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  1. I did not see this as I don’t frequent here as much as I used to. I did see the post from admin now but is that saying it is a bannable offense? As I said previously, I have an opinion but the devs could disagree with me and I’d be ok with that and it’s also not something I do anyway so I’m not worried about being banned myself. I agree with Trident that context is everything as well.
  2. I thought the bigger elephant in the room is that you are one person who has an opinion just like me and you’re not the individual who gets to decide who is right or wrong in this situation. We seem to disagree on what is a glitch. Until the devs make the decision on the issue, which is still their job and not mine or yours, then we can agree to disagree. You may very well be right in your assessment though, but I just have my own opinion as to what is a glitch and what should be banned. As I said, I don’t do this tactic as it’s boring and does nothing for me. I’m not so obsessed with winning that I would sit around doing nothing. But I also don’t fault people for doing it.
  3. People are missing the point here. The argument was should it be a bannable offense. Some of us are arguing it shouldn’t be as it is not exploitating a glitch. Not saying it’s fair or proper or how you should play. Only saying someone should not be banned for it. I agree the devs should patch this issue and I think everyone would be ok with it if they did. I have not used this tactic because it’s boring to me. But I don’t agree that you should take a persons 40 bucks and then ban them completely in this situation
  4. And if I ever get the chance to play against you, I’d do it just out of spite now. Thanks for the tip though about the power boxes ?
  5. Yes I would be fine with it and it has happened to me. I ended up then just going and destroying every power box for some points. If they didn’t use the car to block the door then they would have used it to escape in it so really I’m not out anything. I also don’t whine when I’m jason and everyone gangs up on you and keeps hitting you with a bat and all you can do is just fall over and over and I also don’t whine when it seems like there are 20 pocket knives on the level and they have found every one. It’s not a glitch or unfair advantage. A car could be used as a barricade in real life so I’m ok with it. If it keeps happening to people then they just need to practice and be a better jason and try to kill people before they find the battery, keys, gas, put it all in, crank the car even after you’ve been tipped off by the sounds of all this and then drive it to the barn or shack, and then park in front and get into the building. If it has reached this far, the round is a lost cause anyway.
  6. Agreed. It’s not a glitch but a strategy just the same as hiding the entire game. It may not be fun or interesting but it is a valid survival strategy. It’s not a glitch to give you a 30 foot weapon or throw you up on top of a house. The devs should make a change or two but until then it is not an exploitation of the game.
  7. Has there been any updates as to when this will be released?
  8. It should be reversed. Friendly fire in Private matches but disabled in quick play.
  9. Had a few more connection issues over the weekend. Between that and the host quitting, I really never got to play a full game. Very frustrating.
  10. Host quitting has got the change! Happened 5 times in a damn row. Cannot get a single full game in
  11. I wish jason had a stalk this good ?
  12. Agreed. I believe it is our duty to gang up and murder the hell out of them. I will continue to do so even in subsequent games until they rage quit. I'll take the -1k gladly.
  13. The only way I would be ok with Uber Jason is for there to be a standard, pre-uber jason from Jason X, and he transforms when his rage is kicked in. The mind manipulation crap from part 7 would also be terrible
  14. Sure am. BLSelph is the name