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  1. More bug spray please. There is still an infestation guys.
  2. Yes. When a bot spawns with Thick Skinned, they do seem to have the old pre-nerf version of the perk. LOL. I've noticed they are quite durable to knives and weapon swings on occasion.
  3. To account for time put in I'd let players keep perks of epic and legendary rarity. Then I'd give them the CP cash value of all the perks removed from their inventory x2 so they can spend them on new perks and upgrades. It's not a perfect solution, but it would be a starting point.
  4. Almost blew out my Mountain Dew reading that last line....?
  5. Because they are unattractive compared to their peers mostly.
  6. If you're going to make tutorial videos, cover the basics. There are tons of videos how to kill Jason, trolling, and whatnot. Show people simple things they might not otherwise know. For example: 1. Talk to them about where items wash up on the beaches. Show them what those areas look like. 2. Talk to them non-metagame trapping. 3. Talk about how to prioritize objectives on a map. There are plenty of opportunities to help people, just pick one or two and really put some effort into it. Talk about what everyone else isn't. I was amazed months after the game released how many folks didn't know about items washing up. They didn't know that Jason's mask actually has a purpose in-game.
  7. Legendary perks are basically pointless in their current design, combined with the current perk system. That is essentially the point. The only acceleration we'll get is if the Devs see enough dissatisfaction with the state of affairs and choose to tackle a redesign challenge at a later date. Since they seem to be currently occupied keeping the bugs from burning down the house, I wouldn't expect to see much any time soon. It certainly doesn't mean we shouldn't voice our opinions to better the game. The bugs need to be tackled with a swiftness for sure. I am very glad that they are polishing away at the defects. I'm hoping that this poll will kinda help give a snapshot of our forum community's general opinion to @ShiftySamurai and @[IllFonic]Courier for future reference.
  8. Glad you got a laugh. For the record, I'd love to see offline counselor play with Jason AI to rival that of the Alien in Isolation. Not gonna happen, but one can dream.
  9. Thanks. It is @AldermachXI who deserves the credit though. He has been an advocate for some form of experience/CP progression on perks even before me.
  10. I'm hoping to get on. Probably about 8:30 mountain time.
  11. That's actually pretty funny... Totally needs to get fixed...but funny.
  12. I've only ever rubber-banded twice that I can remember. I never got more than about 20-30ft from the car. Interesting in the new version of it you can get much farther away.
  13. There certainly is. I hope the Devs listen and consider options beyond what we have. If the game had been at a better state of polish 6 months ago, perhaps some of the ideas floating around in the suggestions box might have already become a reality. I can only hope they finally nail down the flailing pieces in the game so we can try to improve on the basics that came with launch a year ago.
  14. Such is life on the Xbox version of the game.
  15. Nice. Kodiak is awesome...the fantastic signature he made for me is representative of that. Glad to see a troll account didn't get the last laugh. @Kodiak
  16. I like the thematic ideas you got flowing there. It would be unnerving to climb through a barn window and have a noose cinch up on your neck causing damage and holding you in-place...especially if it could happen on any window.
  17. Honestly, I'd say that you buy the perk with CP. And have to perform actions to "unlock" the potential to upgrade it to the next rarity. Each time you paid the unlock the value for the next rarity it would exponentially increase. The required actions would also increase between each upgrade. Example: Buy basic perk for 500 CP > perform minimum qualifying actions to be able to upgrade it> Pay 875 CP (x1.75 of previous cost). Repeat for each new rarity. Cost as follows: 500 (Buy-in), 875, 1531, 2680, 4690, and legendary at 8207. If you had the perk Hypochondriac for instance, you might have to use a med spray 10 times from buy-in to be offered the upgrade cost of 875CP. To get offered the next rarity to buy up the perk you might have to use a med spray 30 more times. Then use a med spray 60 times more after....then 120 times to unlock legendary....I hope this makes sense. Actions would have to be completed (investing time in gameplay related to the perk), and then CP could be spent to buy the next tier. Maybe also add the option to spend extra CP on a perk to offset (buy-down) negatives?
  18. Pretty much. There is little way to avoid it. Not that certain stats couldn't use some polish. I get why the system is as it is. Limited development time, indie game, that (the Devs) pretty much had to cobble together what ideas they thought they could make work in the time and budget they had. We're way past that point now. The game needs depth and customization to keep it from getting stale. I think Ben's statement that perks were never meant to influential is a carry-over from the tight budget and knowing certain ideas needed to be thrown aside to get the game out. I get his logic from that perspective, but in terms of long-term interest, the game needs diversity and customization. It needs worthwhile stats. DbD isn't great because it has fantastic graphics and stirring thought-provoking gameplay. It puts the control in the hands of the players to build up their characters and try different builds that might actually have an impact. I don't think we need a blood web per se, but I think need counselor stats to all be relevant and the perks we equip to them to be more than token complimentary coffees. Jason's stats also need some TLC. Fixing perks is a good way to get the ball rolling towards better gameplay and reduction of stagnation.
  19. I agree on Tinkerer. It should affect the QTE check sizes. The flawed design of how QTEs are variable makes for problems improving the perk in this fashion. If QTE check values were fixed, based on the Repair stat, it would make the perk functioning in this fashion viable and useful to any counselors. Currently, Luck affects your chances of getting fewer QTE checks. So players just spam activation until they get the most favorable quantity. This would need to change, but could make Luck less valuable if not compensated in some way. Perhaps Luck could offer a chance that a failed QTE doesn't notify Jason? Anyways, the rabbit hole goes deep in some cases. Tinkering with perks will have a cascade effect in terms of gameplay considerations. There is no way around it. The game needs this kind of growth and evolution in my opinion.
  20. I honestly think most of Jason's problems lie in his own traits/abilities being in the same boat as counselor perks. You've got a few good ones and a bunch that are irrelevant. Jason could certainly use some love too in making his own abilities have more intrinsic value beyond the meta +Destruction/+Shift. I'd love to see many of the Jason stats re-designed/balanced to make them all important as both Strengths and Weaknesses. Basically, encourage more diversified gameplay. Then they could go back and re-do the Jason's themselves to shake up the meta-game a bit. As an example, why doesn't Part 8 have +Morph? Why doesn't Part 7 have +Stalk? Why doesn't Part 4 have + Water Speed? It would be nice to see more thematic carry-overs from their movies come into play in terms of what design they carry. Anyway, that was a bit of an off topic ramble. Your idea is certainly one to consider.
  21. Well, the blood web is essentially a progression tree. I doubt the Devs would outright steal that design from DbD, but they certainly need to consider something to make perks better. What perks do, how you get them, how you improve them, and a bunch of other things need to be addressed. Don't get me wrong, my first priority in suggestions is fixing bugs, but looking towards game improvement and longevity; perks are #1 followed by major content. The only reason I say that is that expansive content (maps/modes) will tire quicker if the core gameplay/customization remains stagnant. The foundation of this game needs to be built up a bit more. It is also why I'd like to see new and interesting items to help fill out the maps.
  22. That's pretty funny. How about: 1. The person that commits a friendly fire incident immediately loses control of their counselor (frozen in place). 2. They (the team killer) have a cut-scene play (like when Tommy comes into the map), but it shows a gyrating Chad from the waist down wearing his banana hammock in an endless loop. The cut-scene plays obscure 70's porn music and cannot be skipped or exited (short of hard crashing the system). 3. Jason immediately has the offender marked on his map for ease of locating them and dispatching them. Jason earns double XP for dispatching the team killer and the team killer loses 1 level. Ta da! ?
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