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  1. I’d like to take a moment to address the Devs directly. @Gertz@GunMedia_Ben@[IllFonic]Courier For those who are not aware, I have spent the better part of 20 years working in various fields in some form of analytical role or as a developer for training related materials for the military. I have spent, literally, days at a time doing trends analysis, statistical assessments, and developing courses of action based on changes made within a given “system”. I provide feedback, suggest changes, and develop workable changes to improve performance. I’m going keep this brief, but I’d like to suggest a couple things: 1. If you are working with a system that has a ton of consequential interplay between mechanics, don’t change too much at one time. Before you make any changes, assess what implication that change will bring. Figure out what other factors within the system will be affected and forecast the most likely outcomes. Make the change and observe. Keep the change modest. 2. Adjust that single change as needed until you get the desired result. (the extremes on both sides of the coin quit being the only voices that ring loudest) 3. Make the next change. I will say I generally don’t have much issue with this last patch in regards to the changes, though I’m still developing an opinion on the grab mechanics as they are now. There has been a lot of negative and positive feedback regarding the implementation of grab reach/area changes, traps changes, Jason’s melee hit detection, and posting icons on the map. The one mistake that I think you have made is that you are tweaking too many things in a single instance without finding that “sweet spot” with your players. It is much easier to do this kind of work when you are not beholden to pleasing a rabid fan base. For that, you have my sympathy, because it is a battle you cannot win…completely. I would suggest the changes you should focus on are those that were complained about most. I get that is why you tackled the grab reach debate. That is fine. You should have singled that mechanic out and fully sorted it before addressing anything else. Using the method of tossing enough stuff at a wall and finding out what will stick will end up costing you more time than just methodically fixing one key issue, then moving on to the next. As it is now, you are creating tons of different feedback trains, with each one focusing on a different change. Plus, there are a few other trains still rolling in regards to previous adjustments (or lack thereof). As you’ve told us before, you are a small team. Please be cautious about how many fires you light at once regarding game mechanics hot buttons. It creates a very fluid dynamic and a ripple effect in gameplay. More importantly, it makes it harder to figure out exactly what you NEED to fix when so many different factors are altered regarding gameplay. Just some food for thought. The new DLC’s are nice. Thank you. Keep up the hard work. TL;DR Don’t make too many changes to gameplay mechanics at one time. It makes it harder to sort out issues and fine tune functionality. You’ll also get less backlash from the players.
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    Post Credits Scene.

    Well, I think I’ve reached the end of this road. Been away on vacation (not a Bears style vacay, but a real one) and came back to see the forums in a pretty sad state. Lots of desperation, frustration, and beating a horse that has become more of a rug than a corpse. Already seen some good folks leave and some get banned. At this stage, moving on to other things seems best. I no longer have a drive to keep investing time here at this juncture. That being said, I must say I’m humbled by amount of folks who took an interest in The Playbook thread, helped contribute to it, and made it a place people could go for some help getting a bit better at the game. I can hardly believe the number of views it has received and the amount of positive feedback it has garnered. Thank you all for taking an interest and providing input. @Kodiak thanks for putting it as a sticky in the General Discussion Forum for people to find. Just letting you know at this point I will no longer be updating it unless some unforeseen and unbelievable development occurs allowing new content to be added to the game. You can unhitch the boat from the dock and let is sink if you so choose. Thank you to all the good folks I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with over last year and then some. Glad to have made some new friends. Thanks for all the great laughs and games. @bewareofbears, @lHeartBreakerl, @AldermachXI, @Brigadius, @TheHansonGoons, @Tattooey, @Ghostboy20, @BrokenFattHardy, @Riot_Dame, @Risinggrave, and a slew of others that I'm sure I'm forgetting (unintentionally). I'll still be playing F13 on Xbox on occasion, but I don't think the forums have much left to hold my attention. Many of you know how to reach me so it's not goodbye, but rather change of venue. I also play quite a bit of Deep Rock Galactic on Xbone. Great indie-game with many new updates and an awesome Dev team. I'd highly recommend it if you want a change of pace. This meme reminds me of the forums and the game at the moment. Frankly, I don't want to hang around for the slow death of both. So I bid you all adieu and good luck. ~Alk
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    Old Horror Films Vs New Horror Films

    Cain approves of the concept.
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    Top 3 - Horror films you'd like to see remade ...

    Hmm. Top 3 horror movies I'd like to see remade? 1. Phantasm 2. The Howling 3. Watchers
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    Thursday the 12th Xbox group

    I'm on vacation this week and next.
  6. Hmm. Good franchise/IP licensed games? * Alien Isolation * Goldeneye 64 * Star Wars Arcade * Rambo II on Sega Master System * Rambo III on Sega Genesis * SNES Star Wars * Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction * Nightmare on Elm Street NES
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    The End

    I'll see you when I see you Bears. Sorry to see you heading out, but it is not at all surprising. Keep in touch. You know how to find me.
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    We're Still Here

    That's what I'm shooting for.
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    We're Still Here

