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  1. I bought a PS4 in October and completely forgot about this. Haven't played the game much on it and need to. Just cracked level 30 yesterday and hardly have any good perks so need to get on that grind. All friends I had on Steam abandoned the game so hopefully I can gain some new ones on PS4. PSN is TheOriginUndrtkr
  2. Well, there is some stuff I've never seen before. For instance all of the different looks Savini had before they picked the one we got. I like what I received but like others I was anticipating...more? More behind the scenes things. Most of it is just models from the game, killer and counselor, with a bit of text. I was a bit let down that pages with lots of black space have very little text. Most of the book in fact has very little text. I also liked the different phases they went through with Tommy and showed actual feedback from Thom Mathews. But yeah like a few others have said it looks like it was rushed and the single player/vc stuff was a bit underwhelming.
  3. WOOT!!!! Finally. The art book is beautiful. Listening to the soundtrack now! Thank you Gun!
  4. Another week gone by and still nothing. Sigh. 😡
  5. According to a majority of trolls and their mother F13 has been dead for awhile. I don't think it really matters.
  6. undrtkr


    Probably because he hacked Savini. Just a wild guess tho. To the OP. If you have a PS4 the game is free this month. Give a try. Not sure why your wasting your time asking here.
  7. Agreed. Still no art book in my mailbox. Sigh.
  8. undrtkr

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    Yep, and some of us tried to tell all of you not to get your hopes up. Especially with the track record that Sean Cunningham has. Also, the game is NOT FUCKING DEAD for Christ's sake. It is still being bought...or at least downloaded for free on PS4. I just bought a PS4 yesterday and downloaded the game for free but I also bought all the DLC. That means I double dipped. So it's not truly dead until all of the dedicated servers go bye bye.
  9. undrtkr


    Some of us tried telling you guys not to get your hopes up. That you would be disappointed in whatever statement they made. I'm ok with no new content. I don't base a game's repeat play-ability on whether or not new content is created. I have all the Jason's and counselors I need. I just want the remaining glitches and bugs fixed. I still play games from 10+ years ago when you just got the base game and that was it. Nothing else on the horizon. With the new influx of PC and PS4 players it's been a breath of fresh air. I didn't even want Uber or Grendel map. I didn't think Uber looked all that great and Grendel looked like it would be a nightmare playing Jason with the narrow corridors.
  10. Damn @Methodicalize 379 active viewers? Congrats. I've been seeing some new players on the PC side as well. It's been a breath of fresh air.
  11. undrtkr

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    This. People need to accept the fact there will never be new content for this game. Gun media has stated this numerous times. Gun is not going to sell this game to another company when there are still sales to be made with the game and current DLC. This news on the lawsuit means absolutely nothing for the game and in fact makes the franchise as we know it even murkier. With the current development the way I read it is Horror Inc can't even use the name Jason Voorhees for the killer. This is bad news for all of us.
  12. I've never played Roy except for a few occasions and got stunned all the time. A friend I play with always uses Roy exclusively and he gets stunned all the time. We've even taken his mask off. Can't say I agree with the OP. Sorry. Does the OP play PC or console? I'm a PC player.
  13. That is absolutely untrue. Sales may not be that large but I've been seeing a majority of new players the last 2 months so people are still buying this game. And this is fantastic news for all of us. I've felt for the past year Illfonic was not capable of completely fixing issues. This is why we've had 2 new bugs for every 1 bug that gets squashed. I don't know anything about Black Tower Studios but allowing a new fresh developer to sink their teeth in this game maybe we can finally have a majority bug free game. This game IS NOT DEAD!!! I still play it on PC. There are still console players every day. It is not dead until all the servers are shut down. I don't need new content to keep me satisfied with this game. I have all the Jason's and counselors I need. I just want the lingering bugs to finally get fixed so I can 100% enjoy this game instead of just 80% enjoyment.
  14. This may be true but two of my friends had this very issue last week after the last PC patch downloaded on them. It was their McAfee Antivirus.
  15. Hoping a counselor would step in one trap then in turn accidentally step in the other one after the animation ends? Which most likely would mean they would die. Not a bad strategy I suppose.