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  1. lHeartBreakerl

    Questions About Future Content

    Time to take old yeller out to the field. It was fun while it lasted. July 13th may be the last time I touch the game after all. Such a shame..
  2. lHeartBreakerl

    State of the Game - Critical Issue Update

    Funny. The community has been asking for exactly this since may of last year. Good to see it finally happening. It's a shame that it's most likely too little too late.
  3. I'll be on. I assume it'll be my last play session for a long, long time. It'll be bitter sweet.
  4. lHeartBreakerl

    The End

    BoB, a lot of people here won't miss you but many more will. You've been here since pretty much the beginning and have constantly interacted with the community. Not many developers fail to recognize crucial members, but if anyone here deserves recogniton it'd be you. Enough flattering. It's a shame things turned out this way. Feels like forever ago we were talking about how we were excited to talk about new content instead of the bugs and glitches, but the conversation never evolved beyond that. You and @Brigadius bullshit banishments really pissed me off. All in an attempt to silence high profile members before a game breaking patch. But I guess we saw how well that worked out for them I hope to still see you on here from time to time. Place wouldn't feel right without you. Take care man.
  5. There should be more horror games based off of these amazing franchises. Just keep Gun and illfonics grubby little fingers away from it.
  6. lHeartBreakerl

    We're Still Here

    "Friday the 13th the game cancels all future dlc because of lawsuit." - any article "Yep.. that outta do it." - Sgt. Brodski - Jason X
  7. lHeartBreakerl

    Double xp

    Shit, at this point double xp may as well be permanent for the forseeable future.
  8. Hopefully a good Samaritan posts another link.
  9. lHeartBreakerl

    Client Side Save Patch for Consoles??

    Every game inevitably dies. I dont think we were expecting it this soon though. Hopefully this isn't the "end all be all" of F13 games and we get another with a similar concept but with different studios manning the helm. But that's wishful thinking. After all, the last game was on the NES.
  10. Short answer: No Long answer: Hell No
  11. lHeartBreakerl

    We're Still Here

    I admire the enthusiasm and dedication. Unfortuantely, I can't bring myself to play the game currently. Here's to hoping this all blows over. If you need me, I'll be building Jurassic Park.
  12. lHeartBreakerl

    Client Side Save Patch for Consoles??

    I don't know. Devs are in full defense mode deleting posts that criticize them. "Operation blame miller" is in full force and it seems to be working. Don't get me wrong, miller is to blame, but let's not pretend Gun/Illfonic is the victim. Off topic from your OP, but needs to be said.
  13. lHeartBreakerl

    Legal Claim and the Road Ahead

    This community astounds me sometimes. "All content now and future has been canceled" is a polite way of saying that the game is dead. But there's still some people..
  14. lHeartBreakerl

    Is the Game over now?

    That's the best thing to come from this game. I've met some of the most genuine, honest, and kind people through this community and it's the only thing I'm truly thankful for from this game.