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  1. Let's be realistic about slashing.

    Idk. Never say never. Axl got called to sing for AC/dc. With the well documented issues between Bret and CC, slash could get called to play with Poison....lol. After all, he did audition for them way back in the day. Hahaha.
  2. I swear I have other games that don't do it. I am pretty sure wwe 2k17 is one. I'll have to check.
  3. Next Update?

    Are you kidding? When was the last time they've acknowledged anything? I think the photos and accounts of many many players across all platforms, across all social media making the same claims over and over speaks for itself. Gun wouldn't know an issue if it smacked them in the face.
  4. I went from mostly LaChappa (because he was always looked at as being inferior) to playing as Vanessa. I can distract Jason for a bit or run parts or fix if I need to.
  5. Next Update?

    I just hope they actually test it this time. We don't need any more of Oprah in this game. "You get a pocket knife! And YOU get a pocket knife! And you get a pocket knife! And You get THREE pocket knives!".
  6. Interesting. Just had another system update today. Heard they are working on letting users change their name too.
  7. No problem. And, idk why they did that on this game. Other games I have with hidden trophies don't do it.
  8. Just click on the trophy then hit square. It will tell you.
  9. Vendetta Against Savini Jason?

    Three hits on a barricaded door. If you can hit it... Almost always have to use the prompt. In combat stance, in order to actually hit the door you have to dry hump the shit out of it. You clip through the door leaving your noggin open for an attack. I've found that staying to the right side of the door frame helps.
  10. Yeah, still no email. They must not send it to everyone.
  11. Jason X unlock

    I'm seriously thinking he could and should be playable on the Grendel only. I think it is gonna be a new mode for him. I hope so anyway. He's gonna look goofy as hell on previous maps and getting the crap knocked out of him.
  12. F13 App Beta testing!

    I'd like to help, but I just don't have time. I also hate discord. I tried it and didn't like it. Best of luck to you. I'm sure you'll find some people from here to help.
  13. I still haven't gotten an email. Do you have to sign up for it or do they just send it to you?
  14. Disney's Next Big buy

    Yeah, there were certain Indies that had a real good rep for sending good guys up. D-lo brown and bull Buchanan came out of the hwa. On another note, between wrestling and being an auto mechanic, if you see me on here bitching about the game it is because of my background. In both aspects of my life, I didn't have time for BS. As a wrestler, you are taught to do things correctly and protect who you are working with or bad accidents happen. As an auto mechanic, you HAVE to fix it right the first time. If you dont, 1) you are keeping a paying customer out of their vehicle. 2) if you have to work on the same problem twice... you aren't getting paid for it. So, if I ever sound critical of this game it is because of my background. I'm a straight forward, do it right kind of guy.