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  1. Ah man, kudos. This was SO satisfying to watch...
  2. Pretty sure part 4 Jason's destruction plus is bugged. Savini Jason And Part 8 Jason both go through a barricaded door faster than part 4 but all 3 have the destruction plus. Has anyone else had this problem?
  3. The only times I teabag is when I am trying to distract Jason. Few have died already and we are close to completing an objective. Most Jason's I encounter tunnel vision you after you tea bag them so nine times out of ten, I kite him for a minute then end up dead so I only do it knowing full and well I'm probably the next person to die. It can be employed as a stall tactic and distraction so I do use it on occasion if I need Jason pissed and ignoring someone else.
  4. Think part 4 is my favorite. And best the first 3 are all essential for anyone viewing the series.
  5. ? Screw that kid, the only thing I regret about his death was Vic didn't take a crap on him when he was finished chopping him apart. Lmao.
  6. Hell yeah I periodically watch a sequential patch of 2 or 3 at a time. Usually parts 2 through 4 and parts 5 through 7.
  7. Damn, everybody stealing my crushes, you know what I'm gonna say "F" it and save Crazy Ralph. Dude probably has some stories...
  8. Just one more diversity to overcome, dude survived being orphaned a parent, to overcoming the lasting mental scars of killing a supernatural powerhouse and trauma of seeing friends murdered. Only to have to survive it again after being released to a halfway house. Then being responsible for countless more deaths after resurrecting said supernatural powerhouse, and watching him rip his best friends heart out of his chest with his bare hand. I mean shit body dysmorphia is the only challenge life had left to throw at the man...
  9. Same. But since you saved her first, I'll focus on Terry in part 2, my next crush. Mrs Voorhees was serious about bringing home the Bacon that time. Woa thats deep dude ?
  10. Killing Jason with Mask

    In all fairness Chris did kill him at the end of part 3 while he was still wearing his mask.
  11. The mystery deepens (blue dot)

    lol yeah I know the feeling, and the sudden emotional outbursts to follow screwing up and happening to look at anyone else that doesn't also have a penis lmao. God forbid being polite and talking to another female for any reason Lol.

    Same, just ordered predator concrete jungle on original Xbox off ebay earlier this month and am playing it on my 360 since its backwards compatible until single player arrives. Had it and beat it years ago on ps2 but my ps2 console is long gone. Thinking of getting GTA Vice City if I beat predator all the way through as it was my favorite GTA of all time and I really miss playing it.
  13. The mystery deepens (blue dot)

    Pamela tapes may be a myth, the second part of this however has never been fleeting to me, just gotta know what you're doing. However once you do, expect a whole new level of trailer park psycho bullish#t to be unleashed upon you...