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  1. This may be true but two of my friends had this very issue last week after the last PC patch downloaded on them. It was their McAfee Antivirus.
  2. Hoping a counselor would step in one trap then in turn accidentally step in the other one after the animation ends? Which most likely would mean they would die. Not a bad strategy I suppose.
  3. Agreed. I too am waiting for these items to arrive. Edit: Just got home and saw in my email that the printing of the book is almost complete. They will send another email in about a week or so when both art book and cd have been shipped. Woohoo!
  4. Yeah on occasion you will see them in drawers of the cabins where they used to be in the bathrooms. There is also one that will spawn on the upstairs balcony of large Packanack. Small Packanack you can find one on a barrel at the barn near the exit. I have no trouble finding sprays. They just spawn in completely different locations now. You just have to search.
  5. Yeah the change to the map check is really g-damn annoying. I'm on PC so I've been able to "enjoy" that new feature for a month now but you can't check maps when opening drawers or locking doors either. Uh oh..you may have been infected with the same bug us PC users had to endure after the June 6th patch. It would only allow 2 people in a party to enter a lobby and even that wasn't 100%. Any more than that and they would be kicked. Could only run a private match if we had more than 2 players. The bug lasted for two months until the August patch fixed it. I hope to god you guys don't have to wait that long for it to fixed.
  6. Same. And so did my other friends.
  7. undrtkr

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    Interaction lock is not fixed on PC even though they state it is. Happened several times to me as different counselors including Tommy. Usually it happened when I got slashed by Jason. Sometimes it would recover after a minute or so but one time I had to have Jason grab me to get back to normal. And the blue light special I saw was in the large cabin at Packanack Woodbury. I morphed as Jason at the back of the cabin right at the window you could see the fireplace and my entire screen went white and when I moved it turned to the glowing blue. So that is a new bug as I've never seen it at that cabin previously. Sigh.
  8. undrtkr

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    Yes I am strictly a PC gamer. I guess with console players the boat sound was never there? I can understand why they would be going apeshit then but oh well. Such is life.
  9. undrtkr

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    The random counselor bug is still there it seems. It happened to two of my friends I was playing with last night. I didn't see it myself because I joined them later in their session but they both said it occurred. However, of the 3-4 hours of game play it only happened once to them. Never happened for me and before this patch it would happen at least once every time I played for a few hours. Better news is the party system is finally fixed for PC. We didn't witness the spectator bug throughout our session so I can't speak to that.
  10. undrtkr

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    Indeed. That is really the ONLY thing I care about at this point.
  11. This is the case for me. I absolutely refuse to play QP by myself because it is just not fun. No one does the objectives. They don't even try to kill Jason anymore. They just run around like dumb-asses. Believe me. If the devs ever fix the party system...which at this point I doubt they will...my friends and I would play a lot more. We certainly miss it. Deeply. We've tried playing private matches but for it to be productive we need 6 people minimum just to have fun. Any less than that and it's not worth it. A lot of us aren't on at the same time to do that unfortunately.
  12. Same. It's a spite thing. Just to irritate the person wanting me to ready up.
  13. It's real. That is EXACTLY what it said when I downloaded that dev build for PC. It got quickly pulled and replaced with the patch they were supposed to release. It was actually quite funny.
  14. While I agree with this quite a few of my friends would have played it tonight if it wasn't broken. Unfortunately there is maybe 5 max at a time online due to our schedules so private is out of the question.
  15. undrtkr

    I finally played online...

    Welcome to the climate of multiplayer games. A majority of nothing but salt and vitriol. All I can say is grow thick skin and laugh it off.
  16. No one is playing on Steam because party creation has been broken since the June 8th patch. Most people that play this game don't lone wolf it because the fun is in the friends you play with. I haven't touched QP since that patch and won't until they fix this if they ever do.
  17. Yep, Gun has repeatedly stated both are coming soon but I have yet to receive either. It would be nice to get an idea of when. Next month? Oct? I don't think it's unreasonable at this point to ask for some kind of time frame. They stated they were waiting on single player to be released for the artbook. Well, you can't create more content so there is nothing left to add.
  18. It would be nice if they would release a hotfix for the PC party bug. It's only for PC and they don't need to go through the BS certification. This way I could at least play with other friends. I haven't touched online play since this bug was introduced a month ago. Otherwise I couldn't care less what they do for the 13th.
  19. Here is your answer then. He never talked to the magazine but his comment to another user confirms the video is real. It's footage from an old, hacked build.
  20. Or better yet...instead of us having to accept a convoluted workaround to play with friends they can simply fix the party situation. You're scenario sounds easier than it is. I and my friends don't have 15-20 minutes trying to search for a near empty lobby with the hope the people you invite can make it to said lobby before it fills up. It might work when you only have 3 friends but when you have more than 3 it's nearly impossible to do this. Private matches aren't a solution either when you only have 5 or less friends that want to play.
  21. It's easy to say that after the fact. But being around these forums since BETA and the track record of players this would absolutely have not led to less backlash. I'm 99.9% certain it would've created a bigger hell storm than we have already. Either way...all of this is moot. Gun isn't going to respond to anymore questions nor should they. I certainly wouldn't only because answering these questions from the player base isn't going to change anything. The damage has been done and has been happening throughout this games life cycle. It's damned if they do, damned if they don't scenario. Although I don't agree with a majority of decisions they've made with this game they've made them and now they have to face the future consequence of those decisions. I for one will never ever ever buy or fund a game from Gun or Illfonic again. Amateurs to the highest degree.
  22. Expect to be extremely disappointed then. Gun have abandoned this game. All there is left is "bug fixes" and "dedicated servers". Other than that nothing else will happen with this game.
  23. I'm in the same boat. The small player base for PC hardly do objectives or they troll. It hasn't been fun for a couple months...even before the massive upgrade but it's been a chore to play since the upgrade. Since parties for QP are broken no one I know plays it anymore so I have to lone wolf it which is just a drag and no fun at all. I fire up offline bots every now and then but until they fix parties I won't even touch online play.
  24. undrtkr

    Victor Miller Email

    Won't make a difference. Gun has and will have moved on by then.