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  1. Right off the top of my head, Wasteland 2 was upgraded from Unity 4.5 to 5.0.
  2. I'm not suggesting making them as rare as pocket knives, but I would like to see them toned down just a little bit more. Mainly what I'd like to see changed is how they are spawned. For example, machetes are still rare, but are spawned more often at campsites than in cabins. Wrenches can more likely be found at the boathouse and workshed. If you want an axe, check around wood piles, etc. My point is: weapons should spawn less in cabins, and more outside, at campsites, and in special buildings (boathouse, shed, main cabin, restroom, etc). Defensive items (spray, firecrackers, etc) and repair items should spawn in the cabins. Pots are fine in kitchens, firepokers are fine near fireplaces, and firearms spawn in main cabins, for example. This way, you're encouraged to scour the whole map if you want offense, defense, and repair items. Right now, cabins are one-stop shop for anything you need. You see this sort of item spawning already in the game: medsprays usually appear in the restrooms, pots in kitchens, axe in Jason's cabin. I'm suggesting, why not expand this more and include more key areas on the map, and include more weapons with it.
  3. It's definitely a step in the right direction, but I think more can (always) be done to improve gameplay and balance issues. I still feel that there are too many weapons. I'd like to see them toned down just a little more. They're still plentiful, although I have noticed that machetes are fewer in number. Wrenches still seem to be commonplace, at least in the matches I played. I didn't find a single pocket knife tonight... and I'm happy about that. I saw others in my sessions find a few, but I'm glad they toned down the spawn rate for them. Overall, I'm glad Jason got buffed... the games I played didn't have as much trolling or Jason hunting. It was just players playing the game, having fun and trying to escape. The ones that tried to fight Jason usually died in the process (a Tiff/Chad team did do quite a number on him, but I get it will happen from time to time). Reminds me of the early days of the game, when encountering Jason actually got my adrenaline pumping. I like the Pinehurst map... but I dislike Roy. Map seemed authentic, and I could easily recognize key location from the film. Roy is probably my least favorite Jason. Besides the fact that he is Roy (and I dislike Roy), the shears were a bad choice for a weapon, IMHO. Bashing doors and power generators with garden shears is ridiculous. Plus, the shears reuse the axe/machete animations instead of having custom animations, which seems lazy to me. The kills are ho-hum... I think they could have done a better job with those. Too cartoony, IMHO. TL;DR... Jason buffs and counselor nerfs are a step in the right direction, but more can be done in the same vein. Pinehurst map is cool, but I dislike Roy. Overall, good job on the patch.
  4. I dislike Roy, but I like the Pinehurst map. The garden shears were a poor choice for a weapon. I get they were used in the film, but something more practical could have been used. I think what bothers me about the shears is that they use the axe/machete animations. Watching Roy break down a door by bashing the shears against it is goofy. Plus, I don't like how he is able to disassemble the shears for his kills. Might as well of given him two hand sickles. The kill where he chops off your arms with the shears is also ridiculous. Reminds me of a Mortal Kombat fatality. Roy probably has the best chase music IMHO. Definitely adds to the Friday the 13th immersion experience. As far as actually playing him... I only used him against the bots, but I think he strikes a nice balance. I'm not sure if he's actually a little faster than the rest of the Jasons, but he certainly feels that way. I like the ending scene when he walks away. Definitely better than returning home to Mother. It's still a little weird starting a Roy match in the cabin, but I get that it would take a lot more time and resources to create a custom starting point just for one Jason. One thing that bothers me about the Pinehurst map is that there is no loft in the barn. But other than that, I think it's a really unique map, and I like the layout.
  5. Sounds like a step in the right direction. Looking forward to these item changes, along with the Jason buffs. Hopefully they're nailing down the balance issues with these changes.
  6. For someone who isn't a good Jason, this gives me excellent practice. The bots act smarter than I anticipated, even though they do make some dumb mistakes. My observations: - They know how to effectively use ranged weapons. - They will sometimes hide in the same cabin as a group. - They will try and repair things. - They sometimes get stuck on terrain or obstacles and run in place. - Sometimes they just stand there. - Chad was actually juking me one time. It actually felt like a human player. He was trying to maneuver behind me to attack. I eventually grabbed him. Overall, it was pretty fun. And I noticed you get XP and CP as well.
  7. I guess I'm unlucky. Most times I play, I'm usually the first to die. Either Jason decides to morph outside the cabin I'm in, or I'm spawned in the cabin with the phone box or near the car. I'll usually die within the first few minutes. If I survive longer than that I usually have a good chance of survival. I chalk it up to a combination of bad luck and not being a good councilor.
