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  1. Well, he is referring to Battlefield 5 but it does offer an interesting insight into his own professional state of mind. He is right of course. Creators do make what THEY envision. I doubt Wes' vision is of a bug-riddled game suffering a slow death by a thousand cuts. Poor coding and inept business choices are handling that for him. His obstinate approach to things and thin-skin for criticism aren't helping his cause. I will give him props for his awesome villain mustache. ?
  2. I'm not that special. Just another one of many voices expressing my point of view. I suppose on the upside they don't have that special kind of hate-boner for me that they do for @bewareofbears and @Brigadius (yet). @AldermachXI has decided he is disinclined to provide further feedback for the moment. I can't say I blame him. As @BrokenFattHardy noted, I try not go full nuclear and prevent a catastrophic f-bomb detonation. Trust me, it's not because I'm incapable of that but I do feel when the Devs hear that, they tend to start tuning it out. Then whatever you say tends to lead only to the ban hammer regardless of intent or humor. For my part, I've done quite enough to try to help folks here (the Devs included). I continue to help when so inclined. If they banned me, it would be of little consequence. I'm neither indispensable or beyond reproach; but I've done my best. I'm good with that come what may. I have chatted about non-game and game related stuff with Shifty on the side. I assure you that he doesn't tell me anything he doesn't tell anybody else here on the forums/twitter/discord/etc.. Again, I'm not special. He is a nice guy doing his job to the best of my reckoning.
  3. It has been explained before why FvJ and Remake are not in the game. There is a fight between Paramount and New Line Cinema regarding distribution rights. The legal proceedings are still underway. Gun will not add them into the game and potentially get drawn into the dispute. They will wait until it is sorted out. There is also a legal battle going on between Miller (screen writer of the original movie) and Sean Cunningham over rights - though this is unlikely to affect the game. These Jasons are basically off limits until there is a light at the end of the legal tunnel. I think most players would like to seem them in the game at some point, but that point is probably at least a year away...if not more.
  4. Well here we are again around the Crystal Lake campfire roasting Devs over the fire and telling horror stories about a game that supposedly died because they weren’t watching it… If you’ve been on the forums, these are the typical tales of woe and despair we have come to associate with each patch/update. I’m not intent on making that kind of post. I will simply, as I’ve done before, provide some completely unsolicited observations. The new engine is out, running Unreal 4.18, and she isn’t exactly purring like a kitten. Sputtering and backfiring like a jalopy is a bit more apt. Now this is not to say that the game is unplayable; that would be a rather crude assessment and more driven by frustration than fact. It is probably better to say that, given the time frame, most people expected a level of polish at least equivalent to what was replaced. Things that I personally like: 1. The lighting is quite well done. The dark and foreboding atmosphere is most welcome. You really feel like you’d better turn on that flashlight when alone in the woods. I know a few folks are not thrilled with the change, but overall, I think it is for the betterment of the game. 2. The SP Challenges are fun and a nice little tribute to the movies. They are also mostly bug free. 3. The new grab looks good and gives a little “umph” to Jason’s overall feel. You definitely have to be more on point to tag a counselor though. The sloppy wobble catches don’t fly. If you do change it at all, I’d suggest slightly widening the end of the cone; no wider than Jason’s shoulders. 4. Getting rid of door combat is a good choice for the overall feel of what the game is about. 5. Improved AI on SP bots matches. It’s not great, but it has improved. Keep working on it and I’m sure they will get to be respectable soon enough. Then maybe you won’t have to give them extra pocket knives to survive. 6. The game seems to be a bit smoother (at least on Xbox where I play). Glad to see the rain back for us Xbox bottom-dwellers as well. 7. Weapon swapping and key binding for PC are great. Not going to get into the unlock level debate with this, but know that bad choices were made. Things that I’m less than thrilled with: 1. For the love of all that is holy, why do we still have bugs from launch? 