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  1. I have an account that I only play GTA on and I have savini for that I sometimes play on it for f13 when I’m bored being a high level
  2. This confused me, sorry if it’s dirty I don’t have a dirty mind
  3. 1 I dance because that Jason just picked them up and I’m about to save them 2 the whole thing you just said Is being salty
  4. Wtf why are people salty about emotes, I understand you guys are salty because someone danced when you were stunned it happens to all of us and I also dance when Jason is grabbing someone before I save them but they don’t say anything so you guys should just agree that your salty. BTW not trying to be mean but I’m going honest
  5. Welcome to the forums I’m Chole and also welcome to the game
  6. Happy birthday and my birthday passed on February 1st
  7. Let’s leave the hair physical please I like them there weird and funny but they make the game realistic like as I female my hair moves when I’m running or jogging
  8. I hope they release the PJs pack or any clothing pack for counsellors and a savini kill pack
  9. Hi welcome to the forums
  10. Moe9999633

    salt Mines

    So I played a game about 5 minutes ago, and I left as host because I was being called a bitch and a slut and a retard and I left in the game so what about leaving for that reason would you still get salt
  11. 1. My name isn’t meg 2. This what happens when you say shut up to me
  12. Sorry to say this to you bewareofbears but pussy
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