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    What about longevity?

    There are a few topics on this already. The questions go unanswered. No plan laid forth by Gun that we know of. We all either want client side saves or everything unlocked at level 1 or 0 prior to the servers being shut down. Will we get an answer on it? Who knows. Shifty said he would ask, but no response yet to my knowledge.
  2. I had already added this request to my thread in the suggestion area. I support it.
  3. Maddogg_8121

    Cop exit predictability

    A couple of patches ago, maybe three, it would almost always appear opposite of the phone house. That since seems to have changed to mostly random. I haven't found a pattern yet to it.
  4. Maddogg_8121

    If you were the judge...

    There are too many unknowns right now for me to cast an accurate vote. I haven't fully read what is out there yet, and I'm sure there is evidence from both parties. Can't cast that vote.
  5. Maddogg_8121

    Let this be clear...

    Guy.... We get your stance on it. We really do. We see you are passionate about it. But, creating basically the same thread over and over isn't gonna help. It's Gun's decision. Not trying to be negative, but this could have been posted in an existing thread already.
  6. Sounds like Cunningham should have found a way to settle. Maybe he feels he has enough to stand on, but in the process he and Miller and the court system are hurting the franchise and the game. Even if this ends soon, there may not be a studio that is willing to touch the franchise again for another movie. I could see Blumhouse being about the only one who would. Just an opinion.
  7. From the wording in the news, it appears this game is done for. It sounds like it is going to run basically until it starts losing money. With no new content or dlc that time could come soon. Hopefully it will last till the end of 2018. This is all speculation, of course, with the limited info that Wes can discuss at this time. So, here is a small list of requests to at least ensure that fans and players who bought this game can still somewhat enjoy it if and when the servers are shut down. 1) no dedicated servers. It costs a lot of money to run them. Just keep it p2p and keep the current servers up as long as possible. This is unless you are past the point of no return with the dedicated servers. 2) turn on double XP/CP and tape drops and just leave it on. Let the newer players catch up and experience all of the Jasons and weapon swap feature and clothing. I've been seeing a lot of new players as of late. Level 1- 50 and everything in between. Let them enjoy the full game experience. 3) before the servers are shut down (if/when that happens) switch save data over to our side or whatever it is you do so that we can at least use the Jasons we have unlocked for bots and challenges. It would really suck to have 2-3 Jasons to play and that's it. I'm sure you guys can figure that out. 4) communicate with us. Let us know what is going on. For a lot of us, this was the meca of our gaming experience. Several I know of, myself included, bought a platform just to play this game. We've backed the game, put up with the issues, and have still managed to have fun and support this game since launch or before. Just talk to us. Keep us in the loop. That is all for now. I'll edit if anything else pops up.
  8. Exactly. They will tell us if they can and if they decide to. They don't have to tell us anything really. They don't even have to say when the servers will close. We could just log in one day to see it down. It's up to them.
  9. You may be right about the cease and desist. Idk. I'm not a lawyer so I won't pretend I know. Maybe this is their way of separating themselves from it from a business standpoint. Idk, man. I really don't know what to tell ya. It sucks for sure. It really does. Time will tell. Maybe Gun has been instructed not to say anything yet. Just spitballing ideas here. I'm certainly not trying to defend them. They don't need me for that.
  10. Maddogg_8121

    Meanwhile on Reddit pt.3

    Anything is possible, brother. We won't know for sure. It would seem that something has changed, but only those involved know for sure at this point.
  11. Maybe they have already gotten one. If so, I'm sure they probably couldn't discuss it. Maybe it is to avoid any further issues. Maybe it is just to protect themselves as a company. Who knows.
  12. I think we would be better off without them at this point. Have a few hosts quit or not be able to play at all? Think I'll take the hosts quitting.
  13. I agree, guys. Keep that advice and opinions rolling. Only reason I don't want dedicated servers now is because of the cost. I think it may cut the lifespan down now. I also think they should put the game on sale immediately to generate new players. With the news though, people may not want to buy it at all knowing it may not be around sometime in the possibly near future. If they can't put saves on our side, the logical thing to do would just be to drop the levels on everything so players can enjoy it all.
  14. Hey, at least you will ask. Thanks for that. Just let us know, please. Keep us in the loop.
  15. Well, it is definitely buried somewhere under the Atari's classic ET game... Yeah, yeah. Bad joke. I know.
  16. Gonna have to pass on either team. Not to cut them down because I'm sure they feel like crap right now, but Ill hasn't exactly been a great Dev team and Gun mishandled quite a bit early on. So, I'm just gonna have to say no at this point.
  17. Maddogg_8121

    Is the Game over now?

    Why? So they can have Bob's bait, tackle, upholstery, and video games build it? No thanks.
  18. Spiderman and Jurassic Park evolution.
  19. Not sure that it matters anymore, but here is a clip of Jason raging through a door, yet the door stays intact. Also, the axe seems to phase through him. Granted, it wasn't the best timing due to the door throwing me for a loop, but the axe head definitely passed through him in frame by frame analysis.
  20. Damn... That was deep and insightful.
  21. Maddogg_8121

    Is the Game over now?

    Man, I hope we at least get fixes. I was hoping to platinum before this game shuts down. Looks like I may not do that. I was hopeful that one day this game would run smoothly.
  22. Maddogg_8121

    Is the Game over now?

    No kidding. Glad he at least confirmed it.
  23. Maddogg_8121

    Is the Game over now?

    Well, maybe this is a good thing if this is even true. Maybe someone from Gun can confirm. But, maybe all focus can be given to bug fixes and getting this game running smoothly. I'd much rather have that than new stuff that will compound the issues we already have.