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  1. There are several strats you can try for fighting. Video is better, but I'll try to explain. Once Jason is chasing you, flip your camera around so you are watching yourself with him behind you. Don't be too far in front but not too close either. Do a 360 to bait a grab which he will whiff. You can then turn and smack him. This takes bravery and timing. Second, do the same thing but instead of doing the 360 you run to his left (your right) wait for the whiff then combat smack. Once again, timing and practice. Third is shift bat. I don't recommend this without a pocket knife until you have a good understanding of how it works and when to do it. But, it is best if once again you can keep the camera on him and keep his marker on the mini map. There are visual and audio cues on when to do it, but when his shift gets to you you want to combat stance and smack. Fourth....animations. Jason's animations are extremely slow. You can hit him when he is using the door swing animation, knife grab animation, trap animation (s), and pocket knife animation. Best just to go into a match with the mindset of being killed doesn't matter because your sole purpose is to practice learning new techniques.
  2. Jason Coming to DbD?

    It looks like the Jason from mkx. Not sure I'd believe it. More likely the creeper from jeepers creepers will be next.
  3. Ok then. Have fun dismissing opinions that differ from yours. I've been here since the start. Played since day one. People who say hit detection and other issues suck are not wrong.
  4. April 13th

    They will not give an exact date. If they do and miss it all hell will break loose. Could be April 1st, April 13th, may 26th, December 4th.... Who knows. The only thing I would probably count on for April 13th is double xp/CP.
  5. This was about the dumbest retort I've read on the forums so far. Just because someone doesn't own a game, but is able to play on a friend's account does NOT mean that they cannot see the issues this game has. Especially with hit detection. Players do not have to be backers or need to have played this game since launch like some of us to immediately see the numerous problems the game has. They may not have a full understanding of some of the mechanics and work arounds, but it doesn't mean they cannot have an opinion. To dismiss them as a casual is about as close minded and arrogant as it gets.
  6. With the exception of 6 and sj the hit boxes are at the end of Jason's weapon and are small. 6 and sj have the hit box just above their hand which is why you see the weapon clip through the door and no damage is done. Easy answer to fix it is extend and widen the hit boxes. Counselor hit boxes aren't as bad, but still need some work. Especially when trying to save another player. If Jason is walking away from you you are fucked. You aren't saving said person. You'll see the weapon magically go right through Jason without forcing him to release the counselor.
  7. I am on console. PS4. Reason I still barricade doors is out of respect for other players. I still hear "someone's leaving doors open" when I leave the small ones, so I definitely barricade the big ones. It gives others piece of mind and I can respect that. Can't wait to see the video.
  8. I've been using it since you showed the video. I had no idea there was a light and heavy for Jason or counselor. I've shown several players this technique since learning it. Thanks. I've come around to a lot of what you've said previously. I'll even leave the small cabin doors open now in qp at least. I still barricade the big ones, but I see some of the benefit from leaving at least the small ones open.
  9. Swift attacker. Pops up once every 23 years.... Oh, was that a reference to another movie? 😋
  10. Add A Door To Jason's Shack

    I have not. Been close, but I have not....yet. But when it happens, I'll just move on to the next match. I understand that it is a pretty easy process to do. I also don't play Jason much. Too many goddamn issues with the game to even remotely enjoy being Jason right now. Firecrackers, for example, cause all kinds of issues. They are, in my experience, the greatest cause for glitches to occur. Not being able to use the x prompt, swing, use abilities, etc almost always happen after a firecracker stun.
  11. Add A Door To Jason's Shack

    Myself and a group of friends killed two Jason players last night. It would have been a third time......but.....I fucked it up. Yeah, that's right. I messed up like a noob even though I've done it quite a bit. Shit happens.
  12. Add A Door To Jason's Shack

    I have not been able to teach enough of my friends this, but we did test it in a private on PS4 and it does in fact work extremely well. The thing is this right now: a lot of players think this is a long drawn out process to do it, but in fact it is really easy.
  13. It's still shit and probably will continue to be shit after the next patch. It doesn't seem to be a top priority.
  14. I've seen it too. Or Jason is on his knees but still able to move.
  15. I like how the game is, but there also needs to be issues addressed and changes or tweaks made. I'm fine waiting, but I wish they'd cut their teasers back to around a week out from release instead of weeks or months. I know they are maybe excited to inform us or want to generate hype, but look what happened to paranoia. They teased it, then couldn't deliver. I respect they way they handled it, but basically it's like this: if you aren't ready to release something, don't talk about it until you are. Also, don't hold out for a month or better. It doesn't look good on them and you get too many people on here creating threads about how such and such was promised on or by this date.