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  1. Dead By Daylight: new emblem system!

    1. My name isn’t meg 2. This what happens when you say shut up to me
  2. Dead By Daylight: new emblem system!

    Hope it’s not in the creepy way
  3. Dead By Daylight: new emblem system!

    Sorry to say this to you bewareofbears but pussy
  4. Dead By Daylight: new emblem system!

    I love the new emblem system, but it’s not great for people like me in DBD who like to annoy the killers but I do, do gen and escape so I’m pretty much ok with it. Eww no please no . Camping is sad to do
  5. What role would you play in an emergency/dangerous situation?

    For me probably Tiffany, because I can run, I can hide but I get scared easily and also I like wearing shorts
  6. @Armani👑 I like the stats but imo change 3 repair to 2 repair and put + 1 on his strength
  7. Bloody skins for counselors.

    How do you get your period on your face
  8. No need I’m a counsellor main who thinks it’s a bad idea so it probably is
  9. I looooooooooove this idea, jk it’s horrible
  10. That’s sad, well not that sad I lost my virgin life, when I was 15 to someone who cheated on me.
  11. Religious Study Group

    Not trying to be mean and I don’t think it’s mean but I’m the game my friend was Jason and I was Tiffany and she said go get your bible we’re studying and I said we’re bible sisters she said yes and I got my bible and she started reading
  12. Give Your Fellow Forum Users a Title

    Aww that was fabulous and very well written. I feel like my English teacher. This was really nice to read in the morning. My friend is punching my arm, because I don’t know why