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  1. There was another thread for that
  2. Tiffany= Meg there both Quick and Quiet Deb= Claudette there both helpers Adam= Jake AJ= Nea Chad= Ace Kenny= Dwight Jenny= Laurie Feng= Vanessa
  3. Please remove this video because it’s not confirmed by the devs and this thread can get locked because this video
  4. Counselor Choice

    I voted Tiffany because why not and I main her. Whoever you voted for u would like to kill from the game Actually for me a doctor pulled me out not my mum or dad
  5. Your favourite forum member?

    I also like @Chace Hollett we played a couple of rounds and he asked if I was squeaker and I tried hitting him but team killing was off
  6. We have discussed this on a lot of threads please use the search feature next time but I like your idea
  7. Thatguyinktown's VERY IMPORTANT THREAD

    Hello and welcome to the forums
  8. My biography

    Hello ocd friend
  9. My biography

    Hello I’m Chole I hate talking about my dads money so I’m not gonna talk about it. I have ocd and another problem is that I’m not virgin anymore To everyone who puts your self down don’t, because when I was a freshman in high school I’d put my self down a lot when one of the teachers realised this, she came up to me and said “ Chole your a beautiful young woman who should not be putting her self down, by putting your self down your not confident so don’t “ and I stopped putting myself down and look at me now I’m in cross country and the in Cheerleaders squad
  10. The pj clothing pack is not confirmed by the devs there was just a video about it
  11. Will you still be here?

    Yeah I’ll be playing but not a lot because school
  12. I have sucker punch %25 no penalty but it took me awhile to get, I had 112K cp and trying to get an epic sucker punch I went down to 101k cp
  13. I hate Tiffany’s one tbh, in my opinion Tiffany should have “The Unlucky Final Girl” what her ability does if she’s the last counsellor alive she can use her ability and she gets 10 stamina 10 composure 10 speed for 3.5 minuets so it would be best to use if Jason after her