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  1. Yep, even if the lawsuit ended it would not matter. Like others have said Gun has stated numerous times that there will never ever ever be new content for this game. Just accept it.
  2. They've always been like this. When a patch is a disaster there is silence for days. Seen it more times than I can count since the beginning of this game. Sigh. I was really hoping the new devs could pull some miracle and actually turn this game around. It's obvious to me now how horrible this code must be. I am a programmer but not for games. I program control systems like Crestron and AMX. I've had the misfortune many times in my 15 year career of trying to fix code with a plethora of bugs for a new client that was fed up with the old vendor because they couldn't fix their own code. On the rare occasion that the code is so bad it's easier for me to just start over and write it completely from scratch. Of course games are 100000 times more complicated so re-writing is not an option. But at this point I've had to face the fact that this game will never be mostly bug free. I just don't want to play this game anymore. I try and try to get into it because this game CAN be fun but QP is absolutely not fun with all the roof glitchers. It's not even fun playing against bots when sense cancels while going into combat stance. Is this a bug or was it intentional? If it is a bug how the hell does it suddenly break after all this time? I don't recall it EVER breaking in a previous patch before. If it was intentional then WTF? How could ANYONE at gun or the development team think that was a good idea because IT IS NOT! No one is praising that decision if it was intentional and if it was why the hell is it not in the patch notes. Really getting sick and tired of this. None of my friends I used to play this game with on a regular basis play it anymore. They refuse because of all of the bugs and glitches that crop up every single god damn patch. I'm seriously considering uninstalling this game and walking away. That makes me very very sad.
  3. Yeah, I tried to get to a glitcher last week on that map and couldn't. Sigh, I'm REALLY hoping that they say they uploaded a wrong version of the patch otherwise I'm not impressed with the new developers.
  4. Just shows how truly sloppy the code underneath really is. It's mind boggling.
  5. Once Jason is in your counselors line of site while driving his icon appears on the mini map. As long as you stay in the car that icon never disappears. You can see it even when all the way on the other side of the map. I wish the devs never added this in. Just another nerf they introduced to Jason and takes away the fear/nervous experience of driving not knowing where Jason is.
  6. I was a backer and bought Savini for PC. I thought about buying the XBOX and PS4 versions of him as well. After all it was only $6. I didn't because at the time I didn't own consoles and was PC exclusive and never ever thought I would buy one. Well guess what. I bought a PS4 last November because of Spiderman, the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 and the fact that F13 was free for a month in October. I have to play without Savini on PS4 and I do miss him. He is a great and powerful Jason in the game. But it would be unfair to backers and the exclusivity of Savini for me to try and circumvent for selfish reasons. I'm glad the dev's finally fixed that glitch and you can no longer use Savini. Life isn't fair kid nor does it care if you think it is unfair. Get used to it.
  7. Correct ChaosReigns. They've said that they will NOT ever create new content. It's not cost effective for them to do so and with the change of developers in Sept it's only bug fixes from here on out. There will also NOT be a sequel to the game from Gun Media. I doubt we will ever get a sequel to the game with this messy business.
  8. I don't blame them for zipping their lips. Every time they "slightly" mention something even remotely related to content it seems everyone and their mother jumps to so many ridiculous conclusions or create fantasy scenarios.
  9. Apparently I'm only one on the planet that isn't bothered when someone picks Pack small. I actually like the small maps...sometimes It's the large maps I truly despise.
  10. LOL, you're not alone @Dragonfire82877. I just about commented on that too and was going to post what you did then realized it was from 2018.
  11. Sure you can. I do it quite frequently because of the endless idiots who try to kill Jason or just stand around and dance.
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