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  1. Have you ever heard of "whiskey dick"? Lol.
  2. Jason is a freaking joke.

    Let the nerd flow through you....
  3. Jason is a freaking joke.

    Praise be to the d20 and pocket protector. His nerdy goodness floweth over. Deliver us from a TPK. :::knocks on front door::: Have you met LaChappa?
  4. Disney's Next Big buy

    Seems like most of the local brands played "feeder" to the big leagues. I used to watch pro-wrestling all the time as a kid. I would go to Blockbuster video and rent all the Wrestlemania VHS tapes they had and spend hours watching them. When I was a kid I thought it would be an awesome job to be a pro-wrestler. You don't realize that they work for peanuts unless they have a big contract...plus being on the road all the time. I always liked watching the British Bulldog in matches as well as Roddy Piper. In the newer era, I liked Kane before he ditched the mask. You mentioned paint...almost forgot....Demolition was a great tag team too. I'm not a big guy myself, only 5'10", but I used to do powerlifting. I was bulky but not a giant by any means. Then I joined the military and got lean. Not much use for bulk in the Army. My cousins are pretty huge, but those genetics don't run in my side of the family.
  5. Disney's Next Big buy

    Yeah. I can see breaking into WCW or WWE being a bit tough. Some of those dudes are just huge. I met Junkyard Dog once as a kid. That man was a wall with arms. As far a tag teams go, I always like The Road Warriors/Legion of Doom. The "Doomline" finisher was just agonizing to watch. I can't imagine having to take the bump at the end of that shit. I definitely miss the golden era of wrestling and the DX era.
  6. As far as we've been informed, the next patch is "balance" related; probably with a ton of bug fixes. What "balancing" they will do is unknown. The Devs have acknowledged Jason needs work. So we wait and see. Sorry your first experience back after that long is what it has become. The pitchforks and torches have been in full swing for quite awhile now in regards to Jason being neutered and counselors trolling him.
  7. Disney's Next Big buy

    Nice! Ok, so what was your gimmick? Finisher? LOL. Inquiring minds want to know.
  8. It's dirty...but so fun to fool people into thinking you've left.
  9. It is triggered whenever he activates Shift or Morph and you happen to be within ~30m of him. It also now activates when he enters Stalk (it didn't used to). This is so he can trick you into thinking he morphed or shifted when he is in fact still lingering around to ambush you.
  10. How do I scare them? I make suggestions how to fix the current imbalance in their favor. LOL. In-game I love to linger in Stalk just outside an interior door I know a counselor is about to open and give them snatch/scream treatment when they open it. Sometimes I hang out with a Jason that has good Shift and wait beyond Jason's music range observing with Sense. I let the counselor get occupied doing something, activate Stalk, and Shift to their location for underwear filling goodness. Its fun to hide in the pantries at Packanack main lodge and wait for people to come in the kitchen on the first floor. Hiding in the water with Stalk active is fun. You can observe them fixing the boat and just wait until they come to you to surprise them. There are a bunch of things you can do. Catching people in the two big houses on the Jarvis map are fun too.
  11. What kind of soda do you drink?

    Coke or Cherry Coke...sometimes Mountain Dew. Also like spicy V8 though it's not a soft drink in the traditional sense. Add rum to the cokes and vodka to the Dew and you got a party. My favorite mixed drink is a very spicy Bloody Mary.
  12. Disney's Next Big buy

    Who'd you wrestle for? It is funny the things you learn about people.😃
  13. Jason harpoon

    I try to keep my word-fu strong. My natural inclination is to say, "Idea good. Me like. Make happen." I suspect only Marines and 6 year olds would appreciate that simplification though.
  14. 1. Jason had a very large grab range. 2. Counselors were more afraid of Jason because there wasn't much in the way of pocket knives for all. You were lucky if you found one. Med-sprays and shotguns were more scarce too. 3. Some perks like Thick Skinned were more effective to the point of being OP; hence they got nerfed. 4. There were tons of server related problems. 5. Xbox had a memory leak from hell making the game crash constantly. 6. Team killing was possible in public matches. 7. Traps didn't auto-limp a counselor not running a perk to protect them. They avoided some damage based on Luck (like windows still are). 8. Many bugs/glitches from back then still exist. There was one called the "home run" glitch which would literally knock Jason right out of the map; ending the match. Really there are too many things to list. Back then, Jason was a threat and counselors didn't take him lightly. It took real skill to be a successful counselor and the wins were very gratifying. Killing Jason was harder because he was a bigger threat. The game was generally scarier because you knew as a counselor you were the underdog. Playing Jason was a bit more intuitive.