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  1. One of the very few times I'll post here. Not everyone knows how to get up there though. https://youtu.be/3v-lhCAKmiw
  2. Because this game is poorly optimized for console. The only way to get around it is to either play on pc, or spend $600 to play a $5 game.
  3. Who cares? Move on to the next match. It takes longer to make a post like this than it does to get into another match. You killed them. All that you need to be concerned with. If you really want to expose them, record the match, upload it to YouTube, share it on social media, build a following. EZ.
  4. This is true. I was more than ready to figure this out and send it in for a patch, though. If it were factual it would be incredibly cheap. Bit, that dude lost all credibility with the 2 year old video. There are some things I can't stand being in the game. A mask on kill would have been one of them. It still isn't incredibly hard at all to drop Jason. Not in pubs anyway.
  5. I figured. And if anyone would know it would be you. So, this dude is out there on the f13 page as an admin spreading false information. But, argue with them and they ban you. Then message you 50000 times. Lol.
  6. That video was 2 years ago. That's the same video that chump sent me. Until he can substantiate his claims with recent video evidence I'm not gonna waste my time testing it. It is like chasing a ghost at this point. I'm not wasting time on a 2 year old glitch that was patched.
  7. Thank you. No, the source of this information is adamant that the devs purposely made it to where you can intentionally kill Jason with his mask on. He went to the point of blocking me from further disputing it in the f13 Facebook group. He is an admin there. Part 8 had the issue where he could be killed with his mask on, but that was patched. So, now I have to spend time testing this and recording how it is done so I can send it to you like I did with the how to on bluescreening a lobby. Fun times.
  8. @mattshotcha is Jason being killed with his mask on intended or not? I said it is not, however, there are claims that someone from Gun is saying yes it is. Please verify. Thanks.
  9. Maddogg_8121

    I'm out.

    Well, it has been less than fun to say the least, but I've tried to hang in there. Well, not anymore. Can't say a damn thing on here without getting a warning. So, I'm out. I've met a lot a cool people, but this mod team is a joke. So, last post. I'd give out some shout outs, but I don't really care anymore. I have had it with the bs that goes on here.
  10. Here is the thing... First, we appreciate you stopping by to clear the air. That's more than the devs have done. When they do pop in they give us a three sentence statement then bounce. We learn about things from other sites like bloody disgusting or Reddit or discord, etc. That's one of the things that piss us off. The "official" forum is the last place they post things. Secondly, the reason many of us are anti Gun/ILL isn't because of no more content. It's not. Sure, no new content sucks. What is the source of the issue is how badly mishandled this whole venture has been from launch. Everything they have done has been handled poorly. From the first email with our codes for the game all the way til now. Communication has sucked from day one. Then we get to the game.....boy oh boy...the game. What a bug and glitch filled mess. It's been over a year now and it just keeps getting worse. Every patch breaks something. Sometimes it is something small, sometimes it is something major. You'd think they'd have the code figured out after a year. But, nope... Still fumbling around with it like trying to get dressed in the dark. You'd think Gun would be all over ILL's asses to fix it. Maybe they are, but how would we know? They barely ever pop in here. When they do, it is to issue bans and lock or delete threads. I've said this from day one. It would have gone a long way if they would have just popped in weekly to shoot the shit. It doesn't even have to be about f13. Could have been about anything. I see Randy playing kingdom hearts quite a bit here lately. Maybe he could have popped in to say "what's up, fuckers? I'm playing this game today, what are you all playing?". Something along those lines. But, we went from a team that was very active pre beta launch to non existent post launch. Then we get to Jason. So many issues. They stated they wanted this to be the definitive f13 experience. Well, it's not. Sure, it is fun...when it works. They took one of the greatest horror icons and turned him into the biggest damn punching bag out there. I could go into specifics about it, but it has all been said 10000000 times. Then comes the emotes. Did we really need thirty dancing emotes? Anyways, this is going on too long. But, I will finish with this. You call us toxic and ungrateful. That may be what you see and that is fine. That's your perception. But, what I see is a bunch of fans who are very passionate about f13 and who wanted to help this game be the best it could be. Our suggestions and feedback fell on deaf ears. Our patience dwindled in the face of incompetence. We became fed up with a shoddy product. It isn't about not having new content for many of us. It is about not having a solid product to play and relax. It is about two teams that seemed to run and hide when faced with critism. It is about making a great franchise a laughing stock. Again, I appreciate the fact you stopped in, but you will not win over anyone by degrading a community. Best of luck to you.
  11. I have noticed the interaction lock is becoming very frequent now. Hit Jason....locked. Take a swing....locked. Open a window...locked. Set a trap....locked. Barricade a door...locked. Get in a car.....your body is blocking your view. Exit the car....locked. It's getting really bad. Sometimes you don't have time to crouch and swing to get out of it which just sucks. I watched a player fire his shotgun last night, but the gun stayed strapped to his back and he couldn't do a damn thing but run. The crouch/swing didn't work. Couldn't pick up a new weapon, couldn't use doors or windows. Jason eventually caught him.
  12. Well, once again they had opened their mouths and stated that dedicated servers would be included on all platforms. At this point, it is just a creditbility issue now. If they don't do them, they will fall even deeper into the "broken promise" canyon. I've never been a big fan of the "promise" wording. To me it has always been a "plan", but others don't view it that way. I wish they'd just hold off on the dedicated servers as well and focus on keeping the game "functional" (that's a very broad term when it comes to these two teams). Dedicated servers really do not matter at this point.
  13. I agree. I just had 3 teamers and then a lobby where the host quit. It's annoying.
  14. Why all of a sudden (as in today and last night) is every match ending with the connection timed out message after the match completes, but before returning to the lobby? Or shortly after returning to the lobby?
  15. What happened? Lack of commitment. Poor planning and execution. How many times did any of the Gun or ILL team actually stream their own game? Not much.
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