2. Why do we still have the rubber-band glitch? It wasn’t a launch bug and was introduced with a later content update. Can you not find the line(s) of code that cause the issue and remedy it? Did you not save older builds of the game for reference? I’m not a programmer myself, so I would hope you don’t have to sacrifice a chicken over the server and read portends in the entrails. That would be my solution since I lack coding know-how… 3. I find your lack of play-testing disturbing. Seriously, if myself and a couple buddies can find a bunch of new bugs in about 3 hours of online MP games, how the hell can you not have noticed them in-house and sorted the issue after months with the game update in hand? There have to be more than 7-8 of you guys playing the game (the amount of folks we have in a MP lobby). I also suspect they have less hair and eat less bananas than the average monkey…so communication and intelligence shouldn’t be a problem. Even 6 shots of vodka in the other night, I still had enough brain cells firing to have it occur to me, “hey, something’s not right here! :::takes another shot::: Well wadda ya know….looks so much better now! *hic*” Come on guys, this is the most heartbreaking thing you keep doing. Not fixing old bugs and adding new bugs. You consistently provide amazing new additions (i.e. cool maps, Jasons, and whatnot), then promptly sully the mood by not using polish to clean up what you’ve already got going for you. Stop it! Other thoughts: We are a year into this now. The “we’re a small team” excuse doesn’t fly (though counselors still do sometimes). Wes’ statement that there are a bunch of armchair developers out there doesn’t fly. The players (your customers) know what they want. The developers (i.e. programmers/engineers) should figure out how to make stuff work regardless of whose idea it was. We pitch ideas your way that might be cool or improve the game (like armchair designers – Wes’ job). Perhaps we should buy a couch so we can all sit on it and pitch ideas at the wall? Nah, we’d never agree on where it should be in the room to have the best possible view of the TV. I’m sure Wes is partial to his spot… The game is generally good. It has potential. It has dedicated fans. It needs TLC…and dedicated servers on consoles. That brings me to the whole question of why the wait for dedicated servers? PC ran with dedicated servers since launch on the old engine (Unreal 4.14). The excuse that the engine needed an upgrade to get them is a bit “weak”. The excuse that the engine needed to be upgraded to fix certain bugs is also a bit “weak”. What bugs did you fix that we haven’t already been discussing on the forums? Nobody has really noticed; just saying. Door combat also doesn’t count since you guys previously said it wasn’t an exploit so not really a bug of note eh? Perhaps Illfonic just figured it would wrangle a new version of Unreal to support its expansion efforts? Nice little pad in Tacoma guys. Please don’t let whoever chose the color patterns for Victoria’s clothing pick out the drapes or paint the place. I’ll close with this. 1. You need to be getting hot fixes out to patch bugs. Fix a few (for sure) and patch. Don’t wait for some damn major content to push with it. Do the best you can and SEND IT. If this has to happen a couple of times to make everything better; that is totally cool – do it. Save big content (i.e. maps, Jasons, modes, challenges, etc.) until you iron out other issues with the existing content complex. 2. Keep up the good communication. Shifty you the man. Thanks for dealing with us. 3. Play test. Granted all of us hairless chimps are here, but I’d prefer we find the minor or extremely rare stuff. Not fling poo at you because of all the obvious stuff. I’ll sign off with this. I love the game. I love my dog. If I can’t stop my dog from suffering, I’d put her down. You need to decide if you can stop the game from suffering…
  5. Some of my favorites are definitely with the pig-splitter.
  6. I don't have an issue with windows. Door combat was more of a clipping issue and it disrupted the whole "cat and mouse" aspect of the game by slowing down Jason while he is trying to pressure counselors. That is what the bear traps/insta-stun weapons (flare gun and shotgun) are for. Jason can't climb through a window or pressure a counselor much besides throwing a knife through the opening. It's pretty much a non-issue by any measure.
  7. A little curious how it's better than the machete? Do you mean the kills?
  8. Saw the title...now "Sweet Child O' Mine " is playing in my head on repeat...?
  9. Payday is a few days off. I'll see what I can do when the funds get here. Keep your chin up. It's a temporary rough patch in the road.
  10. It's possible. I didn't get him until I was selected to be him by Zany. My preference is currently set to Jason.
  11. Good to know. It is possible they have set them and I have not entered through the right door yet. Lol.
  12. There are plenty of new bugs to be sure. Window hanging glitch is rather annoying if you have no weapon/interaction prompt nearby to get you out of it. Happened to me 7 times last night. To this day, I've only had the rubber banding glitch happen to me 3 times. I suppose those who spend more time trying to drive the car notice it more. It is a horrible bug that needs to die, but it is not quite as prevalent as some people make it out to be. The problem is that you can't forget the damn thing once it happens to you once or twice and gets you killed when you shouldn't have died.?