  8. I mute people if they... 1) Are a squeaker 2) Are playing music 3) Are mouth-breathers 4) Do nothing but swear and/or say racial slurs 5) Have nothing meaningful to say and still won't shut up the entire time ... so basically, I mute just about the entire lobby. Every session.
  9. The grab definitely needs more work, IMHO. I agree that before the grab reach was a bit too far, but Gun seems to have over compensated for it and make it too short. My suggestion is if you're going to keep the current grab distance, make it so that if you're within grab distance from Jason, your fear meter start to rapidly increase. I could see Tommy being immune to this, but not a bunch of scared councilors. Otherwise, the idea of inverting his grab "cone" (which was mentioned in another post) seems like a reasonable fix/update.
  10. The biggest gripe I have is seeing the dropped spare parts on the main map. It makes it too easy to skirt around Jason, collect all the needed parts, fix whatever needs fixed and get out. I'd like to see this feature removed, but as a compromise keep the parts visible on the mini-map only. I'd also like to see the ring-around-the-rosie shit go, too. Had to watch a couple councilors play this game with Jason around the car this weekend; one guy was running around the car for about 5 minutes. I'd like to see some kind of waypoint system around objects like cars, tables, etc, that if you trigger more than one in rapid succession (ie; running around in circles), that the councilor trips and falls flat on their face.
  11. My thoughts (and mine alone): What I like about the patch: - I'm glad trap stacking is gone. In fact, I'd actually prefer if Jason had LESS traps all around... in exchange, his traps should do more damage. Or, let Jason keep the amount of traps he has, but only let him deploy one trap at a time (until that trap is sprung). This will force Jason to think more strategically (do I trap the phone fuze box, or the car?). If his traps are beefed up to do more damage (and potentially kill weaker councilors) than I feel this could balance out. - Tommy having a more definitive role in the game. Tommy's job SHOULD be to hunt/kill Jason and/or help the other councilors escape. I like the XP gains he gets for helping other councilors... I think more can be expanded on this role in future patches (added XP for actually escorting councilors to safety, double XP for killing Jason, etc) What I dislike about the patch: - Seeing spare parts on the map. I get Gun is trying to thwart trolling, but showing you where dropped items are at on the map sorta kills the "survival" aspect of a survival horror game, in my opinion. In fact, I'd actually prefer NOT to see dropped items AND councilor blips on the map (mini-map is OK, though). The map should strictly be used for councilors getting a bearing on where you are at on the map, not to see where other councilors are at, where the cops spawn, where dropped items are, etc. Like I said, I think the mini-map should be used for this (because you are in close proximity). Will this make the game harder? Yes, but this should be a "survival" game first. - Nerfing Jason's grab. I don't like playing as Jason. But, since last night I was able to run up to Jason and take pot shots at him much easier than before this patch was released. You could see Jason trying to grab me, but I was able to evade his grasp. Honestly, people shouldn't be so brazen to run up to a killer like Jason and take him head-on, unless it was a life-or-death fight. Fighting Jason should be a last resort... not taking shots at him just to troll the Jason player; he has enough to deal with as it is.
  12. Sometimes I get a legit adrenaline rush when playing as a councilor. I guess it's the whole fight-or-flight thing. That doesn't happen with me as Jason; playing as him just feels tedious. So, I switched my spawn to councilors a few months ago, and haven't played as Jason in since. I recently unlocked Part 9 and haven't even played as him.
  13. I just had the same problem (PS4) for the last 20 minutes or so. PS4 starts updating, then stops and gives error message. Edit: Thought I had it.. downloaded about 500mb, then it quit. Back to square one. Edit 2: Finally got it. Spammed the hell out of the resume button.
  14. I don't like banning team killing all together; I think it's a knee jerk reaction that could be solved a little more eloquently. We shouldn't punish the whole for the actions of a few. Being able to kill fellow councilors (accidentally) is a core feature of the game (survival). Instead, I would propose: 1) First offense:. -1000XP 2) Second offence: In addition to the -1000 XP, randomly take away a perk from the offender. 3) Third offense: Restrict the player to only being able to select a unique "dunce" councilor. The councilor should look the part and have a dunce cap, have low stats that make it extremely difficult to survive a game (1's across the board), etc. This special character will not be able to use weapons to harm other councilors, but can be harmed by other councilors (in case the dunce is hoarding car parts, etc). Councilors that kill a Dunce will not incur a penalty (you only incur penalties for killing regular councilors). After a probationary period of time as a Dunce (weeks/months), the player can use regular councilors again. 4) Fourth offense: Perma-ban. I think handling it this way won't punish all councilors, but only the few who abuse the ability to kill other players (ie; intentionally, not accidentally). Also doing it this way will clearly identify who is branded a TK, so others can be wary and keep an eye on them.
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