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  1. Is it me or since the update it's been even harder to break free from being grabbed now?! It's ridiculous. It's literally grab once and youre dead, no matter who you are. Even those with 10 composure.
  2. I don't know if this happens to anyone else on Xbox One but multiple times I've been playing a match and then all of a sudden just get thrown to the Xbox Dashboard. It just closes the whole game and throws you to the dashboard.
  3. This is the one thing about the game that pisses me off. It's literally so unfair, if he grabs you just once and you haven't got a pocket knife you're dead. Sometimes he grabs you and you have time to break free but other times he grabs you and executes you near enough instantly, I don't know how they've made this work but it's wrong. I think it should be worked out by how injured the counsellor is, I think if your not damaged at all you should always be able to break through and the more damaged you are the harder it is, this will encourage Jason to melee you before he starts going around grabbing. It's so unfair to not even be injured and then 3 mins into the match you get instant killed from one grab. I did put this in the feedback form after the beta but they obviously didn't listen lol
  4. Really? I'm so pissed off. I've just come home from a 9 hour day at work, rushed back to play it and now it doesn't work haha. Just my luck, been dying to play it
  5. Is anyone just getting a message saying database login failure on Xbox one. Can't even get into the menus
  6. Yeah, I'm not sure why you said that? Haha i was just having a discussion with a few other people on the previous page about how he's killed and then I just thought I would mention it's not a mission of mine anyway, if it lines up to happen I will try to make it happen but apart from that I'm not gonna actively go out of my way to do it. You're a cool guy, so sorry if I made you feel I was being negative about something
  7. I'm not missing any point? I'm just saying killing Jason isn't gonna be a mission of mine now that we know how it's done. Just saying that because people are now saying that there's no reason to be a guy now but I'm just saying that doesn't count for me as killing him won't be an intended mission of mine all the time. I'm not speaking on other people's behalf and telling them they shouldn't also do that so I'm not raising a point... I've given my opinion on the Jason kill earlier on. Can I not state that it won't be a mission of mine to kill Jason in a post about killing Jason?
  8. It's not all about killing him to me anyway, would much rather escape. The game shouldn't now all be about killing him. Gets a bit boring. Once or twice every so often is fun but not all the time, I wouldn't want my focus every match to be about trying to kill him
  9. Yeah pretty much. It's gonna be hard to do in a proper match because even if you do have the sweater somebody needs to be Tommy Jarvis, they need to find the machete and then they need to find and team up with the person who has the sweater. That's gonna be hard to organise and plan in a serious match. But once you have those things and you're together it seems easy lol. Well just as long as he goes to attack the counsellor in the sweater first and not Tommy Jarvis lol. If you're Jason just cut the power so Tommy can't be called. If he can't be called you can't be killed
  10. Yeah it definitely is. Been watching streams all day at work and watched the same group of people kill him over and over again just to show everyone and they needed Tommy Jarvis with a machete. If you tried without him you get to the part of bringing him to his knees and then nothing would happen.
  11. Unless maybe there is another way to kill him... Opening up a can of worms here haha
  12. What i find bizarre is the devs said he could be killed in the beta but you need to use the sweater in order to kill him and in the beta you couldn't pick up the sweater so fuck knows why they said Jason could be killed in the beta lol
  13. Guys you're missing a key detail. The person who delivers the final blow has to be Tommy Jarvis and he has to be wielding a machete. So its knock the mask off, stun with the sweater, hit him to his knees and then have Tommy Jarvis execute him with the machete. You need all those things in order to do it.
  14. I've noticed that when playing as Jason, when a counsellor makes noise he can see all the sounds blips now without entering sense mode. There's just sounds blips showing up everywhere lol. I'm sure before you could only see them in sense mode right? And that the flare gun replaces your weapon, it doesn't use up an item slot anymore.
  15. I didn't ask? I know why we're not, just stating that it would have been nice given the fact nearly 100 other people have.
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