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  1. Man, your threads are vague and don't offer much info. Care to go into detail? Any video clip? Not trying to be a douche here or anything, but threads like this don't offer much in the way of discussion. In general, yeah being the first to go sucks. But, the mute button is always an option.
  2. Question about Restful..

    I don't know the exact numbers or answer here, but Regen does still slow down at high fear levels, but it still seems to replenish faster than not having it on. Maybe @Alkavian can shed some more light on the question. He is very f13 knowledgeable.
  3. Day Maps

    It would be cool, however, there is no way it would work with the current mechanics. Stalk and sense to be exact. You'd been seen from a mile away during the day. Stalk would almost have to be full time. Sense would almost have to be made a different color to stand out from the lighting. I don't think the current red would work well during the day. Same goes for traps on the map.
  4. Whoops.

    People will do this on purpose. 1) it is because they are pissed they don't have a seat so they figure they will screw the driver over. 2) they know they won't get out alive so in the process of screwing the driver over, they will screw over the Jason player too. Denying him the kill. I've had this happen to me. The only difference is, when the last player that did it came back as Tommy he suicided in a bear trap without even using his spray or knife. Gotta love the poor sports in this game. They are all over the place.
  5. Agree. I really don't like online games so bots will be perfectly fine with me.
  6. They may already have this in play! That's a good one though. Dancing teabag party at the outhouse for vc 2.0.
  7. No, you aren't the only one. This should have been a day one addition if they were gonna do it at all. It doesn't add much as you said and will be cool for about as much time as you also said. It really wasn't needed. Vc for PC was fine. It had enough stuff to showcase what was going to be in the game. We already know this one has a puzzle to where you can be killed by Jason. Same as the original vc. Nothing spectacular. Oh well. Devs felt it was necessary.
  8. It is just an exhibition of in game content. The Jasons will have bios with them. There will be a puzzle to open the front door and you will be killed by Jason. Just a museum to f13 really.
  9. Question

    Just bragging rights. Same as tapes.
  10. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    1st) finally! The blaring part 9 music is being fixed! No more ear drum rape. Gooooood. 2nd) for the Jarvis map, will the phone box have more spawn locations now? I'm not sure that this patch note cover it. The Jarvis or party houses would also be good phone locations. Thanks for the early notes. Hopefully the patch will be "soon™".
  11. Too many pocket knives

    It isn't just part 7 that has a hit issue. It's pretty much all of them. The two with the longest weapons in the game may as well be carrying a toothbrush, because that's about how close you need to be in order to get their 10 foot weapons to connect. Play, test, collect data, fix.
  12. Sometimes the best way to learn is to jump in head first. Unfortunately, Jason is in a bad state right now and there is no interactive tutorial. You can't blame the new players on that. That's on the devs. Not everyone watches streams or videos, so an interactive tutorial would help, but still not make a player great. That's where jumping in and seeing if you float or not comes into play.
  13. Completely agree @malloymk. It took away the "hiding in plain sight" aspect. It was another unannounced addition that wasn't needed. It certainly isn't tied to composure either making it even more annoying.
  14. Yes he can. You have to hug the outer edge or the railing side depending on which side Jason is at. It has been this way for quite a while now. The railing doesn't matter. He will pull you through it.
  15. Everything past the point where I fire the game up and hit "quick play".