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  1. I'd certainly agree we should have enough slots to own all perks. Of course that is all contingent on them being interesting and relevant. The Devs are really missing out on hooking players in by having such a lack of depth in terms of customization. Yeah, I spent 178K+....got Legendary Heavy Mover, Aquanaut, Heavy Sleeper, and Lone Wolf. Lone Wolf is mildly useful, but overall I'm very dissatisfied with the nature of perks and how they are acquired.
  2. Ok, Lets hear what you guys think about the current perk system. The Devs are busily fixing bugs and whatnot at the moment, so in the meantime I"d like to get some poll feedback regarding an aspect of the game that gives quite a bit of heartache. My thoughts: 1. Legendary Perks are mostly worthless. I like the concept of having an additional boon over a standard perk, but otherwise I'm underwhelmed. 2. I hate the CP lottery. Seems like a pointless waste of time, and it always has been. Could we please get something better? 3. Can we have perks that are better balanced and more useful across the board. Too few useful perks. Too many situational or irrelevant perks. Please Devs, think this through and get back to us with something exciting and better implemented. 4. The perk system is probably one of the single biggest offenders in terms of letting the game get stale. You can't get the ones you want and have to count on chance to throw you a bone. You can't invest time and TLC into upgrading them to higher levels (once again, you are a slave to chance). There are few "good" perks and a whole lot of laughable ones. You can not even have all of the existing perks at the same time. Perhaps this was done with the thought process that you'd make players choose which valuable ones to keep and which ones to throw away? Newsflash, you could have had just one one row of 10 and covered all your bases with a few spaces to spare for miscellaneous crap perks. 5. Why are there still old unused art assets in the perk roll line-up? You might think about taking those out at some point so we all don't have to keep explaining there is no "pocket knife" perk.
  3. LOL, I think you missed my point Qcici. The idea is NOT to use +SHIFT/+DESTRUCTION as strengths and -TRAPS as the only meaningful weakness. I like your thinking on cons. Sneaking that +Shift in there. The second option is pretty heavily penalized given what the current traits/abilities due. You also used the meta default of giving -Traps in both instances. ? It starts to get more and more challenging to come up with designs given the way we currently look at how traits/abilities work, no? Honestly, I think that "Can Run" should be removed as a Strength/Weakness and just be inherent. Undead walk and living Jasons run. Wolf did that in his bottom example and completely left off the +Can Run in strengths. It gives more variation when one of the spots doesn't have to be a redundant acknowledgement of their ability to move.
  4. No prob. Did what I what spare given my current circumstance. Hope it helps.
  5. Actually, I do tend to analyze the game as a whole. Medic isn't so much of an issue as is the abundance of health sprays. You can either adjust spray spawn rates, change the perk, change how sprays work, redesign aspects of the system currently in place or do some combination thereof. How to adjust things, or not adjust them, seems to be the crux of the debate. I think the game needs an overhaul in quite a few areas because of design shortcomings. There tends to be too much focus on specific issues and not enough attention given to systemic failings. We are seeing symptoms and debating how to treat them without looking critically at underlying causes.
  6. I main LaChappa/Mitch. Never use Medic. I actually tend to make it a point not to use it because it is so broke in terms of combining it with Thick Skin (which I do use). I also find I simply don't need Medic to survive; even against great players. Starting out, and having neither Medic or Thick Skin can really be painful for any characters. I still wish they'd introduce new items. Make a med spray temporary relief for limping (say 15 seconds per spray as a base). Add a first aid kit that is hand carried and can render a full heal using a QTE. Make the counselor choose between a healing item, weapon, or repair part.
  7. First off, that is a sign of a good player to be effective under all conditions. To a good player. No it doesn't matter. To most, there are a few great stats and everything else has no real bearing. I think everything should matter more. Jasons should feel totally different from one role to the next. I hope they do.
  8. I like the new kills. I the previous pickaxe kills were OK, but a bit lack luster. I hope to see Part 6 kills or Part 3 kills next.
  9. It is very much an anti-meta take on making viable Jason builds given the current limitations in what stats do. For example, Part IV Jason is very good. But people look at his - Shift AND - Traps and rate him very low. He is actually quite balanced. His power offensive is offset with meaningful penalties to his objective control. If you look at Part VIII, he has all great aspects and no meaningful weaknesses; he is actually very badly designed in that regard (considering current traits/abilities). It is easy to see why he is highly favored. Same goes for Savini. They are the "gold standard" because of their capabilities. No Jasons are going to really measure up to them because they would be too much of the same thing. But that is part of the problem. There are optimal stats because the stat balancing is skewed and not every Jason is actually particularly unique because of it. You can basically draw a line between running and walking (which is pretty minuscule); everything else is a play on getting +Destruction, +Shift, and not taking negative Traps. Ah I see. Yeah, you could certainly do it. The problem is that it doesn't matter other than what a person thematically has in their head about a given Jason role. I wish it mattered. That is kind of the point I'm trying to make with this thread I guess. Another issue I see is the inclusion of Can Run +/- on the Strengths/Weaknesses list. It saps some of the versatility in configuring new Jason stat builds and helping differentiating them more by taking up wither a Strength or Weakness trait. Just default to living Jasons run and undead Jasons walk. Everyone could track that as basic build tenet and call it good.
