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  1. Me too. I don't begrudge them trying to put PR spin onto it or being diversionary. Putting yourself in the their shoes...PR was friggin' horrible. They needed a "win". They needed customer confidence to improve. Those icons on the roadmap, before the updates they've done, said vague things like "counselor clothing pack". It's pretty easy to write in Halloween Clothing after the fact, and have the pumpkin assumption do the PR for them; that icon should be after the pumpkin (season), but perception is that the product was released before Halloween and on time. Gun Media....you sly dogs. People might say: "Hooray! They got it out on time!" No... they changed an icon. Your assumption does the rest. High fives all around the Gun Media office..."they like us again!".
  2. What they did is state the pumpkin represents Autumn (the truth) and chose a symbol that represents Halloween (a potential diversion). They also left the start of the roadmap vague (also a diversion). That way, they can go back and update the roadmap as they see fit to tailor the narrative in a way that is more palatable to the consumer. They are not lying to us, but they are simply playing on the assumptions people will make so that perceptions of their progress improve. PR and marketing at it's best. I'm just happy they are closer to being back on schedule or actually on schedule after all this time.
  3. Because they specifically stated that it did not represent holidays. On Topic: So let me pose this to everyone here, so you can better understand how I see it. They have given us a roadmap of what their near-term game plan was since launch. We did not get it immediately, we got it after so much heartache and issues. They laid their cards on the table. Most people assume this represents the cards laid out as of the roadmap dropping. It does not. You have to backdate the items shown to understand that they are running behind schedule. The start of the roadmap represents Release Day (May 26th - Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake) and the stuff that was supposed to come (that hadn't been officially delayed - such as SP) before Autumn. The pumpkin represents the start of Autumn (September 21) and the snowflake represents the start of Winter (December 21). What falls between the pumpkin and the snowflake is what should be coming (if on schedule) during Autumn. What comes after the snowflake depicts what to expect in Winter. Everyone assumes the roadmap has been spot on, but that is actually incorrect. Part IV Jason and the Jarvis map were originally envisioned by the Devs to come BEFORE Autumn. We got those add-ins during Autumn. The point being, they are actually still behind schedule and trying to actually hit a mark they had set for themselves waaaayyyy back in the year. If we get an update containing the Virtual Cabin 2.0 before December 21, it will be the FIRST TIME they have gotten something out on their proposed timeline.
  4. Snowflake is the start of winter. It is still autumn right now. Winter is from December 21st until March 20th in North America. Whatever is after the snowflake should be something that actually comes in the winter months.
  5. The roadmap was never "accurate". It just turns out that we got some DLCs in a timely manner; *subject to change. Because nothing has been "late"; *subject to change, and it has come in order; *subject to change, does not mean it is going to continue to be so; *Check the Roadmap - read fine print. It's the illusion of consistency that keeps people coming back. They may stay consistent. They may not. Either way, they've covered their asses by being vague.
  6. If it was just an general outline before which showed us where the Devs heads were at (vision and thought process), then tagged with a "we're not sure this is how it will be and might change our minds" caveat, do we really need to create a new roadmap? It is a purely speculative document as is. That's all I'm saying.
  7. I wouldn't think we need a new roadmap because the current one caveats *Contents Subject to Change. Basically, they are not committed to getting the stuff out by any particular season/date, nor in any particular order. The roadmap basically shows what the Devs would like to accomplish, but nothing is set in stone.
  8. Animated signatures

    No worries. I'm not expecting mine soon with the holidays coming up. Take your time, and they'll get done when they get done.
  9. What perks do you use?

    On fixers I run Thick Skin, My Dad's a Cop, and Psychic/Preparedness.
  10. Nah! It'll be no different than you chasing me around when my ping is through the roof. I'll eventually get past that wall snag or open door. The bots probably will too. You just won't have to hear me cuss about it. 😄
  11. A Speculation

