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  1. He's weak on objective control, but the changes have made him more pleasurable to play. The Shift improvement gives him some over-ground mobility. Weapon Damage is a rather "meh" attribute if the counselors aren't swimming in pocket knives, but it gives him a better chance to hobble them. He is average...a vast improvement over his previous status. That will do.
  2. Thanks for the info! I'm very busy right now and haven't had much time to do anything with the update. I jumped on last night played a brief amount of time to check out the challenges and was off to bed. Hopefully, this weekend will be more fruitful. I'll try to get some of the page information fixed up when I have more time. EDIT: 5/25/2018 1. Removed Hit Detection Profile lines from Jason reviews. 2. Updated Part 7. 3. Updated Part 5.
  3. Drop rates are not given. I'd guess aquanaut is about 10% though.....?
  4. I did some photogrammetry calculations on this in a different thread awhile back using the in-game scale rendered. Jason is 6'3" - 6'4" in-game. Counselors all stand about 5'6" - 5'7" tall. The mocap stunt people were short and Kane is his normal height with his patented platform boots. ?
  5. Victoria Sterling – Counselor Overview The mean girl. Inspired by Melissa from Friday the 13th Part VII, the snobby bitch of your dreams brings another dimension to F13 the Game. Composure: 4 Luck: 8 Repair: 3 Speed: 4 Stamina: 7 Stealth: 7 Strength: 2 Pushing Advantages: Vicky rocks some of the best Luck in the game. This stat grants numerous small bonuses and will allow her to make better use of melee weapons. A respectable Stamina and Stealth of 7, each, will offer a bit of breathing room early in a match to avoid detection and/or get away if she does come under Jason’s scrutiny. Late in the match, a massive Stamina pool is always welcome if you can keep her composed. Mitigating Weaknesses: Vicky comes with an nasty mix of bad Composure, Repair, Speed, and Strength. Her Speed and Stealth are aligned more with the design of a fixer, but she lacks severely in that regard. She is absent of real hitting power for the purpose of de-masking. Her most effective play style will likely be very niche – watching people’s back. Your best bet will be to perform in a roll similar to Chad. She has the Luck to make a weapon last and the Stamina to run like hell if need be (albeit more like a turtle than a rabbit). Vicky is suited for those who want to engage Jason for short duration and be a guardian. She can fight, but her bad Composure means she’ll gain Fear quickly. This is horrible for her great Stamina pool. Losing Stamina regeneration speed could be crippling. Keep your engagements with Jason brief. Hit and run. Make use of hiding spots to top your Stamina off when your Fear is high and mitigate its effects. Protect fixers while they make repairs. Ambush Jason to prevent him from making a kill. Melissa is designed in a way that she makes an excellent escort. She is quiet enough, and potentially scrappy enough, to be a harasser/bodyguard for other slow and more vulnerable counselors. While she can kite decently enough while her Composure is low, don’t make the mistake of thinking she’ll work like Vanessa. Run to save your butt, but avoid taking Jason on a Tour de Crystal Lake. If he persistently dogs you, that Composure will cause a cascade of problems for your well-being. Also don’t forget that Vicky can wear the sweater AND fight. Not a bad choice for a sweater girl. Basic Strategy: 1. Manage your Fear. It is the enemy of one of your greatest attributes (Stamina). 2. Protect and flee. Vicky is built to guard. She can serve other roles, of course, but don’t lose sight of what she is tailored for. 3. Pick weapons with a high stun chance. There really is no point in using her to try to de-mask Jason even though she can fight. Her Strength works against you in this regard. Use her to knock the chevrons off his mask and leave him staggered. Then get the hell out of there. 4. Window hop for Stamina bumps. Drop into hiding spots for Stamina top offs. Use stun n’ run tactics on Jason to keep yourself ready to move. Top 10 Suggested Perk Choices (no particular order of significance): 1. Thick Skin 2. My Dad’s a Cop 3. Restful 4. Medic 5. Marathon 6. Sucker Punch 7. Homebody 8. Man at Arms 9. Night Owl 10. Man at Arms **This is by no means a definitive way to play Victoria, but it can get you started on an effective set-up and allow you to figure out your own playstyle. Thanks for stopping by and best of luck as always.
  6. Yeah. They do have a habit of sneaking in stealth changes. If there is anything wonky I'll have you double check.
  7. Nah....Just some babbling about a tee-shirt and random Wizard of Oz quotes.
  8. Once the update drops on 5/24 I'm going to be doing some updates to the Playbook. On the agenda: 1. Update J7's stats and overview. 2. Have a look at J5's stats considering there seems to have been a bug regarding his Shift. 3. Do up a counselor overview for Victoria. 4. Assess how weapon swap affects weapon speeds. (i.e. is the speed tied to the weapon or the Jason)
  9. Getting a message from the other side....its from @Brigadius. He says, "invulnerability frames won't fix rubberbanding...because it is a desync issue. Check your coding....check yoooouuuurrr coooodding....." Dammit. I've lost him. He also says to say "hi" to Ben. Overall. I'm glad to see they've made some forward progress. Looking forward to seeing how the update plays.
  10. They had said some issues couldn't be fixed without an engine upgrade. I'm interested very much on what they tackled. All the other stuff is fine, but show me the polish.
  11. Bug fixes are really the only thing I care about....and Part 7 improvements.
  12. Preach. It is almost always the case I'm at work for a release, on some sort of out of town family event, sick, or have been "tasked" for other things by the wife without advance notice. On release day, it looks like I'm working all day then taking my in-laws to the airport in Tucson (over an hour away). SMH....
  13. I'm generally not a practitioner of trench warfare. I prefer to knock down the 50m target and move on to others. A hostile stalemate with "no man's land" in between seems so early 1900's. ?
  14. I'm rather surprised this chatter is still continuing. I think everyone has made their view point pretty clear. It is a divisive subject, but beyond that not too many folk's minds are going to be changed. Is there nothing else worth chatting about?
  15. Come back to Xbox dude. You know you've always got a spot to have a go with us.
  16. We'll see what happens. I'll try to get on Saturday. I doubt Thursday because it will probably take forever to download the whole damn game again for the update.
  17. As much as we want it for the anniversary, I'm more concerned they get it right. Fix bugs, make sure they use extra polish. I'll be disappointed if we don't get it this week, but I don't want a turd in a bow. Make it good. When they got that, drop it.
  18. Paintball players were killed in daylight in Part 6. Banana hitchhiker in Part 4 dies during the day. Jason has quite a few day kills.
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