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  1. Attack button glitch PC

    Yep. It's been a bug since July/Aug patch I think. I don't recall it happening before that but it could've been since launch.
  2. Wasn't complaining at all. I was just letting the OP know that I have a similar issue and that it isn't that frequent. Certainly not every lobby I join. I don't perceive it as a problem at all. Just normal traffic.
  3. I too have Google Fiber and am located in Kansas City. I experience high pings on occasion too. Around the 200-275 range but it only occurs every now then. Most lobbies I get anywhere from 40-75. It might just be the route your connection takes from your house to the dedicated server. Last night is a perfect example for me. I connected to a lobby and got 220 ping. I didn't care for the people in that lobby so I left and searched for new lobby. The game put me in the same lobby so I back out again and waited about 2 minutes to try to get another lobby. I reconnected and BAM! Damn game puts me in the same goddamn lobby and the match is about to start so I decide to stay. I then notice my ping is back to 45ms. I get kicked out of lobbies as well on occasion but it's not every single lobby.
  4. "Get ready"

    I almost always ready up immediately when I'm in a lobby. Except for when I change counselor or Jason but that doesn't take long. I never roll perks or equip perks/kills while in lobby. However, when idiots do this I purposefully unready and stay that way just to piss them off. Try it....the salt tastes SO good. Oh and I do this for the douches that toggle ready incessantly too. I just mute the speakers and smile.
  5. Happens every day I play. Multiple times so it's not just you.
  6. They've answered this question and have come back with a firm no. They have said that an AI Jason would be too difficult to build and expensive. I doubt we'll ever get it. I mean after all it's not like the current bots are even a little intelligent. The latest patch notes say improvements to bot AI has been done but the only thing I've seen fixed is Tommy doesn't get into the drawer loop and they don't swim in circles as much. But he does now get into the door loop. Other than that nothing has seemed to change. Still wipe the floor with them within 4-5 minutes.
  7. Throwing knives.

    + This
  8. I wouldn't expect any either.
  9. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    It's not and never is. I usually keep music at 35%. Before yesterdays patch putting music all the way to 0% didn't do shit for part 5 music. It was still at the same loud volume where you couldn't even hear your other teammates. Since they fixed it they realized their mistake too. It's not cry baby complaining when there is an actual issue.
  10. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    Excruciatingly loud. I had to back my master volume down to 10% so my ears wouldn't bleed and I could actually hear other players. We'll see if any of this stuff actually got fixed when I get home.
  11. I fully agree with Alder on this.
  12. Combat stance doesn't always work as I've been stunned still using it. I'm fairly certain it wasn't that way before a certain patch. I don't think this should be a thing but I've heard that Randy stated on the stream at one point that it was intended. I guess that is why you created this thread.
  13. I don't like the idea of different modes for MP. It's not necessary and over complicates things. Besides, if they had easy, medium and hard mode for MP most hosts would probably pick easy to get the easy escape. I would have to search for a lobby that doesn't do that. Also, I'm not sure what preteens playing this game has to do with anything. I've played a few matches with kiddie Jason's that were just as brutal and killed the entire lobby like a pro. Like everyone has said this game is called Friday the 13th. Jason is an unstoppable killing machine and should be difficult against. When you see him you should RUN. I played about a dozen matches last night and managed to survive half of those so surviving is difficult(as it was intended) but not impossible. You just need to change your tactics and play style to compensate for the Jason buffs.
  14. Counselor Safety Briefing - 1/29/18

    Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. Yeah it was. Now those perks will actually mean something and you have to decide whether you want to equip with that or go with another perk. This will make the game more fun and varied...trust me.
  15. Enough is enough

    I agree with this. It has made me somewhat better too. But it still doesn't compensate for the plethora of glitches still in the game. I just don't find myself playing longer than a few hours before getting bored and frustrated even playing with friends. The spark and excitement to play has just greatly diminished since December patch.