    Sorry late dinner and real life getting in the way. Won't be on tonight.
  10. "A derivative work prepared under authority of the grant before its termination may continue to be utilized under the terms of the grant after its termination... but this privilege does not extend to the preparation after the termination of other derivative works based upon the copyrighted work covered by the terminated grant." This says it all. I've tried to be patient and help you understand. I'll leave you to your confusion. Have fun stormin' the castle Ralph.
  11. Yeah. Pretty much this. I'd rather not know what was coming.
  12. What Cunningham allowed up until the grant termination yes. Anything after no.....UNLESS....Sean Cunningham wins the lawsuit he filed. In which case it is business as usual. If Victor wins, the game stays as it is unless they want to 1) Get the rights AGAIN from Victor or 2) Open themselves up for litigation and paying summary damages.
  13. All of it is derivative. Any derivative added after the termination of grant is no longer protected. Making the whole game a target for litigation and recompense. If they don't add any more to elaborate on their derivative work, it remains protected post grant termination. You'd make a horrible lawyer by the way. 😄
  14. Dude. Nothing can be put out past the termination of the grant. All of that stuff is derivative works. If they add it to the game now, they open themselves up to pay Vic the Dick down the line should he win the rights from Cunningham. The lawsuit was supposed to have resolved last October. It hasn't and now we are at the threshold for rights reversion if Vic wins. If Sean wins, no harm, no foul. If ANYTHING gets released past the grant termination date...it makes it fair game to target. The material buried in the code is "unreleased content". Doesn't matter if it is hidden in there. It only matters if GUN formally puts it out there for access. Miller filed for the termination of grant two years ago. In theory Uber could be released if they did it before the end of the month. My guess is that they'll choose to play it safe (but you never know). "Miller wants to effectuate a Friday the 13th copyright termination in July 2018, which potentially would allow him to license the franchise to other studios."
  15. No. The game itself is derivative content under the grant from Cunningham to GUN. It is only protected up until the grant terminates (to include any content in the game). Wrong. A “derivative work” is a work based upon one or more preexisting works, such as a translation, musical arrangement, dramatization, fictionalization, motion picture version, sound recording, art reproduction, abridgment, condensation, or any other form in which a work may be recast, transformed, or adapted. A work consisting of editorial revisions, annotations, elaborations, or other modifications which, as a whole, represent an original work of authorship, is a “derivative work”. Simply speaking, any new content added to the game ranging from emotes all the way up to maps and modes represents a modification or elaboration on the whole of the game. Thus, ALL OF IT IS DERIVATIVE because it represents an original work of authorship.
  16. https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/17/203 Read what the law says on the topic. Victor is angling for control based on the claim he was not work for hire. "In the case of any work other than a work made for hire, the exclusive or nonexclusive grant of a transfer or license of copyright or of any right under a copyright, executed by the author on or after January 1, 1978, otherwise than by will, is subject to termination under the following conditions...." "Termination of the grant may be effected at any time during a period of five years beginning at the end of thirty-five years from the date of execution of the grant " Do the math on when Victor filed the lawsuit and how long it has been since F13 was originally released. If Victor wins, GUN is screwed. They cannot put anything past the date of the grant because they don't know the status of who will control it. The previous statements by Horror Inc's lawyers was perfectly valid AT THAT TIME. We are a year down the road and there is no legal decision. GUN cannot and won't work past that grant on "derivative" content so they are not on the wrong side of Victor should he win. They would essentially be handing the game over to him. If they stop now, they are "safe" under the existing copyright law that Victor is using against Sean Cunningham. This is not related to a cease and desist...it is insulation against the fallout of the lawsuit should Victor win. " A derivative work prepared under authority of the grant before its termination may continue to be utilized under the terms of the grant after its termination, but this privilege does not extend to the preparation after the termination of other derivative works based upon the copyrighted work covered by the terminated grant."
  17. No. Read what the law says. "A derivative work prepared under authority of the grant before its termination may continue to be utilized under the terms of the grant after its termination, but this privilege does not extend to the preparation after the termination of other derivative works based upon the copyrighted work covered by the terminated grant. " This is purely related to the copyright argument being used by Victor Miller claiming he was not doing work for hire under the writer's guild.
  18. It has nothing to do with a cease and desist. It has to do with copyright law and conditions of termination and effects of termination. GUN is trying not be on the wrong side of the copyright law (should Miller win). https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/17/203
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    We're Still Here

    @ShiftySamurai Is Wes planning on saying a bit more regarding the state of affairs?
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    We're Still Here

    Is Wes planning on saying more when he gets more details?
  21. It would certainly be foolish to get hopes up too high at this point.
  22. They didn't have DLCs for months while the upgrade was pending. They haven't been charging for maps. Jasons have been unlocking for free. Aside from a couple kill packs, clothes, and a couple emotes, their revenue has been from sales. I can see them permanently dropping the price down to about $12.99 to encourage more sales.
  23. Ouch. Shitty luck bro. I did get Heavy Mover...you know for when that door just absolutely has to get barricaded fast....I also got Heavy Sleeper...because....sleeping bags...and stuff.
  24. No doubt. I'm surprised I didn't get that one.
  25. What you read was a placeholder message meant to be a catch-all if the legal wrangling does not pan out SOON™. The press release says: " As many in our community may be aware, a legal claim has been made which could affect all future Friday the 13th intellectual property. Although in the past the game has not been subject to any such claim, new content and material going forward will be affected. An initial decision in this case was expected in October 2017, but no decision has yet been issued. The court review of the legal rights is in process, but final resolution may take some time. Until the claim rights can be dismissed or resolved, no new content can be released. " So in plain-speak, they could potentially still put out stuff in the future if the legal proceedings get solved, however they were supposed to get done back in October and remain open. GUN is covering their bases by not getting anyone's hopes up knowing full well that the game could die before they can get back to doing updates. They are saying their emotional piece upfront and letting the dice roll with the statement they will get Dedicated Servers up on consoles and keep the lights on as long as they can... At this point they are rolling the perk lottery and hoping for something better than Legendary Aquanaut.