  13. I like the new grab fine enough, but you definitely notice how narrow it is since you can't swivel. Before you could muddle the grab a bit more and still land a hit. Now you have to be more accurate or you'll just lunge right past them. It's kind of weird. You actually get a bug sometimes where they kick out (they are still in the air but free of Jason's grasp) THEN you see the knife dart into his neck. LOL. A syncing issue of some form I suspect since it still happens offline and can't be just because of lag.
  14. It isn't increased. Tape drop is increased as well as XP. It is pretty horrible in terms of what you get for how much you spend. In a total of about 130k I got two Legendary perks (Aquanaut and Heavy Mover). Needless to say I'm rather underwhelmed.
  15. ^ This. It remains the same. Nothing has changed in this regard. I would note however that in addition to not being able to swivel while grabbing you also cannot swivel when you pick up a counselor before taking the pocket knife now. Before you could lift them and spin them into a more opportune position (or at least position yourself between them and an exit). Now if you lift them with a grab, and they have a knife, you will get no swivel before you eat the knife. Just a little FYI in case folks didn't notice yet.
  16. VOIP distance is how far counselors and Jason can hear you talking on your mic in game. It's essentially a volume increase for your chatter.
  17. The most pocket knives I've seen is 5 (Tommy didn't get called). I also do not think the bots are starting with repair items. I think some objectives are just spawning fixed (or partially fixed). I was playing on Jarvis and morphed to the phone after picking up my two knives in the shack. The phone box was repaired (blue light), but there were no counselors around. I popped the box, and started my cabin prep of the phone house and Kenny finally came running up from the southwest camp ( I was in the southeast). He came to the phone house, and I greeted him when he came in. If I had messed about for about a minute or so before trapping the phone, he would have been there to call the cops in the first 2 minutes of the game or less. A couple counselors appear to randomly start with a pocket knife, and then you have the 3 that spawn on the map which can get picked up. Same goes for the firecrackers. Overall the bots are a tad bit smarter, but nothing extraordinary. I still haven't seen one set a bear trap, though a couple turned on radios. Also they seem to be a bit better about not hiding as often and actually trying to get away from the area you are in.
  18. They used a floppy because it's 80's era tech. Everything about this game including its save icon are tribute to that era. No matter how you cut it, those that don't get the reference will be amusing to those of us who remember those years. ?
  19. 130k in to rolling. 1. Aquanaut 2. Heavy Mover Don't know if I have it in me to roll the 50+ thousand I have remaining. How I despise the current worthless perks and crappy slot machine system...
  20. The most common glitch I came across in several MP games this evening was a "hung counselor" bug. I'd climb through a window and be stuck in jerky, frozen, partial fall frame. It can be fixed by picking up an item or swinging your weapon...or interacting with almost anything. It happened to me about 7 times in 5-6 games. Annoying and hazardous to your health is Jason is on you. Other bugs I saw. 1. Health spray did not heal. I was Tommy and had a second health spray in my second inventory slot. Jumped through a window to get away from Jason and got wounded. Tried to heal and it didn't restore me from the wounded state. Tried to heal again and Jason polished me off. Not a fun way to die because your item didn't work. This happened only once. 2. Dropping an item and could not pick it up again. No interaction prompt on the dropped item. 3. Rainbow blood on Pinehurst. Rainbow flashed breaking doors on the main house at Pinehurst. Single player. 4. Illumination from the fireplace at Higgins main house would turn off an on. Single player challenges #2. 5. Seated position glitch after getting out of a car. (this is an old one) 6. Missing sound effects. De-synced sound cues (Jason got stunned and the music cue played about 1.5 seconds after a stun with a melee weapon.) 7. De-synced animation. The counselor kicked out with a pocket knife, but the knife went into Jason's neck a fraction of a second after the counselor had already kicked out of his grip. Ghost borne knife to the neck! Hiya! That is all I can think of right now.
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