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  1. Single player all the way. I have a few things I wanna try out and it will take replaying them a few times each.
  2. That must be the new music track. Sounds great. Fits in with the theme.
  3. This is what I've been looking forward to the most! Great news!
  4. Maddogg_8121

    Post your videos

    Thought it may be fun to share some fun videos you've made. Keep it classy, though.
  5. Maddogg_8121

    Deadliest warrior: Playin stoned vs playing drunk

    You should definitely upload one of those. I bet it would be great.
  6. Maddogg_8121

    Deadliest warrior: Playin stoned vs playing drunk

    I played drunk off my ass last night. I had a blast, but the moonshine snuck up on me. Skill checks? Nope. Not happening.
  7. Maddogg_8121

    I Play Offline.

    There is actually a lot of stuff that can be learned by playing against bots. Yeah, they are "dumb" but there is still a ton of stuff you can practice with them. They are definitely a good way to learn the Jason portion of the game.
  8. Maddogg_8121

    2nd crowd fund

    That's a big no if we are talking about Gun/Ill being behind it. If it is a new game with new devs/publishers then probably. I'd have to research their past work though.
  9. Never said it wasn't unattainable. Hell, I'm on a limited play schedule and managed to max out. However, it would have made more sense to base it off which jasons you have unlocked. It's not a good way to grow a player base when you set the bar so high in a game that realistically 60+% of the matches end early due to host quits or disconnects. It's clear that our opinions differ and that's fine. I look at it like this. If I started all over, just bought this game and learned that weapon swapping was set to 113, would I want to put months and months into leveling up just to swap a weapon? No. I wouldn't. I would have given up on it after two weeks of playing and only completing 4 matches or the constant teamers running the show.
  10. Haven't found one since the event ended. I haven't heard any other players finding them either. Pretty sure the drop rate was lessened lower than it had been.
  11. It's been like that here for a long time. Just look at any thread a "noob" starts. There is a few condescending jerkoffs around here. Anyway, that's best left for another topic or pm. No need to derail the thread over it.
  12. Agreed. I've also been 150 for a long time now, but do not feel like I'm some elitist who is owed some super special cool kids club like some others. Instead, what I'd prefer is a growing player base instead of someone who jumps on and goes "damn! I have to level all the way up there to get this? Well, there is another match I didn't get any points from because the host quit". But, that's just me. I don't get the whole "I've been playing since launch, I'm better than you" mentality. There has to be some incentive to even buy this game in the first place and the reviews on it are not gonna help with that.
  13. It's high. Would have made more sense to do it like this. If you have "x" Jason unlocked you can swap weapon with any other Jason you have unlocked. Level 44 would give you all options.