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  1. you have to position yourself well. closing it inside a house? stand nearest to the doorknob; perhaps a little bit in front of it near the side of the door.
  2. hopefully by the sims you mean the sims 3, with presets but also sliders. something like the sims 1 would be lacking, and the sims 2 would be almost there. a creator like sims 4 would require LOTS of money and time. personally i'd be fine with preset faces or parts of the face but only if it came with some sliders; including body (leg length, leg thickness, waist, shoulders, butt, maybe even feet)
  3. her body looks fine imo. her back isn't as arched as tiffany. she doesn't have skinny chicken legs like vanessa or aj. maybe if they smoothed and made her cheeks fuller, added some volume to her hair, then she'd look better. but i think they should fix vanessa and aj's legs first, then buggzy's face, then jenny's head.
  4. all i'm thinking about is all the money.. gun would need to: -create new props, clothes, animations (kills+ sprinting through snow is not the same as sprinting through grass), effects, etc
  5. Composure: 6/10. Depression helped numb me but I'm not totally emotionless/don't react to things. Luck: 1/10. If I tried to stun Jason in real life? I'd be dead. Repair: 6/10. Just a little bit above average. Speed: 7/10. Relatively fast, but not crazy like Vanes(s)a. Stamina: 5/10. I can barely run a mile. Stealth: 8/10. I'm pretty good at being quiet. Strength: 1/10. Once again, nope. I could never stun Jason in real life.
  6. it's most likely bound to happen- trolls are almost impossible to avoid. i like the idea of a car radio (t0p..............), but it could also be used to troll i guess. i'm also surprised no one has commented about this yet either. thanks for your comment.
  7. (already searched the forums for duplicate threads.) this is probably not gonna be implemented into the game but the jukebox, usually in higgins house thing? what if you could carry it? such as, going into a bathroom and turning it on, then closing the door; making it seem like there's a loud counselor in there- giving you time to escape from jason. not only that, but if you could carry the jukebox and then set it down in preset locations, such as in a bathtub or on a certain desk with an animation already in the game (such as a drop item animation). that would probably save the time instead of creating animations. please leave feedback!
  8. hi i'm kyle and i like friday the 13th lol i watched like most of the movies. ingame i think i'll play a scavenger person. i think i'd play aj mason first even though i like fast characters; then i'd play tiffany once i get to level 18 (probably gonna take 3 years). i'm building a computer within the new few weeks just so i can play this game, and max out other games that i couldn't even run before (intel i3-2100 and integrated intel hd graphics 2000 to amd fx-8350 and rx-480 8gb). even though i have the worst internet that could exist, ever, i'll manage i guess. looking forward to playing with my sister. if i have to be jason i'll be part 2 or 3 just because they can run. anyway, that's it. bye
  9. it looks like it's bigger in that pic, i think it might just be in the angle that the game is played in?
  10. Hello, before I start this message (suggestion??), I'd like to state that I've already searched the forum for similar topics. The only ones containing "vanessa, body" "vanessa, legs" etc. were ships?? and mentions about her speed. mod(s), Please lock this thread if there's another thread or if this has already been fixed. So, with that out of the way.. I think Vanessa's legs are too slim for her body. As an athletic person, she should have muscular legs for short or long-distance running/sprinting. Her legs look dwarfed by her behind (in my opinion). If her leg mass was increased slightly, her body would look realistic. Because her strength is 4/10? I think, she'd benefit from slightly bigger or muscular legs. thank you taking the time to read this message.
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