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  1. New Jason Execution For level 98

    Misleading title is misleading
  2. Summer of heat is an "okay" song. Different strokes for different folks. I find it annoying. Not because of the song itself but because it's the song that plays everytime you turn on a radio. I stick around an extra couple seconds just to change the song (but most times to plays the same song again). I wish there was an RNG where a random song would play everytime.
  3. I love this game but (not a hate thread btw)

    Go random. Play for the experience and not for clothing options.
  4. Savini Jason at SP challenges

    My gif is better
  5. 1: Hosts leaving? Yes. Timeouts? maybe. 2: No
  6. Part 3 is my favorite film and he works perfectly as a starter Jason. @J.J. nice job making an actual discussion thread.
  7. @ShiftySamurai just have a couple questions. Will Savini have a light and heavy skin? Or is it just the mid bloody skin? Is rain still disabled on xbox one? Thanks in advance.
  8. While I agree with you, this thread is just gonna turn into the same thing. @Kodiak a lock would be appreciated.
  9. Seriously

    Meh. People make mistakes.
  10. This Thread Is Done

    Them taking a 2-3 month span of no updates to focus on a critical part of gameplay is fine by me. If the balance was still fucked up then you'd hear me complaining.
  11. It's happening!!! I have been waiting a long time for this. I never thought they'd make a sequel to JP:OG (one of my favorite games) and this successor is bound to surpass it. Updated graphics, hybrids, legendary musical score, etc. I hope there's a visitor or first person mode as well. It'd be nice to explore the park you created, as well as see the dinosaurs to scale. I just hope they put more of an emphasis on the dangers of a dino breaking out. Judging from the trailer that just might be the case.
  12. No. I have no idea what the guys talking about. They need to fix combat for "savini" though. I'm tired of smacking people on the head with a pitchfork that misses 90% of the time. Combat stance is no better.
  13. But that's too simple and has positive effects on the game.
  14. Savini Jason kill pack

    Bruh. There's another topic on this literally on the first page.
  15. I'd normally agree with you here, but Kane has some more pitchfork kills during randys last mocap stream. I wouldn't mind a free SJ kill pack for the bungling of his exclusivity.
  16. Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    Par for the course.
  17. Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    Yall should have just been straight forward from the begining and slapped a big fat "early access" sticker on the game. Now we play the waiting game, again.
  18. Roy is real Jason Father?

    @Kodiak a move to all things horror would be appreciated.
  19. Update to Virtual Cabin 1.0

    Nah. I doubt we'll even see Roy in 2.0 someday.
  20. Are you gonna turn every thread into another "Savini" argument? Drop it
  21. And with one word, you've given us hope.