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  1. Will definitely be playing multiplayer first to get a feel for the changes and new glitches/bugs that will crop up. Single player and bots will probably wait for the weekend.
  2. Or muting a player(s) in the lobby and having them STAY MUTED! when someone else enters the lobby. Also an issue since launch.
  3. This is no surprise to me. I knew they wouldn't make it when Wes did his quiet Saturday stream and then the single player challenges stream. Just the things they said hinted at it.
  4. undrtkr

    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    100% agree. Ben is a good guy but he really made things much much worse for everybody by the way he worded things and sometimes just being a complete jackass to people. I'm glad they found Shifty he's been a godsend.
  5. undrtkr

    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    Because by and large people are complete idiots. Sorry about the migraine, I know what those are like. Thanks for taking the time to post and let us know.
  6. undrtkr

    PC has to wait for console

    It's been hovering around the 500-800 player count for a few months now. It's extremely sad and the reason I don't play it much anymore unless there are friends that want to play it with me. Lone wolfing isn't even fun anymore with all the glitches, glitchers, squeakers and toxic people. And you are spot on with DbD and why it so popular. I actually broke down and purchased DbD, even though I've stated before I never would, to play with a fellow streamer and the progression system is extremely addictive. If it weren't for that system I feel it wouldn't have half the players it has. I mean you can only repeat the exact same single objective so many times before you get bored to death. That is where the leveling system comes in. Play the game to get the blood points you need. It also has actual stealth unlike F13. It's very thrilling to be chased by a killer and duck around a corner and actually lose him.
  7. Looks like they are taking out the ability to hit Jason through doors. WOOHOO!
  8. undrtkr

    My personal speculation.

    Wes has stated he is on the stream to just answer questions while Shifty runs through the challenges which makes sense. You are just setting yourself up for more disappointment by overthinking and creating your own scenarios. I don't think the update will make it by the anniversary. I unfortunately missed Wes's stream Saturday but have read that he stated they still need to fix some issues which tells me they are not in cert yet. Who knows though they may actually surprise me this time but I've resigned to the idea it won't make it by end of month. I am glad they are giving us glimpses of the update though.
  9. Even if I didn't have a job at all I don't think I could stream or a play a video game for that many hours. My attention span isn't great and I get bored with things after a few hours. As I've said before in your channel you are a beast sir. Congrats on hitting the 2mil mark.
  10. You don't even need to own the game to know this. Just watching other streamers or video of game play F13 is clearly the better game based on all of your points. And no...I don't own nor ever will purchase DbD. Don't need to purchase an obvious inferior game. That being said....the idea of which game is better is clearly subjective. You think DbD is shit and he thinks F13 is shit. To me the reasons people have abandoned F13 is because of all of the drama surrounding it over the last year with balance tipping in favor of Counselors, the constant new bugs that crop up or the bugs that don't get fixed even though they are listed in the patch notes etc etc. Also people flock to DbD because it is clearly easier as a counselor to escape. The two games are survival horror but they are both completely different games in the way they are played and their mechanics.
  11. I predict there won't be any more updates until well, the update.
  12. Of course it will. People that are this angry never turn it around. Even if the next update fixes every single bug, every single glitch and the game play is perfect they will still focus on launch or the "year long" fiasco and fume about the game and "this company". No biggie. Illfonic are slowly starting to turn it around it seems. The last patch was a god send. Did it fix everything? Of course not nor did I ever think it would. But it fixed a lot of terms of my enjoyment. I don't kiss the ass of these developers but when they do something right I will give them props.
  13. Yeah it's very irritating that a counselor can just stand there in combat position and wait for the right moment for Jason to end his animation and stun him again. They shouldn't be able to do this until he can actually move and grab or slash. And even then there should be like a .5 to 1s delay before a counselor can stun him. This one small thing will make a world of difference and salty counselors be damned.
  14. undrtkr

    Attack button glitch PC

    Yep. It's been a bug since July/Aug patch I think. I don't recall it happening before that but it could've been since launch.