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  1. I haven't seen that movie in ages. Good ol' B movie from my childhood. I too approve the avatar choice.
  2. Skull Objectives & Emote Unlocks

    Bears is the forum herpes Gun contracted by fucking around with the F13 IP. Now they experience occasional flare-ups and discomfort which is treated with bans for temporary relief of the symptoms. The cream soothes...but it is no cure. EDIT On topic: I think the emotes are a wasted opportunity myself. Why not unlock new environmental kills for multiplayer? Why not unlock new music for the camp radios? How about a completed Retro Jason? New unique counselor traits? Instead, we get more troll-motes. I appreciate them adding useful (in-game communication-wise) emotes, but most of these I'm not at all enthusiastic about.
  3. Skull Objectives & Emote Unlocks

    Gun: "Do you ever get a nagging feeling that moldy old bear rug is watching us?" Illfonic: "Nah...but you can toss it out in the shed if it is creeping you out." Gun: "Oh good. I could have sworn it moved...." One month later..... Gun/Illfonic: "Dafuq? The rug is back..." Gun: "OK...the damn thing is watching again!" Illfonic: "Be cool....ignore it. Just pretend it's not there..."
  4. Skull Objectives & Emote Unlocks

    Bears only gets banned when he makes countdown timers, asks if something will be improved to a playable condition, or teases Ben too enthusiastically. ๐Ÿ˜œ
  5. Nice job Tommy. EDIT: Added a link to the front page.
  6. Rain on Grendel?

    How will rain work indoors...in space? Chace you're killing me smalls.
  7. LOL. Quite the visual eh? I think I prefer their casting/wardrobe choice over the description of her in the script... Then again. A hot redhead would have been pretty cool too.
  8. http://www.dailyscript.com/scripts/friday_13_8.html Her name is J.J. Jarret in the actual movie script. The movie credits don't give her full name.
  9. Adding events

    You seem to have missed the joke from @Thatguyinktown. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. New Info on the Game Coming

    The question is there a dancing gif on Wes' Twitter? Lol. If not, I wouldn't get too excited.
  11. Anything new

    There is no release date.
  12. Stalk is broken?

    Yeah. Jason should never appear on counselor mini-map uses he is marked by a flare gun. Most tension/jump scare opportunities get lost by Jason GPS keeping the players tuned into his location.