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  1. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Unlockables kills > DLC kills
  2. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Cool. All looks good. Hopefully we can get a more balance oriented patch next time around.
  3. Jurassic World 2 : Fallen Kingdom

    Anything with dinosaurs and I'm sold.
  4. Spamming Sense

    I've done this since release and never considered it an exploit. I'd toggle sense on,don't see shit, then I just turn it off for a shorter cooldown. Then pop it right back on after a shift or morph.
  5. Here's the images. I wanna say it's a glitch but the face in the last photo doesn't look like anything I've seen. The mask as well. What's everyone else's thoughts?
  6. Imo, @Randygbk doesn't play the game enough to know what the balance is currently like. Either that, or refused to acknowledge what was happening in front of him. "Powerhouse" Jason is gone. Guess we'll have to get used to being a walking pinata.
  7. You ruined Jason

    Yeah, I still 8/8 as well but even I can see Jason needs reworks. It's more complicated than "git gud".
  8. You ruined Jason

    Another "Jason sucks" thread. While you may be right, there's threads on this subject in the double digits.
  9. A part of me hopes the new update comes soon. Another part of me wants it delayed because i know they'll just fuck it up more.
  10. start saving up?

    They're telling us to start saving up now? What did they expect us to keep doing with the CP, rolling perks?
  11. The basically sold people an empty box for PC physical.
  12. Thank You From The IllFonic Team

    Yeah, congrats I guess. Now fix the game.
  13. Relax. Everything's fine! It won indie game of the year, so it must mean everything with the game is peachy keen and fantastic. In all seriousness though. As @Brigadius said, it must have been a shitty year.
  14. Actually, that was promised during development. Simple "oversight"
  15. Countdown to lock. Need new info on it soon though.
  16. How does one delete a post?

    Pretty sure you can't delete a post. Only mods can.
  17. Were you in a game with me by chance? That's my outfit and Jason selection to the T. It just so happens I'm also 101. The shirt and shoes are backer clothing. The leggings and skirt are physical exclusive.
  18. Finally earning exp and my level is slowly increasing. Hasn't hit 102 yet but it's getting there. And before anyone asks, there's no extra goodies yet. Just the level increase.
  19. The rains great but I'd rather not have it at the cost of performance. FPS drops with lag spikes in the same match is a total nightmare.
  20. Hotfix - 11.16.17

    Hopefully worthwhile official news coming from the devs themselves will attract new people to the forums. I've had a suspicion that the lack of dev interaction is why the forums barely break 50 active users at any given time. That's great news @[IllFonic]Courier. Greatly appreciated.
  21. Idk how you did that since the host leaves every fucking game. Good thing I have reliable players to go to after this next patch.
  22. Would you use this Perk?

    No. If any perk allows you to start with a pocket knife it'll throw whatever balance is left in the garbage disposal.
  23. That's what I've heard. Personally I've always had mine set to Jason so I can't comment on it. However, I've seen that the new guy is usually Jason more often than not. Someone will get a go as Jason twice before me.
  24. Girl hopped on for some quickplay matches and noticed we were gaining xp. I'm still on a hiatus until next patch, she doesn't really give a fuck though since she mains counselor.