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  1. Correct ChaosReigns. They've said that they will NOT ever create new content. It's not cost effective for them to do so and with the change of developers in Sept it's only bug fixes from here on out. There will also NOT be a sequel to the game from Gun Media. I doubt we will ever get a sequel to the game with this messy business.
  2. I don't blame them for zipping their lips. Every time they "slightly" mention something even remotely related to content it seems everyone and their mother jumps to so many ridiculous conclusions or create fantasy scenarios.
  3. Apparently I'm only one on the planet that isn't bothered when someone picks Pack small. I actually like the small maps...sometimes It's the large maps I truly despise.
  4. LOL, you're not alone @Dragonfire82877. I just about commented on that too and was going to post what you did then realized it was from 2018.
  5. Sure you can. I do it quite frequently because of the endless idiots who try to kill Jason or just stand around and dance.
  6. You're going to be EXTREMELY disappointed then. Wes stated never on the stream yesterday and has stated that since the no content thing. You can delude yourself all you want but you really really need to move on from it. Think about it. Financially it just wouldn't make sense. Illfonic will not come back to work on it. They've moved on to more profitable ventures. Their newest dev won't be able to just pick up where they were left off. Also, Sean Cunningham has to give them permission to so. I guarantee he's already moved on and if there is a settlement he won't care about the game. The game is finished except for bug fixes. He would be concentrating on new licenses for movies, TV etc. But, keep on clinging to that false hope if it makes you feel better.
  7. I don't negotiate with souls when I'm Jason. On the flip side if I have an opportunity to escape or help other counselors escape I will do so. Newbie Jason be damned!
  8. Glad you're back to enjoy the game. I too have loved this patch so far. The people that say it's impossible don't know how to play the game properly and adapt. It's pretty easy to escape and a majority of the time I'm the few who have to get objectives done to escape. A lot of players still dick around or try to fight Jason. My survival rate hasn't changed at all and I've even escaped Jason when in rage a few times with cops and car.
  9. Not frequently....but I do get it. It helps when playing Jason to not get distracted by the try-hards so I always mute everyone in my lobbies weather I'm Jason or not. And it IS the try-hards that talk trash only because they feel they have to. I don't just mute to avoid the trash talk but also because of racist comments and the like. Leaves for a much better experience for me when I don't have to hear their immaturity. That being said I played a few sessions yesterday. First time as Jason got 8/8, not bragging because they were all newbies level 40 and below so it wasn't much of a challenge. 2nd time as Jason two escaped in the car. One of them was Tommy. I had forgotten to mute that lobby so of course as soon as the match was over he started cackling bragging how I couldn't catch him.....as TOMMY! I already killed his ass the first time pretty easily but he feels he had to trash talk because he escaped with his second chance. LOL.
  10. I've been surviving about the same amount as always 50 - 70% depending on ratio of newbies to experienced players. Almost all of my lobbies nobody does any objectives. They aren't even trying to kill Jason anymore. They just stand around or dance. Sometimes they move to other areas but the player base has just stalled on doing anything in the game. A majority of times I have to do the objectives myself and on occasion I'll have a 2nd helper. It's been easy to wipe lobbies because everyone seems to just dick around. There have been games where I don't even get close to rage (meter at 50%) before killing all or having people leave. I've escaped twice from Jason when in rage with car and police. The police I just happen to get lucky and used the road barrier to get past him. He was pissed for sure lol. I'm having more fun than I've had in a long time. Jason's buff gives a sense of urgency to escape before rage.
  11. Agreed, and if you're good at juking you can still run circles around most Jason's. I've seen it multiple times and have done it. And I suck at juking lol. Hint: Hitting Jason makes him rage faster. I've been Jason and have hit rage at the 12 min mark. I've also not gotten it until the 8 min mark. Don't hit him so much and you won't have to deal with it. Taking his mask off doesn't take that many hits, 4-5. Rage takes three times that. Depends on the weapon used. Anyway this argument is moot. The patch is a resounding success by the majority of the voices here. Jason is finally a beast again and will stay that way. You are just going to have to get used to it, adapt your play or find another game. It will be a shame to lose you but if you want easy trolling don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
  12. Well said Ahab. 100% agree. The trolls are just going to have to accept it and adapt. Most of the lobbies I had the misfortune of being in today a majority of players weren't doing jack. Some were even deliberately holding on to items so the trolls haven't completely vanished. And there are some that have already adapted. Juking is still just as easy if you are skilled at it. Unfortunately I am not which is why I main as Adam so I can repair things quickly and get out. The one time I was Jason during my session though I had a blast. They got the sweater and Tommy was called. When they took my mask off I immediately went into rage. This also put me in a stun state. So had the shotgun not been bugged (this Tommy was using a bat...lol) and I was against experienced hunters all the girl had to do was wait for the stun animation to finish then hit the sweater. I could have been toast my first out as Jason with the new patch. They'll fix the glitch eventually.
