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  1. I, for one, would LOVE for the police to be able to come into the campsites and search for counselors, opening fire on Jason as needed. Having seen Jason take multiple gunshots in the later films, I think it would just be appropriate. Jason's resilience and tenacity would be better highlighted, methinks, if aforementioned features were added. Different Jason designs would be neat, too; imagine seeing a new Jason design every so often. Aside from all of that, the obvious applies: Fixing bugs such as inept bots (Tommy Jarvis looking through the same drawers, Tommy Jarvis standing at the campfire, counselors running in and out of the same room as Jason, etc).
  2. STOP PICKING ON THE DEVS!!!! They really outdid themselves for this game, and I'm sticking by them. When everything is sorted out, you're gonna be having so much fun that any problems will be a small memory, if even a memory at all! All that this negativity is doing is bringing down other people, and while I'm sure the devs have pretty thick skin, it's not going to make them be overly zealous about adding to the game's future. Patience and respect are virtues.
  3. Let's do it. Anyone who's on, and thinks they can escape my clutches, drop your username, and I'll invite you.
  4. I expected to be hacking and slashing away, not waiting five to ten minutes for a match to become available, and have a seven-in-one chance of spawning as a camp counselor. However, after playing last night, I'm aching to play MORE! I believe I've grown to appreciate both aspects of the game. I even escaped with the police last night! As Jason, however, I only managed to kill two counselors. Does anyone know if it's possible to make it over to the police cars and (this is going to sound horrible.) um, "off" the police?
  5. I've been able to get in fine, knock on wood! The only time I had the database login error message was when I tried to skip the 2GB patch. I got home last night at a quarter till midnight, and it was almost done downloading. I also let the 1.02 update, or whatever it's called, download, and I was able to get into the game. My only gripe pertains to the fact that you've only a one-in-eight change of spawning as Jason Voorhees.
  6. Wait... You can't decide if you want to play as Jason or as a counselor? It's just RANDOM?!?!?!?!?
  7. I had that this afternoon. I thought maybe it was the extra 2GB patch that needed to be downloaded in order for it to work. It DID say to download it to use network features. In about seven hours, I'll be home from work to play.
  8. 10AM tomorrow for me. ? 4 1/2 hours of playtime for me before I have to go to work.
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