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  1. Minds messed up? Just a little digital violence and TnA
  2. Idk, depends if their cool. Nothing below 13 though, then you just get a bunch of annoying spinner enjoying, high pitched, vine liking losers, who rage quit. Yeah it can get really annoying if they know nothing about the series for some strange reason, my but-hurt fan rage shines through everytime. Honestly squeakers are in every game and their no matter what really annoying, especially this generation, with vine and spinners and instagram. Their really toxic. But like I said sometimes they are cool.
  3. There is a comic about it. It's called friday the 13th bad lands. here's the link http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Friday-the-13th-Bad-Land it doesn't the inventive kills you have suggested but it's still cool
  4. What Killer Klowns from Outer Space is the best!
  5. Oh I thought it was some sort of stream watching you play the game. But the other one sounds sort of cool, once I get to level 8 I'll make sure to check it out. Also what films have you showcased so far?
  6. Hopefully you revert back to movies, I don't really like watching people play games.
  7. I took the discord survey and I just found out there are movies nights! but it say I need to be a level 8? How do I get to be a level 8 and what does it mean?
  8. I mass tweeted the indie go go page to a lot of people There is a pretty good one that takes place after 8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqI9G_1lkFI
  9. Looking for some more people to play with in a private match come release. Only criteria is to not be easily offended. Not saying I'm a memey asshole but just don't want any easily offended people. just looking for some cool fun peeps to add to my game group on steam.
  10. Like just playing as a 8-bit Jason going around slashing. Fun!
  11. I agree with you on this. At some point it won't become financially become viable to continue on this one game forever. If any huge and major changes/additions are made they should just put it in a another game. And it would be fun to talk about what we would want in a sequel.
  12. It seems like you and Heart-breaker are just completely ignoring it. Also not trying say Jason X is a sequel to Jason Vs. Freddy mainly because my belief in that Jason X is a alternate timeline where Tommy never killed Jason at the end of 4, but also partly because Jason X was just a fun time made by New Line to keep the franchise alive while they were working on Jason Vs. Freddy.
  13. It's made pretty obvious that Freddy resurrected Jason from hell to conduct his deeds. Have you watched it?
  14. I don't know why but you suggesting both of the only Jasons they can't have in the game, should be implemented is making me giggle like a little Japanese school girl.
  15. No one said you couldn't talk about it, just saying it probably won't happen. If it is successful (Which no doubt it will be) they'll do what they said they'll do. Which is add more Jasons, Maps, and counselors. Maybe just maybe, add more stuff for single player(Would be awesome if we could get hitman like missions reflecting the films, or even better a cinematic story mode!). Maybe a couple years down the road with all their money they could make a remastered version of the game with better graphics and such. It's all too far away to tell, but eventually we'll see.
  16. I think an "Abandoned Camp Site", Map is just a reference to Part 2 or the Remake. Crystal lake for part 6 and 7, No! I know "Camp Forest Green" is just a renamed Camp Crystal Lake but it's still different! Part 7 takes place on a completely different side of the lake dude. Lol I'm pretty butt hurt
  17. The devs have said many times there's not going to be a sequel, and they'll just keep adding to this one. As they put it,This is the "Be All End All" of Jason games.
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