  10. Flattered you think so man. I do honestly hope that GUN/ILLFONIC revisit Jason's abilities and give them all +'s/-'s/ and neutral effects. It is hard to give meaningful bonuses and penalties when so many of them do not matter in practical terms. If we have +Destruction, why don't we have - Destruction? Seems pretty simple to fix. + takes a barricaded door down in 3 hits. Neutral does it in 4 hits. - does it in 5 hits. It honestly doesn't matter much. Both are inconsequential in their overall impact. That is part of the problem though don't you think? Too much samey and not enough differentiation in STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES. ?
  11. I was having some thoughts in regards to the general profiles of various Jasons in the game. With the current imbalance between Jason stats, we do have quite a specific meta established (which I think needs to be addressed) in regards to what abilities are prime and which ones are throwaway. Assuming Gun/Illfonic won't be adjusting Jason's stats and what they do anytime soon, lets look at some profiles for Jason that could be used without resorting to the +Destruction, +Shift, no -Traps concept. IDEA #1 (Undead Objective Controller): This Jason would be able to teleport often, interdict well in the water, and ambush his prey effectively. Taking no penalty to traps and Shift (while not handing out Shift+) would make for a very good guard dog and ambush killer without resorting to Destruction buffs, Traps, and Shift to make him effective. Stunning slightly longer, not being able to run, and having a few less hit points blunt the profile without making it ineffective in an objective controller role. STRENGTHS: +Morph +Water Speed + Stalk WEAKNESSES: - Can Run - Stun Resistance - Hit Points IDEA #2 (Utilitarian): More traps and more knives. A hop in his step for evening jogs and no penalty to swim. Nothing too offensive and nothing too defensive. STRENGTHS: +Traps +Throwing Knives +Can Run WEAKNESSES: - Sense - Defense - Grip Strength Do you guys have any ideas for Jason profiles that don't fall into the typical meta wish list?
  12. OK. Here are a couple more bugs. 1. Was playing offline bots on Pinehurst yesterday and noticed Mitch was carrying a propeller. There is no boat on the map, but apparently the parts are there. Never saw that particular bug before. 2. Was playing SP challenges and the round ended with the activated radio playing in the background. The music kept playing through the summary screen and back to the main menu. It was pretty cool though. I got to roll perks with Man Behind the Mask playing and then some in-game ambiance music. Definitely a bug, but I must say I like the idea of having some tunes playing while I'm endlessly playing the Perk slot machine. 3. The game crashed 8 out of 9 times starting it up with the "A" button crash (Xbox). Pressing "Start", backing out of the pop-up menu, then pressing "A" seems to bypass the issue. 4. Using the canned door breaking animation, Jason sometimes just arbitrarily stops swinging before the door breaks. Usually happens (to me) when using an "axe" equipped Jason (pickaxe included). I know others have mentioned it, but it happened again yesterday. It doesn't happen often, in my experience, but it does throw your momentum off a bit.
  13. The med sprays not healing properly and getting caught repeatedly in a window hanging bug are both annoying. I've had the prompt lock to pick up items on the ground happen once. It was irritating, but it has not popped up again.
  14. I've seen AC/DC live twice (sqeeeeeee!). Alice Cooper puts on a good show. So does Iron Maiden. Best show still goes to Angus and the gang.
  15. Yes, I'd say Savini is #2. I use Part 6 and Part 4 a lot. I pick Roy when I want to play pretty balanced. Some people use Part 3 for balanced play and that is perfectly fine too. I never use random Jason. I like to choose what I want to try. Occasionally, I'll do random counselor but I find it tough trying to remember the Perk load-outs I've chosen (getting too old for this shit). I really wish they'd show what perks you've chosen when you first spawn into the match (just like Jason gets a preview of his bonuses/negatives in the shack). A quick reminder would be nice.
  16. The asset actually looks more like they are going for a partially destroyed ship (like what happened in the movie).
  17. +Water Speed is the only type of Jason that can catch a boat from behind if it gets past you in a reasonable amount of time. Neutral Water Speed, while faster than the boat, is such a small difference as to be as ineffectual as -Water Speed. Additionally, I think that having that faster water speed is nice for quickly traversing a map by the lakes/waterways without wasting a Shift/Morph. I like it for the economy of movement. The funny thing is that I don't main either Savini or Part 8. I prefer Part 6, Roy, and Part 4. I know the meta advantages, but I generally stay away from the two top tier Jasons.
  18. Grendel assets exist in the game files. So yes, they are actually building it. Don't know if it will be a map or a new game mode, but it is under construction.
  19. Part 8 has +Water Speed. He is a better in the objective control role because of his ability to intercept in the water. Savini's +Weapon Damage doesn't really even matter compared to having a +Stalk. Weapon damage was only a "thing" for people when we got the over-abundance of pocket knives a while back. Any Jason with +Weapon Damage pretty much became pure gold for a brief amount of time. Now that it is back to normal, that stat simply isn't very important anymore other than as a placebo. They both have +Destruction (gold) and normal traps. In terms of Shift, a 10 second cooldown different isn't of consequence. Looking at them in very meta-specific terms. Part 8 is still better in terms of what he brings to the table - he always was.
  20. 1. Part 8 (he has always been the best Jason for the metagame) 2. Savini 3. Part 3 or Roy 4. Part 6 or Part 2 5. Part 9 6. Part 4 7. Part 7
  21. Paranoia (if it comes out) probably won't be until after Dedicated Servers (if they come out) and after bug fixes (which are in the works NOW). IF these things get done, it will probably be SOONer rather than later. SOON being an ephemeral term for "NOT NOW". ?
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