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  1. I try to be calm and cordial. Stupid shit causes my ex-Army to bubble to the surface.
  2. 1st hit. He went down. Don't know what to tell ya man. Maybe RNG just hasn't been in your favor as of late. I know I get runs of crap luck from time to time.
  3. @Thatguyinktown and @BrokenFattHardy killed Jason last night in our lobby on Xbox. They used an axe to drop him and finish him. The axe still works fine.
  4. Fertilizer? ? Sounds like a plan. We grind up all the crap perks, till them into the game soil, and hopefully we can grow a real perk system out of it.
  5. A bunch of us on the forums have been predicting exactly what will happen for quite some time now. We've even been pointing them in the right direction to head-off those forecasts. Many have even been offering to help them on the side if they needed it. It is interesting that they can't foresee these outcomes but we can based on assessing the game and their preferred mode of operations in regards to development. They certainly deserve credit for improving their interactions and focusing down what we we've been telling them for awhile. The lack of QA is a huge problem right now which affects everything. I do hope they hire on a big group of playtesters, or open a current-build server for QA on PC, or anything really that gets real people playing the game and finding issues before it goes out to the general community.
  6. Nobody is asking them to give up their personal time. We're asking them to use their work time to actually do proper QA on their efforts and not push something that doesn't pass muster. Their simulations are not catching the issues. They have never been working well to catch the issues the end-state user sees. It has been a year. Sometimes asking nicely works with people. Sometimes complaining does. Sometimes people need a boot applied to their backside to get the point. I think we've finally reached the point that most people are putting on a boot.
  7. No. Just no. They couldn't fix issues when the old engine was in effect. It is not an update from Unreal 4.14 to 4.18 that is the problem. The engineers building the game are having continued issues fixing the stuff just like before. They don't play test to any reasonable level of QA and it continues to bite them in the rear with the community. Do you believe that the game faeries show up to do programming in the night at the offices of Illfonic while the Devs sleep in their beds? They do have control of the game. They are the ones making it. That is why people are upset....justifiably so might I add. Sure there are likely going to be certain quirks you have to work with using a particular off the shelf game engine, but the programmers aren't just there to use plug-and-play software. They are there to write code and work in the framework of the engine. If something doesn't do what they want it to...they write code to solve the problem.
  8. Well, I certainly didn't think I'd be back in my contemplation thread again this SOON. I should first probably start off with what is going right: 1. The Devs are pushing out (or have pushed out) fixes specifically for bugs. Outstanding. This is what we've needed for a very long time. 2. I see the Devs poking about on the forums a bit more. Glad to see you got your ear to the ground. So what is going wrong? Some bugs are not being fixed and the patch is bringing...yes you guessed it...MORE bugs. Devs you are finally doing what we all needed. You're getting us patches. You're addressing bugs to the exclusion of other content. You're reacting fast! THANK YOU! Please however, note what I said in #3. Play test! The simulations that @wes mentioned are not properly accounting for how players behave. They DON'T WORK well enough to find the issues that real players do. People should not be asking the Devs, "please don't send the Xbox patch, it will break the game further." I've never heard a community that is this frothy about a game beg their developer NOT to update it for fear of causing more problems. I'll close with this: 1. Keep the bug fixes coming. Stay on that shit until the fire goes out...or at least is reduced to embers. Don't get discouraged. This is a good direction you guys have chosen! 2. Keep involved. I know you guys are getting a lot of flak right now, but if you know what's good for you....don't slink off and hide. Shifty you just keep doing you. 3. Let me say this one more time. Quit letting the simulations do the leg work on patch testing. Here is a bit of tough love, and not meant to be offensive (but if you take it that way, note that I don't give a shit); you guys are fucking with my calm. GET OFF YOUR FUCKING ASSES AND PLAY YOUR GAME TO FIND WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT! You are doing a bunch of things right now by the community and the game, but failing at the most basic QA.
  9. LOL. He/She is not American. That date is DAY/MONTH/YEAR like most of the world does. We Americans do it MONTH/DAY/YEAR. You know...to be different. To the OP, yes group/party play has been a bit problematic. ?
  10. Har Har. At least I made it to the party in case you had back up. I'm going with the theory you were covered in Crisco. I ended up getting you in the end, but damn that was a pain in the rear.
  11. That was a great organic kill. Not hunting, just the right circumstances and a Jason who didn't see it coming. Textbook movie moment.
  12. Someone's OCD kicked in. Complaints were made. Priorities were established....you know the usual. **A strap was discolored.
  13. Speaking of which, some of the backers still haven't got their soundtracks and art books. I wonder if they'll ever get what they paid for?
  14. Well, at very least it should be a guaranteed percentage bonus. Not a range.
  15. LOL. Not all animals that use tools can actually build something useful. We'll just have to continue to observe for now.
  16. Honestly, it would make little difference. People can buy the DLCs if they wish, but not doing so will just hasten the end for the life-cycle of the game. Everyone keeps demanding Dedicated Servers, but they are also not the core problem. PC has had them since launch and that hasn't kept players in-game. Thinking they would help consoles stay more viable is naive. The biggest issue is the continued inability for the Dev team to reliably fix bugs/exploits/glitches and push patches in a timely manner. If they can't fix the game, nobody will play it. If they can't patch issues without creating a slew of new problems, people will leave. Servers won't change that. Boycotts won't change that. Money won't change that. New maps won't change that. An upgraded game engine won't change that. You get the idea. Priority #1: Fix bugs Priority #2: Fix bugs Priority #3: Fix bugs Priority #4: Whatever else needs to be done to get players interested if they hang around long enough to deal with the other priority issues.
  17. Who cares? They already made the money they needed to make; and then some. That is really the crux of the problem.
  18. Not much really. They've already earned the lion's share of cash that they will from sales. The DLC's have done well enough to sustain revenue. The money isn't the problem they risk losing...it's the players.
  19. Well, many of us have offered to help before. Many moons ago, when @Gertz was acting as the community rep for Illfonic because Courier hadn't been brought on board yet, we said we'd help if they needed it (at no cost to pay us). They know the offer is on the table. Another indie game I love is Deep Rock Galactic. They run P2P connections like F13:TG and have a great QA / Development team for bugs. They just announced adding a QA server for PC players to test out the latest build of the game and provide feedback. https://steamcommunity.com/app/548430/announcements/ Not sure why such a tiny game and company can do this and a successful game (which has made a ton of money) cannot. Guinea pig the PC players if consoles can't do it. Have them find the issues in the latest build and fix them as you go along.
  20. They use virtual playtesters in simulation for the most part it seems. Wes, you need to get a few real people playing to find this stuff. If the simulation is not catching these things, take some of those humans that do weird things over at the office and have them play the game.
  21. I'm sure there are probably quite a few un-released ones. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what comes.
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