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  1. Bots

    The AI of Alien Isolation is magnificent. Hands down the best I've ever encountered in a game. You find yourself mumbling at your screen a lot..."OK, you SOB, where the f*@k did you go? What was that noise? Time to back awa...ACK! Run! Close door! Clooooosssseee! "
  2. Glad to see you're still lurking man. Sometimes you can only handle wading into the same arguments so many times before it is a waste of time. I'll say my piece if I feel a need to and stay quiet the rest of the time unless I'm razzing a forum buddy or posting in the Playbook. I've already got too much grey hair to worry about changing everyone's mind.
  3. Either works. If you post to the agency not as many people will see your post.
  4. @AldermachXI is PC your lane?
  5. You ain't kidding. Miss one Shift-grab, take one too many stuns, or simply waste a Morph without considering your circumstance.......literally any single mistake could make or break your round against an aggressive veteran lobby.
  6. It's actually a very good idea. Small maps for example are notoriously easy for counselors. To challenge those player lobbies filled with many higher level players, having the items spawn a bit farther than they would for lower average level lobbies would make it more interesting. Likewise, on the huge maps (Jarvis and Pinehurst) it would help lower average level lobbies locate parts a bit quicker and make it more interesting as well. In the first example, counselors wouldn't be able to steamroll objectives in the first 5 minutes of the game as easily. In the second example, the newer players would not be tortured by extreme item spawn distances and give them a better fighting chance versus Jason. It is about like installing an option for difficulty that sets itself to the make-up of the current lobby. If you wanted to, you could make it not apply to standard sized maps, but it would potentially help interest for the small and huge maps.
  7. I was playing QP today. Got Jason. Went about doing business and caught an Adam: pocket knife. He managed to elude me because it was pre-Shift. Morphed to another location and caught a Vanessa screwing up installing a boat prop. GRAB! Pocket knife. She sprinted over to the main house on Pinehurst and I gave chase for a bit. Still no Shift. Decided to let her be for the moment and check the car. Sure enough there is a Kenny trying to bring the gas over. Shift unlocks. Shift-grab and....pocket knife. So at this point I'm thinking to myself....well at least their extra lives are gone, time to get down to business. Pursued the Kenny and cornered him in a cabin. GRAB! I pressed the execute button and.............dashboarded. Geee...thanks Xbox. The next QP match I got as Jason after that was....bad for the counselors...real bad. So much pain and shame in my eyes.
  8. Played a QP match today as Eric where nobody was doing anything and Jason was picking off everyone one by one. Buckled down, found the keys, and fixed the 4-seater by myself on Packanack. All the others were holed up in one cabin in Flatrock. I fired up the car down by the beach, juked an angry Part 8 twice and exited the map with an oddly Chad-like smirk. Jason rage quit and the useless barnacles survived because the nerd infuriated him.
  9. A small mercy granted by the game to prevent salt from clogging up people's controllers.
  10. Indeed. Having a little back-up to create a window of opportunity is great.
  11. Last night in one match, the 4 seater started about 5 seconds after the police chatter from a successful call played. The coordination was great, but Jason had to start making some tough decisions immediately. The match had only been going probably 5-6 minutes at the time. Everyone was either out or dead in under 10 minutes.
  12. ***mutters about rubber-banded axe kill on me as Tommy*** The bugs need to go for sure.
  13. Yeah. Ego doesn't do anything except make people bitter and salty. In the private lobbies I play in, with the players I regularly meet, you better bet your ass you will get embarrassed as Jason once in awhile. IT WILL HAPPEN. You simply will not have that perfect Jason game more often than not. But it really does help you get better as both a counselor and as Jason.