    I can see where you are coming from too. So hard to gauge him in such a short film. I've seen it twice now. Grip Strength weakness is also a good choice. I also agree the axe is probably a given since the only death by weapon shown was by axe. It is also the first weapon J grabbed before getting his trusty machete for the initial pursuit. OK, so back to the post: The Hiker (trope) - These are purely my impressions of the fan film's protagonist. Composure: 8 - The hiker was composed. Self-stitching his wound, going back to get his dropped gear, and ready to brawl on 3 occasions. Props. Luck: 3 - He tripped over some barb wire. Got a cut that needed stitches and had to drag himself around on the ground for a bit. Repair: 1 - The hiker showed no inclination towards fixing stuff. He stitched himself and performed first aid, but that is more Stamina and Composure IMO. Speed: 6 - The hiker moved at a good clip. He fought and dodged quickly. Not a track star, but certainly no slouch to be sure. Stamina: 10 - The hiker had endurance! He kept up a strong and continued pace running. He is the Rocky of males who have fought Jason and lived. Definitely max. Stealth: 2 - The hiker was not particularly stealthy. Jason knew where he was in all but one case. That case was probably more Jason's bad Sense failing. Strength: 5 - The hiker fought back decently. He was able to de-mask Jason using a rock, but it did take quite of bit of effort leading up to that.
  12. A Speculation

    I agree. Horror fans are insatiable. We love our favorite franchises, and hate it passionately when stupid decisions get made. Stopping a body-hopping Jason slug with a magic dagger...sending him into space. Rebooting and re-imagining him. I wish they'd get back to basics. The fan film shows a shoe-string budget, a little elbow grease, and people who appreciate the characters can turn out interesting concepts as well as, if not better than, the big studios. But that's just my opinion. OK. Time for the usual what are this Jason's stats digression. The movie is short so getting a feel for Big J is a bit muted. Based on the fan film, I'd say this version of Jason might look something like this in game: (Undead) - Weapon Axe +Stalk - J did a lot of creeping around and observing in the fan film early on. It actually reminded me more of how he was depicted in Part II and Part III (always watching). His undead incarnations in the movies have tended to be more locate/chase-ambush/kill/repeat. In the earlier films, Jason did more stalking. I like that he didn't just swoop in for the kill but observed and tracked his prey. Besides, based on how heavy his footsteps were, Jason would definitely want the option to mute them. +Stun Resistance or +Throwing Knives- He took quite a few hits and only got slowed down twice. His de-masking and a knock down by the hiker. By and large he just took the punishment and ignored most of it. Jason didn't actually throw any knives in the film, but he did toss his axe like a boss. It could be inferred he is no slouch using ranged weapons. Some could argue that he was easier to stun because of the two incidents in the short film. I think that is a perfectly valid observation too (I guess it depends how you view Jason's fighting performance vs the Hiker). I don't think I'd give him a - Stun Resistance, but normal resistance would be reasonable I think. + Morph - He ran into problems keeping up with the protagonist (or is it the antagonist - pesky hiker), yet he seemed to have little trouble moving vast distances to stay in range of his target late in the movie. I would surmise his Morph would be good, but Shift would be bad. - Sense - This version of Jason could smell what the Rock was cookin', but only at short range. He even lost his quarry. My guess is that his Sense is really bad by Jason standards. I would also cut his sound ping detection radius as well. - Shift or -Grip Strength - No short range quick catch ups here. This Jason showed really no inclination towards Shift. Additionally, as noted by Timmy, the Hiker did break free of his grab while injured - a grip strength penalty would be perfectly valid too. - Can Run - Walking Jason only. His attacks were quick and he had a brisk fast walk, but that's it. That's just my take on him. In regards to an Abandoned Camp map, I'd say it might work well as a small sized map. I'm sure the Devs probably could come up with a smaller forest map pretty quickly since the assets already exist. The only significant building that would need to be made was the main lodge shown in the fan film. It would make a nice center piece with Jason's cabin actually not spawning, but the shrine/shack being in an upstairs loft. Edited based on @TimmyJarvis's feedback. To me this seems to illustrate the fan film Jason pretty well.
  13. A Speculation

    Permission being more of a respectful courtesy.😉 The fan film is quite good. Better than Jason Goes to Hell for sure. It's only 1 hour long, but it was made by fans who really poured a lot of TLC into making it. Check it out when you have an hour to kill. You can find it on YouTube. I think you might be pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out.
  14. Maps?

    Gamerant had maps with spawn locations marked. Check out that website.
  15. A Speculation

    I understand the burnout in the forest maps point of view. Somehow I just feel the Abandoned Camp from the stretch goals seems tailor made for the fan film Jason. A little fun bundle deal.😄 @thatdudescott Thom's acting wasn't worse than anything we've seen in other F13 films. It's not saying much, but I'll roll with it. The lead did a fine job by any F13 movie standard and worked well. I agree Jason was a tad thin for zombie era, with a Kane Hodder chassis modification no problem. 😂 To be fair the director/Jason is a good sized person. Height wasn't an issue.