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  1. The sale may have helped some, but what helped more probably is that four big time streamers have been on the game. Last night they had brought in more than 30000 viewers on twitch. One alone had over 17k viewers. The others had between 5-7k respectively. That helped but it may have just been a one and done type of thing. The other streamers after that had maybe 50 viewers total, lol.
  2. Yeah, I do regret it. Fun game? Sure....when it works. There has been more frustration than fun, though to be perfectly honest. Not only from the bugs, but to see Jason become nothing more than a damn punching bag. He turned into the most non OP brutal killer in the horror genre. At this point, dj qualls from the new guy could whoop his ass.
  3. You assign your counselor and Jason in the lobby. Current state of the game means it may give you random anyway but you're only gonna start with a few counselors and jasons anyway.
  4. Unless it is around ten bucks or so, don't bother. But, yes you can set your preference to counselor.
  5. You can love something all you want. That still isn't going to save Gun from being labeled a flash in the pan game maker and Ill from being labeled completely incompetent at what they do. Sorry, but the truth hurts. I will never support another Gun or Ill game not due to this news, but due to the utter amateur way soooo many things were handled from the start with this fun little experiment.
  6. Nice exit strategy. "You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, and know when to run.". Really wish I hadn't backed this game. Only a matter of time before the next server delay announcement, then the next, then the next until we get the "game is going offline" post. Looks like a certain undisclosed YouTuber is right about some things.
  7. It isn't swift attacker. It has been happening almost every game. I use restful, marathon, and nerves of steel on almost all my characters now. It happens every match if you attack or use a bear trap or combat stance. To get out of it crouch and hit the attack/swing button. So, on PS4 it is circle then r2. Works with or without a weapon. You'll be able to use the x prompt again.
  8. I had another great stalk + shift / grab on the host today. I'm sure I gave him an "oh shit" moment. I killed him and get the "you were kicked: host has left" message.... But, oh well. Such is f13.
  9. Maddogg_8121

    White Noise 2

    It wasn't free but I bought it on flash sale for like 3 dollars. You can play as investigator or as the monster. As investigator you must find tapes and clues in order to banish the monster. As monster your goal is to devour the investigation team. Each monster has its own abilities and powers. It's also kinda like they have permanent stalk. It's kinda fun. I haven't quite figured out everything yet, but I've been playing it lately.
  10. Interesting. I'll have to try it again. Never noticed much difference. I'll save clips and compare.
  11. I've never really noticed much of a difference with or without it.
  12. Maddogg_8121

    White Noise 2

    Anyone on PS4 have this game? It's a little cartoonish and basic, but I'm really having some fun with it.
  13. I'll be on like usual. Just playing. Having fun. Not caring about much of anything.
  14. It works on PS4. I've become quite proficient in using it since the x prompt lock out happens just about every match now. Should work just the same on Xbox.