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  1. 1. An introduction post is required on the forums. 2. This is a suggestion/feedback so you posted in the wrong portion of the forums. 3. Tommy is fine. He is more useful than he was and gains more XP for helping counselors escape. 4. Welcome to the forums.
  2. The definition of "SOON" can be found at the bottom of the roadmap, in the fine print, behind the *. The definition of "PATIENCE" is re-read what it says behind the * at the bottom of the roadmap. So we wait.
  3. Where we now are ?

    1. Bottom of the map says, as it did before, *Content subject to change. The order shown means absolutely nothing except general goals. Things can show up at any time and in any order. 2. Icons are seasons. Once again, doesn't matter - see #1. 3. They have stated no Jarvis small. 4. Shifty said the new Jasons coming are not Retro. 5. Devs stated they would release DLCs as they become ready. Piecemeal if need be. This was specifically mentioned in regards to Single Player stuff. See #1. 6. No hard dates. @wes has posted no dancing gifs lately. So an imminent drop is probably not likely. I could be wrong. See #1.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. On Topic: Well it seems that I was wrong. Now I wonder if Retro will just "drop" at some time during the current roadmap or has he been postponed in favor of doing other things?
  5. Seriously?

    I know right? I Googled the slang and it hasn't even found a dubious home in the Urban Dictionary yet. So in other words, it's new and most people don't currently even know what it means because they (the retards who came up with it) haven't bothered to officially define it in any obvious location. It's some sort of short-hand slang abortion that will no doubt spread like herpes at a kissing contest with the digital generation....much like bae.
  6. @ShiftySamurai I agree, people have been asking for items at campsites to make them more interesting for some time. People have also complained at the huge number of empty drawers. Additionally, the numbers and balance of the current items (in particular the med-sprays and pocket knives) have been a hot topic of discussion. I don't mind the spawn randomization including campsites. Hell, I wish it would include graveyards too. I am immensely concerned exactly what the Devs want to put at these new spawn locations though; considering the mostly empty drawers as it is now. We certainly don't need MORE pocket knives and med-sprays. They are already at abusive numbers to game balance. Maps and walkie-talkies already spawn in good numbers (plus you can guarantee a map at the map stand). So that leaves fire crackers. Just how much ordinance have these kids been hoarding since the 4th of July? Concerns: 1. Med-sprays and pocket knives have damaged game balance. This was a huge part of abusive trapping which led to the trap nerf for Jason. Traps are nerfed, but the abusive number of pocket knives and med sprays remain. The bug fix to Medic will help a bit, but not significantly. The healing perks (medic/hypochondriac) combined with large numbers of defensive items is problematic. 2. Drawers are mostly empty. 3. New spawn locations are cool. I don't disapprove of the idea and encourage it. 4. We need more types of items to help fill out these spawn locations. The current game has too few types of items to fill the dead space. This problem will persist until new original content is developed to help bring the maps to life. Many existing items do the same thing - stun Jason (firecrackers, flare guns, shotguns, pocket knives, melee weapons); coordinate counselors (maps and walkie-talkies); heal (med-sprays). Can we get some other game play dynamics please in regards to how items interact? This may spawn new item ideas to help fill out the spawn locations. 5. Many users have suggested new item ideas over the last 6 months. Maybe peruse those for possible additions to the game to fill out that dead space.
  7. Seriously?

    Well grammar and context often eludes the new generation.😆 He could be saying, "probably me". He could be saying, "probe me". He could be saying, "problem me". I don't know the precise nature of the exchange. What seems the most plausible to you based on his attitude and vocal inflection? I'd say he sounded dismissive and rude so I would guess the second option.
  8. My bad. The ad said nip piercing and lotion. I thought it included a massage.
  9. Congrats. Have the strippers arrived?😁
  10. @Mr. HK 92 Destroying hiding spots is not a bad idea for early game preparation. It is better suited to use as a strategy against disorganized randoms. Against organized groups it could eat up valuable time that might be better directed towards breaking up their plays. The clock is always working against Jason. Also you should consider how much time you are allowing counselors to dig in and prepare for confrontation. I'd say give it a go in QP. I'd be cautious in a private lobby. I'm sure you'll get a feel pretty quick if it may be effective or if you need to abandon the strategy for plan "B". 😉
  11. I sure hope that item is not a med-spray or a pocket knife.
  12. Status of upgraded Retro remains unknown. I still think he is represented on the roadmap as one of the upcoming Jasons. Beyond speculative posts by users, the Devs have been silent regarding him for some time. I suspect he may be finished and they are waiting for an marketing opportunity to unveil him while they work on bigger issues. I'm fine with that if it's the case. They do have bigger fish to fry.
  13. Humble Pie

    Welcome back. It is always hard to publicly admit a mistake. Props and respect for that.
  14. We did some more testing on Sense this weekend. Thanks to @Brigadius and @bewareofbears for the assistance. I'm posting results of the ongoing testing in the Playbook thread here. I don't want to clutter up the help thread with people having a discussion, so I'll make this thread if you want to talk about the results. There is a ton more that has to be done, but we'll get around to it when we can.
  15. Yeah. I think a pretty extensive overhaul of the perk system would be in order. I've got a whole thread in Feedback devoted to misc. suggestions or ideas I've had about all kinds of things. I'm not sure what they are going to do, but regardless of previous intent, I suspect they will have to start changing what has been into something new. I suppose we'll just have to wait to see which way they are going to run with the ball. Same goes for other balance issues.