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  1. Tonight 12am launch for America eastern time zone. Super super excited. Finally we are here we made it .
  2. I think PCs will do very well but in the long run consoles will have the most players and purchases.
  3. That is understandable but if other games can do the promo thing with tv commercial spots , why not . it would be great PR . All of the movies did it , they should do at least one true movie style trailer. That would be cool.
  4. Well it depends on who is doing the killing. Some had gotten very good at shifting and morphing. Remember if you shift right before they close the door you can get behind them. But outside I think is the most dangerous place to be especially alone.
  5. I always feel that a controller in most cases can make gaming easier. Jpop I was only joking seriously lighten up.
  6. Im 100% sure it was three. Now there is some changes that were not put in and some that were rearranged. And the barn were he was hung from did not allow access to the top of the barn.
  7. That is true but it is not 40 it is 39.99 small correction. ☺
  8. Oh your right jason 9 music was not that great . Hoping for something epic there please.....
  9. I agree I ran into friends online that Love F13 movies but did not know the game was on the way.
  10. My wife is more a Michael Myers fan than Jason, I think they are both Legendary. Jason being first Michael close runner up. As for playing f13 , others will play as in my brothers but I am sure my wife won't enjoy me hunting her down in f13 .
  11. Yes I Agree and its only fare that we spend our hard earned money on these high quality systems games and smart 4k flat screens. That should be the new standard
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