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  1. I like how the game is, but there also needs to be issues addressed and changes or tweaks made. I'm fine waiting, but I wish they'd cut their teasers back to around a week out from release instead of weeks or months. I know they are maybe excited to inform us or want to generate hype, but look what happened to paranoia. They teased it, then couldn't deliver. I respect they way they handled it, but basically it's like this: if you aren't ready to release something, don't talk about it until you are. Also, don't hold out for a month or better. It doesn't look good on them and you get too many people on here creating threads about how such and such was promised on or by this date.
  2. I'm willing to bet that every Jason main in here has taken full advantage of the current car issue. By the logic they use to say traps and doors are an exploit we can say using the car glitch to get an easy kill on the car driver is an exploit as well. "Oh, well just don't drive without a knife.". Easier said than done sometimes when the looters already have everything. Smh. Maybe the devs should make Jason start with every ability right off the bat, have an immunity to stuns, remove all knives, all weapons, make it to where counselors can only walk, make it to where counselors can only travel within a two cabin distance from spawn location, put all object parts in the shack, and pretty much just start the match with one big animation of Jason killing everyone at the same time. Jesus, y'all complain about the dumbest shit. How about you focus on other ideas of how to actually improve the game. Like counselors actually falling when they trip (looking at us Vanessa mains. This would help Jason). Stalk being more useful. A working report system where players are actually banned for using tactics the devs have CLEARLY stated are ban worthy.
  3. A nice report system and actual bans of various type (soft ban, perma ban, etc) would help. But these devs could care less about bans or keeping offenders banned. Nearly every match last night was filled with teamers and/or quitters or people holding the game hostage.
  4. Traps are meant to be used any way you deem fit. They are a weapon. There are no rules set against them. There are no limited tiny boxes in which they HAVE to be set in. To my knowledge the devs haven't said anything about them. If so, THEY need to make a decision and implement it. But, I'm sure they will listen to the complainers and patch it out. Like I said before, if you are willing to forego looting a cabin to pick up a trap and run it to an objective then you deserve the reward of it. It is risky as hell. Same way with using them out in the open and baiting Jason into it. The thing about putting them in the door on the inside: Jason breaks a near window "oh I see a trap there. I'll combat the door then shift grab you". On the outside of the door: you gain very little from it. Time to get out of a broken window. Whoopiddy Doo. Traps out in the middle of nowhere and on objectives serve a purpose. I say use them any way you deem fit and screw the whiners. This is a survival game. Use them to help you however you need too. I've had all of the above used on me and thought it is pure genius and those who used it thought out of the box. Good for them. Bottom line is I'm going to continue to play the way I like to play the game. If that pisses someone off too bad. We don't have to play together. Simple as that.
  5. Share Your Experiences

    I still play. Just usually not at the same time as everyone else. I like playing DbD with Teri, Pete, etc. It's fun too. And koraline and face make f13 extremely fun for me. Every now and then I can get Joel to join too.
  6. Fair enough, but let's keep in mind that almost a year after its release this game is still a buggy, hot mess. No one gets the ban hammer these days so what does it matter anyway? As many issues that this game has, it is hard to say what is a bug, a glitch, an exploit, an intended function, etc.
  7. Let's talk about bear traps.

    Yeah, because pocket knives are soooo abundant now. The speed looters horde that shit and you know it. There is literally no need to change the mechanic the way it is now. As Jason, get there first. It is that simple. If not, too bad. Or step in it and disarm it. Most of the time they will shift enough to set the trap.
  8. Of course. I wouldn't give them a chance either. I've never been a part of a skilled kill squad, but there are definitely some out there who can do it over and over again.
  9. Let's talk about bear traps.

    It isn't fair? He should have got there first. Maybe we should consider shift grab or shift grab plus stalk an exploit. "But....but, I didn't even see or hear Jason coming!". Fact of the matter is, both are fine. Just leave it alone.
  10. Yeah, I'm not sure why everyone jumps to the "he's cheating, we need video" jabs. It is the same thing when a counselor uses a shotgun on you real fast. You don't see them even raise the gun. It isn't a cheat. Most likely lag.
  11. I wouldn't underestimate qp. I watched three people join together and three consecutive matches kill Jason. They absolutely brutalized each one. The fourth match the host quit. He was Jason, of course.
  12. Let's talk about bear traps.

    People want to consider everything an exploit. If you are fast enough to find a trap, find the box, set your trap, and get out before Jason gets there you deserve to cock block his traps from being set there. It is a huge risk to do it, so there should be a reward. Exploit..... I swear.
  13. Share Your Experiences

    I haven't been around much. I've been playing DbD by day and playing f13 on Koraline's stream at night. Maybe one day I'll catch back up with you guys. Private matches are just kinda...bleh for me now. I like a party of 3-4 in public. The randomness is fun.
  14. Fuck em'. You have a right to block. Do your thing.
  15. I get 7-8 down and 1 up on mine. I feel your pain. But, I like living in the country so I gotta take what I can get.