What's your opinion on the series? and would you like to see a fourth?
  6. Now that is something I would like to follow.
  7. Evolve was the latest huge let down for me. The concept was great and with the left 4 dead devs at the helm i thought it'd be great. Instead we got a DLC shit storm with little content. And if you had one hunter on your team that sucked, good luck winning. So i just mained monster and obliterated everyone. THAT was fun at least but i felt bad after a while haha. I still feel burned after purchasing it for sixty bucks and now its free to play. F13 seems promising however. It's odd how the game is intentionally unbalanced yet it seems to be balanced. I think Gun and Illfonic hit the asymmetrical sweet spot. But i guess we'll find out for sure on the 26th.
  8. I completely forgot about the hidden. That reminds me of others like Zombie Panic: Source, or zombie master. I believe both of those are dead now but they were still loads of fun to play.
  9. Wasn't counter strike originally a mod? As well as team fortress if I recall right? Garrys mod is still my favorite though.
  10. You can find them here in the forums. But if ya don't feel like looking I can list them off. I promise i'm a reliable source Stalk Sense Rage Shift Morph
  11. Welcome! Feel free to add me on xbox if you would like. I'm always looking for new people to murder muahaha. Gamertag is the same as my name on here.
  12. Hello everyone! I've been stalking you all since oh, September of last year. I'm a little late making an account but oh well better late than never. But thankfully I can see all of you at camp very soon
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