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  1. iPhone battery draining fast

    I have an iPhone 7+
  2. New to the forum

    Nope ps4
  3. I like the idea but when I die I usually just go on my phone of my Mac book you should do the same
  4. iPhone battery draining fast

    I’m always on my iPhone and my battery doesn’t die fast
  5. New to the forum

    Hello and welcome to the forums I’m Chole
  6. I don’t know but my little brother is very kind and good to my mum Thanks all of you for not being sexist Should I not play this game because I’m 16 years old
  7. Heeeyyyoooo (Playing on Steam)

    Hello and welcome to the forums I’m Chole
  8. Best Screenshots

    I had a moment like that my friend killed him self I went to the bear trap where he died I was able to open it and when I did I shoot across the cabin I did it again and I insta died
  9. D R U C I F E R

    Hello and welcome to the forums I’m Chole
  10. Perks for each counselor

    @FrenchFriedPotaters is just me but is all of Tiffany’s perks useless? Maybe you can have it be Dumb but I’ll try- you get a 2/3% repair 2% if it’s uncommon and under 3% if it’s rare and above. Unlocks at level 106. Being slutty helps- if the cops are on the scene and Jason is on the person with the perk, and there near the cops by a 10/20 mitres the cops will shoot fire at Jason and stun him 30 second cool down. Unlocks at level 149. The unlikely finale girl- if your the last on alive you get a pocket knife and med spray and you can see we’re all the people that died stuff. Unlocks at level 150.
  11. Finally home

    Hello and welcome to the forums I’m Chole