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  1. Servers seem to be back up since last night. I've watched several streamers play it for hours on end. Currently watching one now on PS4...no issues so far.
  2. Part 2: Sack Head or Potato Sack Part 3: Grimace (Old McDonald's character) Part 9: Ball Sack Jason I don't have nicknames for the others.
  3. And I'm super sick of you whining cry baby counselors. Get over it. Jason should be a beast. Taking the mask off with only 2 hits was absolutely ridiculous. It will still be easy to kill Jason. It will just take a few more hits to get his mask off. But once it is off it's super easy to kill him.
  4. Waa waa waa....cry me a river. The rage change makes since. Before all the rage did was allow you to bust through doors. That was weak as hell. I escape Jason at times even with rage. Most of the time I escape before he hits rage. Get over it. It won't be going away.
  5. I experienced it once a few weeks ago but I've been carrying firecrackers+knife since then and it hasn't happened again. Seems very random to me. And I know for a fact I had a pocket knife because I picked it up right before I had to use the firecrackers.
  6. Same but I'm on PS4. I've been getting 95% CA servers and I live in Kansas. This has been happening to me since the last patch. Doesn't seem to matter what time of day. However, if I join a party with one or more then it's almost always a US server we can get into. This does NOT happen to me with Steam though. 99% I get US servers every single time.
  7. And you would be wrong on that assumption. No content whatsoever.
  8. They can't make a Summer Camp Slasher game. I'm trying to find the tweet but for the life of me can't. I think Wes was responding to a question but essentially it was when they signed on to do F13 the contract stipulated they could not create a Summer Camp Slasher or something to that effect. Which makes perfect sense.
  9. Yep side shifting is great. Now try going into knife stance but instead of throwing it hit cancel and then shift for an even niftier shift mechanic. Basically Knife + Cancel + Shift in that order and the camera position will look like you are flying in the air. Shift is also easier to control that way. It seems slower from that angle. Sorry I do not have a clip to show. But it's easy to do once you get the hang of it.
  10. Neither are US PS4 servers. It seems if you are playing single you can't get into a QP lobby and eventually it dumps you in a private one. Sunday night and last night I tried for half an hour and it was a no go. Watching a streamer last night on PS4 and he was able to get into lobbies no problem but he was also in a party. Switched to steam and was able to get into QP lobbies on first try every time.
  11. This. Trying again right now on PS4 and have not been successful. I've been canceling and re-establishing every 2 min for the last 30 min. I've NEVER had this much trouble before. It normally only takes me 3-5 tries max but I eventually get into a public lobby. On my 3rd try I decided to wait past the 2 min mark and at 4:40 it put me in a private lobby with another player. There was no server listed that's how I know it was private. I am in the US. I'm watching a streamer right now on PS4 and he has no trouble getting into lobbies but he also has one other person in a party. He is in US as well. And as I've been typing this I've been searching for a QP lobby and AGAIN at around the 4 min mark it put me in a private lobby with 2 other players. I want to play PS4 as I'm only level 117 and want those last 3 kills but it looks like I'm going to have to once again switch to PC. This is getting ridiculous.
  12. Yeah something is up even with US servers for PS4. I spent an hour last night trying to get into a lobby. Canceling after 2 minutes and re-entering QP. I had to switch to PC to play some games.
  13. I was only able to play 3 matches on PS4 last night due to it being late but I want to congratulate the dev team on this patch. They actually FIXED the interaction bug. No more canceling out of animations, bear traps work and regular shift Jason's are fixed. I had some good gaming experiences with just those 3 matches and I didn't experience any new bugs. Kudos 👍
  14. Yes, in fact since the patch I've found 4 Tommys and 3 Pamelas. Before patch I would find a tape a few times a year. I play on average 10-15hrs a week. I'm on PS4 as well.
  15. I tried on my PS4 getting on the roof in offline bots and I couldn't. Before the patch I could get on it every single time. The prompt did change but the wall broke every time and then the prompt would disappear. I then tried playing QP but with all the wonky bugs it was unplayable and not fun at all. I only played two games but both were Packanack and no roof glitchers. One of them a trap was in the position so they at least tried.
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