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  1. I can see this being a weapon for the 1st anniversary of the game release. LOL.
  2. I would agree that there is probably a particular set-up to kill Jason. In the movies he "dies/gets defeated" at the end, and it often involves him losing his mask. I'm guessing that if the movie trope holds true in game, Jason can probably only be killed when he is at his strongest (Rage is active) and he has lost his mask. I don't think Tommy is a factor since he isn't the only person to beat Jason in the films. Beyond that speculation I'm not entirely sure. It may in fact be "Nintendo Hard" to take him down.
  3. I wouldn't mind seeing Jason X as a DLC for the existing maps and game. I think Uber Jason should be reserved to DLC including the spaceship map (if they ever do it).
  4. I was wondering if anyone has given some thought to future DLC regarding Jason weapon choices. It seems the farm pitchfork may have been a placeholder for the Savini Jason pitchfork. What other weapons would you eventually like to see in the game if the Devs can get around to it? They don't necessarily have to be something Jason used in a specific movie. My musings include: 1. Hunting Knife / Butcher Knife 2. Sickle 3. Sledge Hammer / Claw Hammer / Tire Iron 4. That awesome gas trimmer from Part VII 5. A severed arm with Freddy's glove on the hand ::wink:: Ideas?
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