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  1. "Long standing" but otherwise unspecified issues. Short answer is that we don't know what will be fixed.
  2. Fondest Memories of Gaming

    Playing the Sega Master System game Rambo II with my Dad. My parents have both long since passed away, but I remember playing quite a few games with my Dad. He wasn't very good at them, but he'd sit and play with me since we lived out in the country and there were no kids my age to play with anywhere close by.
  3. They've got a new update (10) in cert right now. New flying enemies, webs in passages, sticky slime in the bogs areas, FPS upgrades, crash fixes, and more customization options. Looking forward to it.
  4. April 13th

    They have only said that the update could come in April at the EARLIEST. No hard date. No promises that anything at all will come in April. That is all we know in regards to time frame from the Devs.
  5. This pretty much sums it up. Limitations of what they can do has been indirectly addressed before. Also, some of the gore limitations are related to rating as well. For example, we know Jason cannot interact with individual parts of a counselor separated from the model. That is why there are no kills where Jason pulls off a limb or head and holds onto to it. The double-arm pluck kill that was added is a good example of this. You'll notice Jason pulls the arms but does not hold onto them. They just flop to the sides near the body. The models are basically crash-test-dummies and are rigged to come apart at certain seams. There is no waist seam to fold (beyond normal forward bending) or separate. That is why we don't have kills like the one that folded Sheriff Garris backwards in-half from Part 6, or chopping the torso in half like in FvJ.
  6. They do. I know @ShiftySamurai and @[IllFonic]Courier do in fact read lots of forum posts in many different parts of the forum. Courier is the community manager bringing information back to the "Devs" programming the game. Shifty works for Gun as a community manager and brings info to and from the Publisher/creative team. They are quite busy on the forum all the time, but they don't always comment. Also some of the Admins are in fact Devs. Gun Media Ben is a producer with Gun Media. Gertz is the executive that manages the Illfonic programming team. Randygbk is also a member of Gun Media. The forum is actually littered with Devs/Dev reps.
  7. [Video] Combat Adjustments and Ideas

    Keeping the dreams alive. LOL.
  8. If you look at Beta gameplay there was no grid initially. I think they added it so it would reduce Jason's precision a bit and prevent weird glitches such as him ending up inside a cabin or stuck in a place he could not escape from. I would like to see the grid go away myself. Maybe with the new engine update they can have Morph exclusion areas and allow Jason to get a bit more precise with his use of Morph. It sucks trying to stop a car and end up stuck on the backside of a guardrail.
  9. IMPROVING RADIOS: Currently I see a few issues with the radios counselors can activate to "distract" Jason. 1. They don't move and spawn in the same locations. 2. The ping rate and lack of movement make it pretty easy to ignore them as a meaningful "distraction". You can simply tell with some map knowledge you're looking at a radio ping. How can these items, that never spew the songs I like , be improved to make them more useful for counselors to use? 1. There should be a bubble radius (say 10m) around an activated radio where all counselor sound pings are dampened. They (counselors) cannot be heard over the sound of the music and quit creating pings. If a counselor was moving around an active radio, as Jason you would have to physically go look to see where they are in the building because Sense would only show that someone was in the structure. 2. The sounds of entering/exiting windows and hiding spots would be reduced 50% in an active radio's bubble. This would allow counselors to maneuver or hide when Jason shows up and have a lower risk of being detected (damn those closets and window hops are noisy as hell). 3. On the flip-side. Jason's music is muted for those counselors inside the radio music radius - just as if he was in Stalk. We need balance. 4. Radios can be repaired by counselors. A failed QTE would result in a new "changing stations" sound effect notifying Jason that a radio is being fixed. 5. There should be a couple of random spawn locations where radios may populate on all maps in addition to the areas where you'll get a guaranteed radio. Maybe 2-3 locations that have a 25% chance to have a radio any given match. It might be nice to see them pop up at campsites occasionally. Just some food for thought. ~Alk
  10. The Devs don't consider hitting through doors an exploit; though it doesn't mean they won't change it. So, while I dislike it, it seems to be here to stay for now.
  11. That's great to hear! Can you elaborate a bit on what you found to be deficient and adequate or perhaps your thought process approaching the problems?
  12. The major issue with this idea is that using a hiding spot dramatically increases Stamina regeneration. It takes ~5-6 seconds for any counselor to fully recover their lost Stamina from empty (regardless of their current Fear level). You'd have to figure out how to make it work so they can't hold their breath indefinitely. So. 1. You could make Stamina regeneration "pause" when the hold breath function is used. This would be easy to abuse since any time you aren't holding your breath you're regaining lost Stamina at an incredible rate and you'll be fully charged in 5-6 seconds. You could possibly have the duration of how fast Stamina is consumed be based on Composure (maybe hold breath for 1 second per point of Composure + 1 second per point of Stamina). 2. You could have the "hold breath" function burn Stamina at a rate faster than the accumulation rate while hiding. I like the idea. You'd just have to sort out how it would work and be balanced.