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  1. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    I believe the salt mines are about as real as banning people, Paranoia, Savini actually designing that Jason, and dedicated servers. And because of that, I wouldn't be too bothered. There will still be teamers, verbally abusive people, and glitchers to ruin your matches. All is full of love.
  2. F13 in 2018

    A year ago, everyone was bubbling over with excitement. Now people are Paula Cole asking, "Where have all the cowboys gone?" I would say the community is like a nagging partner and the devs are tone deaf, which has led us here.
  3. I predict this week's announcement will be tickets on Flight 180 to Paris for all the troubles.
  4. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    A lot of rude people in this thread. There is my comment for the next few months. Back to lurking.
  5. It's been since the Jarvis map was added that I have played last. Wasn't playing before that. After it was added, I played a round to look at the map and quit. Haven't bought any DLC because I need faith again before I would give them any more of my money. With the new patch, been playing the offline bots for a bit. Brought a small amount of enjoyment back into the game until they literally started running at me instead of away from me. The swimming in circles, running into a tree/rock until you get close...yeesh, the AI sucks. Two of them fixed the car and decided to stand by the doors rather than attempt to escape. So, I decided to check out multiplayer again to see just how bad it was. How did it get so much worse in three or four months? Took an hour to get into a game(about the same as last time I played), then I got 200xp with the double xp. Played a game as Jason on a small map. He is so underpowered! The cooldowns seem to last ages, especially when you hear a trap go off, chasing a Vanessa, etc....and "running" isn't a strength. It's a light jog rather than a vigorous walk of another Jason. Everyone can stun you, the window forcefield is a remarkably stupid design. Ah, I was also killed as soon as I walked into the shack. My mask was off after one shotgun blast and there is no time between the sweater and Tommy's final blow to defend yourself. I suppose none of what I am saying is new. Playing as a counselor and playing against them, the game is clearly tilted in their favor. And there are still so...many...bugs. I actually got picked as Jason twice, but had to quit the first time at the beginning because there was no cursor on the map for me to shift to. I don't understand how the game can be even worse seven months after its release. And once more, I quit. Life's too short and this game is mental.
  6. Not Friday related but...NOES instead

    Ha! I have this. Found it in a record store for a few dollars. Pretty atrocious, but novel nonetheless.
  7. Illfonics Negligence

    The devil is a liar!
  8. Favorite Freddy One Liner

    For the comedy toning down the darkness and sometimes disturbing deaths, they were all kinda great...aside from Super Freddy. 4 and 5 had the best: "How sweet. Fresh meat." always stands out as well as everything with Greta's death in 5. Greta and Debbie's were pretty disturbing and his lines were great in them.
  9. I agree. Except for level 101 and the ridiculous achievements. But that is cause I think of the time it will take to do those things and what I could be doing instead. As for hitting 101, there just isn't a point other than saying "I am max level." With how Jason works, I am sure the "play as counselor 1000 times" would be time consuming, to say the least, but a lot easier to get than the other. Leveling is a drag and there is no incentive to do it past 44(now, before there was none after 31(?)). You could be at 31 and watch all of the films before hitting 44. It's crazy. All of it.
  10. You say that as if this would be what new players get bored with. I am in agreement with level progression being pointless. That is the true issue. Takes too long to level and you get a baby blue version of the same shirt a character you never play has. But don't worry, only 11 more hours of gameplay(assuming no issues playing) and you can get the color for the counselor you do play as...then you discover it matches nothing, all your efforts have been in vain, you've only played as Jason twice, and you can spend 30 hours getting to the next clothing color unlock. Then you understand you have spent over 40 hours trying to get clothes that match. But it isn't about the destination, man...it's about the journey. A journey ripe with trolls, host quitters, teamers, server issues, and loading screens causing your life to ebb away. Yep...leveling up faster...that will be what causes people to get bored quicker and give no incentive to keep playing. We must keep up the illusion of progress.
  11. Every day, not every weekend. Like someone else said, the double xp should be the norm and double that should be double xp...do you know that I know that I think you know what I know I am saying? Game has been hemorrhaging players. 1.8 million sold, but where are they? Reading Ready Player One? Is that why they called them the "missing millions?" Other than issues discussed over and over, part of it is leveling... Grinding sucks. Unless it is R&B. This is not an R&B song.
  12. Still immersive. F13th looks more realistic(when assets don't spawn in weird places) and is immersive as well, but is broken for me for the constant clipping through doors, etc. DbD also breaks immersion with latency causing the killer picking you up and your body rising in midair until it magically is on his/her shoulder. Maps are more diverse as well, since F13th is currently based in one location reusing mostly the same assets. One match, you are in a swamp, the next you are in a mental institution. Both games are about the same length in matches, even if DbD seems arcadey. The killers range in skill in DbD, which depending who you talk to...same can be said for F13th. The Doctor is the lowest skill level, in my opinion...with the Nurse being the highest since she requires precision. Doctor/J8, Nurse/J7. It is really a matter of preference. I like DbD more because of the polish, the stability, the level progression, being able to choose between killer/survivor. But those do not a great game make, which is why I think it is a matter of preference. F13th would be way more fun in a group since DbD closes the group after every match and you can't party up to play as a survivor with a friend playing killer. F13th outpaces it there without a doubt. No voice communication in game adds to F13th being better for groups. However, it is those things that make DbD better for solo play since you don't have to worry about verbal abuse or teamers/trolls nearly as much. @PlayerAgainstTheMachine They release free killers and survivors. Just had The Huntress and David two months ago. Licensed killers cost money...for obvious reasons. Edit: @Charlie Chainsaw That sucks. I haven't had that happen, just the teabaggers that plague every game. I've messaged face campers to tell them it is lame to have to body block to get kills, that is about as much as I have experienced with toxicity.
  13. These tapes are terribly written and make me sad and sad is das spelled backwards and das no good. ?
  14. Well, the devs have said that this is not early access or a beta build...this is the final product. The final product should be judged as it is the end result of their labor. Fixing bugs and stuff is supporting the final product they created. DLC are extras, not part of the base game, which is why they get their own special reviews.

    Remember when people speculated the dots were host migration? Good times.