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  1. I don't see it being particularly useful in most cases. I wouldn't mind seeing throwing knives that hit a counselor in the head (specifically) dealing bonus damage due to the vulnerability of the target. I also wish +Throwing Knives actually granted a small bonus to throwing knife damage in addition to two extra knives to start with. It would make the trait a little bit better and help differentiate Jasons a bit more. We have +Weapon Damage Jasons that call kill quicker with melee. Why not let the +Throwing Knives Jasons be a bit deadlier with their projectiles.
  2. The full patch notes are presented on the Official Forum. Any other location simply needs a link provided to take people to the forum.
  3. So continuing the line of thinking I had earlier and taking inspiration from @AldermachXI, here are some more ideas how Perks could be changed. Have a cluster of "merit badges" that each centers around a group of Perks in the game. I've created a visual example with the uploaded image. Each counselor would start with all the merit badges locked until they took an action that unlocked the badge. The badge would then continue to gain ranks (1 every 25 player levels). The rank of the merit badge would have an overarching benefit to all the Perks clustered underneath it (explained in the graphic). Once the merit badge was unlocked, players could choose to spend CP to unlock various perks under the badge. Getting higher tiered perks would require ever-increasing amounts of CP AND would have a usage requirement. For example: Sucker Punch might require you to Stun Jason "X" amount of time AND spend "X" amount of CP to tier up the perk. The next tier would cost more CP and require more Stuns to tier it up again....so on and so forth. There would a few merit badges governing the various Perks (a few rough ideas below): EXAMPLES: The Wilderness Badge (and respective Perks) - must come back as Tommy Jarvis to unlock. 1. Lone Wolf 2. Potent Ranger 3. Preparedness 4. Scout The First Aid Badge (and respective Perks) - must heal another counselor to unlock. 1. Medic 2. Hypochondriac 3. Thick Skin 4. Teamwork The Party Hard Badge (and respective Perks) - must activate a camp radio to unlock 1. Easy Listening 2. Firecracker 3. Adrenaline Rush 4. Friendship The Technical Badge (and respective Perks) - must complete a repair to unlock. 1. Motorboating 2. Speed Demon 3. Tinkerer 4. Pyro The Sports Badge (and respective Perks) - must jump through a window to unlock. 1. Marathon 2. Controlled Breathing 3. Nerves of Steel 4. Thrasher I think you guys get the idea.
  4. You can ditch Heavy Sleeper, Easy Listening, and Adrenaline Rush if you need to free up space to roll more. Just a suggestion.
  5. Looks like it still happens in the new engine build. Slight difference in that the bodies don't vanish now.
  6. I should also note these aren't player disconnects. The people were still in the lobby at the end....pretty much everyone left after that round and there were a lot of WTFs in the chatter after the round.
  7. This is what the Grab Insta-kill looked like pre-update. I haven't seen it happen since. Both kills happened with the same Jason in the same match (obviously by the links, this is Xbox). http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/alkavian69/video/42340314 http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/alkavian69/video/42376603 The first clip with Eric is me dying (note I do have a pocket knife and it doesn't matter). The second clip with Chad is me spectating the last survivor. Every counselor in this match died by the insta-grab except one person as I recall. I didn't record all of them. My ping is very high in the first clip, but the second clip shows how it works a bit more clearly. The counselor body vanishes completely after the kill leaving behind only the items in their inventory. This bug appears to be very rare. I've only seen it happen the one time (by match). I've played since the game launched last May. I have no idea if it even existed before the patches around December. I don't know if it can even still happen in this current build. Hope these clips help a bit.
  8. Their FOV is pretty narrow. The range is also quite short. Spotting pretty much is completely different than MP.
  9. Stalk is great, and could be better. It has been said before. 1. Stalk before Sense 2. Chase music only in a chase or at MAX Fear (no mini-map) 3. Jason doesn't show on maps unless marked with a Flare Gun. Just about everyone would have to carry a spare pair of undies and the tension in matches would be so much greater. Oh, and lets not forget: 4. Counselors will not scream out when Jason approaches in Shift. The can't see him after all. Why do they have to scream and ruin you sneaky approach. The tip-ff really tanks a lot of great jump scare opportunities.
  10. A new bug that I've seen is a "hanging glitch" caused by crawling through windows. You get stuck in the falling frame (even on ground level windows). When you are in this bug, you move super slowly (frozen in that frame). You are stuck until you either use an interaction prompt or swing your weapon. Not sure what causes it to happen, but I've seen it about 9 times now since the update. Not sure if anyone else has seen this happen. The healing spray bug that causes the spray not to work is also aggravating. I was running AJ the other day and using only Sense Avoidance perks (no Medic), but healing sprays took 2-4 sprays to heal. In one instance after stepping in a bear trap as LaChappa, I had to spray myself 4 times (No Medic used) just to get the healing. One other time, after 3 sprays I healed to not limping, crawled through an undamaged window on Crystal Lake, and immediately was reduced to limping again.
  11. HB showing up was a treat. Always nice when he comes out from under his rock.
  12. Thanks for dropping in Wes. If we misconstrued your position regarding the tweet and it's implications, so be it. Apology accepted. You have ours as well for the misunderstanding. As for the mustache...I'm fine with you being the resident Bond villain. ? In regards to the game, I do hope you guys polish it up and fix the bugs. They are probably the biggest thing (besides hosting/quitting) that continually kick the community in the teeth. They are no longer quirks of an indie game. They are persistent problems that handicap a successful game!
  13. I have had this happen about 3 times. Always when using an axe. Quite annoying.
  14. I'm glad I stick to private matches where the bugs can be tolerated with friends. Whenever I read someone's thread here that says they play QP or on PC w/ the hackers, my initial impression to their gripes is generally: "Don't go!"
  15. Good shot from Friday....other than the bugged throwing knife in his left hand.
  16. Shifty is bouncing around on the forums looking at topics. I'm sure they are seeing the threads. Not sure what this upcoming week will bring in terms of communication, but I don't think the issues have gone under the radar. We'll just have to wait and see what comes next.
  17. It is Memorial Day weekend here in the states. This and the 4th of July are the two giant BBQ and chill weekends of summer. We won't see any responses of significance until at least Tuesday should they desire to communicate. They just installed all this stuff...so I suspect they DO intend to do some streaming. Shifty would be the best person to ask about that.
  18. Not really sure. People are too sensitive nowadays and try to make too many things off limits to joke about. Plenty of things make me giggle that other people give me appalled expressions about. My time in the Army really made nothing sacred. Laughter is a stress reliever. Time to change your forum handle. LOL.
  19. The natural life cycle and habitat of the villainous flavor-saver....
  20. You'd shave it if he was passed out drunk at a party....you know you would. True enough @TiffanyxAJ, but he'll see the tag the next time he logs in. By then we should be up to villainous stories about Wes' stache' to rival the Chuck Norris facts sheet.
  21. The hilarity of you trying to clarify threatening an anthropomorphized villainous mustache with a safety razor over the person with said felonious facial hair is priceless. ? I think every reasonable person understands you dislike his cookie-duster.
  22. You know. You said it yourself. Its a glitch/bug/hole in the scenery. If you go out of bounds or break the intended mechanics of the game. It is bad...if you can't figure that out for yourself, no amount of inquiring on the forums will instill common sense into you. Enjoy your ban.
  23. Careful, a mustache like that could take offense. It might come looking for you and get twirled menacingly before something bad happens to you.....
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