  13. Great job on the Jason buff dev's. 👍👍 Finally Jason is a bit more fun again. I'm still seeing trolling but I'm not as worried anymore. Those Jason hunters are just going to have to work a little faster is all. It can be done and I've seen it a few times already. Once they fix the gun glitch for the kill it will be easier for them and things will get back to normal. You can still take Jason's mask off when he is in rage and when that happens he gets stunned. Hitting him during the knife grab animation while in rage will also stun him.
  14. Well I for one LOVE the changes to Jason now. I had such a blast after rage watching them hit me but have no affect. I was only Jason once but that was Pack small. Only one or two were doing objectives. 3 of them were dicking around so I killed them pretty quickly. I'd say about 4 - 5 minutes into the match someone entered my shack. Two AJ's actually. I wasn't on my game so I was missing a lot of swings and grabs. Tommy two minutes later. I was about 75% till rage. I chased them for a bit as they tried to get my mask off. I went into rage right as my mask was taken off. Tommy only had a bat so I was able to kill the sweater girl at the fireplace. After killing Tommy there was only Fox and Tiffany left. Tiffany was a great juker and I laughed out loud when trying to go for Fox she swung and no stun. Fox then dropped firecrackers which did nothing and Tiff swung again and broke her weapon. It took another 3 minutes to finally catch Tiffany but that was the most fun I've had as Jason in a long time. I feel the same way on the counselor side. I was able to escape twice before Jason even got rage. Most of the people in the lobbies I played dicked around. held car parts, things like that. Most people are still trying to kill Jason it just makes it more difficult because you are on a time crunch. 5 matches I saw people trying to kill Jason. When they fix the shotgun glitch in rage for the kill this isn't really going to change a whole lot. You just need to kill Jason before rage to have a better chance.
  15. They addressed it in their stream. They will not be raising the level. Their reasoning is that to raise the cap would normally be due to new content that you can acquire with the higher level. For instance, the cap was originally at 100 but they raised it to 150 due to additional content like weapon swap at 113, new kills at levels 120-130 and so on. Since there is never going to be any more content for this game there is no reason to raise the cap. Think about it. What would raising the cap do? You don't gain anything by it. You still earn CP though to purchase perks. The did say it could possibly be raise if they ever overhaul the perk system. That it would by tied to perks but that wasn't a promise or confirmation. They are still discussing the perk overhaul.
  16. Yeah I jumped up and down with joy when I read that. The only time I suicide is on purpose...Jason teamers....counselors not doing anything etc. I DON'T want to return as Tommy when I do so. Now I don't have to worry about it. Makes me happy.
  17. I bought a PS4 in October and completely forgot about this. Haven't played the game much on it and need to. Just cracked level 30 yesterday and hardly have any good perks so need to get on that grind. All friends I had on Steam abandoned the game so hopefully I can gain some new ones on PS4. PSN is TheOriginUndrtkr
  18. Well, there is some stuff I've never seen before. For instance all of the different looks Savini had before they picked the one we got. I like what I received but like others I was anticipating...more? More behind the scenes things. Most of it is just models from the game, killer and counselor, with a bit of text. I was a bit let down that pages with lots of black space have very little text. Most of the book in fact has very little text. I also liked the different phases they went through with Tommy and showed actual feedback from Thom Mathews. But yeah like a few others have said it looks like it was rushed and the single player/vc stuff was a bit underwhelming.
  19. WOOT!!!! Finally. The art book is beautiful. Listening to the soundtrack now! Thank you Gun!
  20. According to a majority of trolls and their mother F13 has been dead for awhile. I don't think it really matters.
  21. Probably because he hacked Savini. Just a wild guess tho. To the OP. If you have a PS4 the game is free this month. Give a try. Not sure why your wasting your time asking here.
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