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  1. Crossing my fingers that this just means that they're in the process of switching to dedicated servers
  2. Thanks for everything @BrokenFattHardy! Until we meet again old friend. Your essance will never be OBSOLETE!
  3. I really don't like how I can't even keep a vague track of how much kills I'm missing 'till completion on the PS4. I've followed a list guide and performed all the kills and I've still haven't gotten it yet. Had to do the barn closets and cemetery fence kills multiple times to be sure
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/F13thegame/comments/7lw4mw/savini_jason_owners_after_getting_their_1000th/ People consider him more of a hack than just simply OP
  5. A little curious to know if anybody can confirm that using grab/environmental kills with DLC Jasons (Savini and Part 4) still get counted the same way any other Jason would when performing said kills? I play as Savini a lot, and I'd be slightly bummed if all kills coming from him did not count towards PhD.
  6. I can't even tell if any of my kills are counting on the PS4. Can anybody confirm if offline bots count towards PhD?
  7. Just like everything else in the VC, it's up to you to discover if you're wasting your time or not
  8. When I try to turn clipping off, is says "unknownError" instead of off. Is it suppose to say that?
  9. Help us out man! You lost me after entering the combination because I can't enter through any red doors after the debug combination, including the front door again
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