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  1. Howdy!

    Hello and welcome to the forums I’m Chole
  2. Will the counselors mouth ever move when they talk? It will also be much better when we use the emotes they say something instead of waving their hands. Also a fear bar to know how fearful the counselor is will be cool. What do you guys think?

    1. Moe9999633


      Why did you post this on my account 

  3. So you agree with me so they should keep it in
  4. My mic has a mute button so when I don’t have anything to say I press it you should get the mic I have
  5. Oh yeah

    Hello and welcome to the forums I’m Chole and trust me I forgot to do one until recently
  6. Big fan here

    Hello and welcome to the forums I’m Chole
  7. Epic Quickplay Gameplay!!!

    If your talking about me I don’t post on yt but I’ll give you an idea about my favourite one every one was Eric (besides me I was Tiffany) they all died in the first 5 min it we just me and I juked Jason the rest of the game and I survived
  8. Epic Quickplay Gameplay!!!

    I have 5 Jason kills in a row I play quick play but in a party with 2/3 of my friends that play this game and I don’t give tapes away because I need 3 more to have all
  9. Hi

    Hello and welcome to the forums I’m Chole
  10. Umm no i don’t do that
  11. Perks for each counselor

    I like but it’s like there copying DBD