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  1. It is smart nowadays. Small maps are consistently producing four pocket knives. This has been tested. Sometimes there are 5. Very rarely there are three or less. Couple that with car parts being very close to each other and you have an extremely difficult time for Jason. I haven't tested the big maps yet, but if the small ones are producing 4 pocket consistently, I'd think the big maps will too. It is a good strategy to hack n slash. Especially since there seems to be an infinite supply of med sprays with how many of those there are on a map and/or medic and hypochondriac perks. It's annoying as fuck. But, devs don't care. They don't even play their own game.
  2. Don't get me wrong. I used to hate it too, but if you can't get away from Jason without shift, you need to reevaluate your play. The only problem is, a lot of players will just tunnel the first person they come across. Depending on who you use, stamina is limited. They don't care if another objective is being completed. They just stay on you. I'm ok with that, cause I'll waste their time for a while and let others complete objectives. If I die, I die. Oh well.
  3. No, gun has used it as well. Several times.
  4. You can't be held accountable for this particular imperfection in the game. You didn't code it, nothing to worry about.
  5. Hold x. It will change the song.
  6. Are you retarded?
  7. Oh look....another self proclaimed golden video game God. Here's your golden joystick. I'd tell you what you can do with it, but I'm sure you can read my mind.
  8. Probably an expensive pink dress for Jason. In all seriousness, probably for the new kills that can be unlocked.
  9. Damn it man. I understand, but you are one of my favorite players to play with. I'm close to the same. Hope the next patch changes it.
  10. Two matches today, two disconnects. Host quits. This is awesome. The limited time I have to play this game before I go to work is filled with lobby hopping due to this crap.
  11. Sad but true. Players are fed up. Game appears to be going downhill quickly. I'm running more and more into the same players in different lobbies which means the player base is fading. And it is getting harder to even get a full lobby. Sad, sad, sad. Can't blame people for moving on though. Thirty minutes or less in this game and you will experience all the pains.
  12. I get ya, but this is ridiculous. I just had a match where I fixed the two seater (someone had keys and never gave them up or tried to leave) and the phone and called the cops. I died in the last few minutes while Chad, Tiffany, and Tommy were hiding on the wrong bridge. They were chased the entire time while Jason's axe went right through them on some occasions and while he whiffed on grabs. And as soon as they escaped... connection lost to host wtf?!?! It is a sad state that the game is currently in. Meanwhile, I get a notification that DbD is patching and updating every couple weeks or less. It makes me wonder just wtf the f13 crew is doing? Why are they so GD slow? Their patches take months sometimes. They tease shit and tease shit then we have to wait..... In the meantime, we play a game where Jason has had both of his balls cut off and force fed to him. Dancing, teabagging, hosts quitting constantly, connection timed out, blue screens.... The list just keeps going. It makes 0 sense. I bought into Gun's and Ill's hype. I backed the game, went out and bought a PS4, bought a headset, bought a psn card (repeatedly), and this mess is what I'm stuck with. For nearly 6 months now. Time is up. They need to get their shit together or hand the project off to another company that can get it sorted. "Soon™" is their cute little inside joke that is insulting as fuck to those that have believed in this. And that is their standard answer. I'd rather them just come out and say they jumped in head first into a shallow pool. I'd rather them be straight up and just tell us they have no idea what they are doing. Because that is certainly what it appears at this point. I'm tired of trying to play a broken ass game where you have a coin flip chance of actually completing a match.
  13. @Randygbk care to assist?
  14. Wow.... First match tonight:. Connection timed out. Second match:. Host quit. No issues, though. Everything is great! "Sooooooon™"
  15. Umm, congrats....but, there are still a "slew of issues" affecting this game. I'm really hoping the next patch is a good one and a step in the right direction. Please don't make us wait much longer on a new patch.